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Roundheads was the name given to soldiers who supported Parliament in the English Civil War.

On 23rd November 1638, Roundheads fought Lady Peinforte's soldiers while the Doctor launched the Nemesis statue into orbit. (DW: Silver Nemesis)

During the English Civil War, the War Lords kidnapped Roundheads and Royalists for use in their war games. (DW: The War Games)

The Master used his TOMTIT device to bring a troop of Roundheads to the late 20th century, where they fired upon Captain Yates' troops. (DW: The Time Monster)

On 13th July, 1643 Roundheads and Royalists fought in Little Hodcombe, annihilating each other and the village. The Malus awoke to feed on the psychic energy generated by the negative emotions, then went dormant again once the violence subsided. (DW: The Awakening)

A group of Roundheads were brought to 2008 by the Rift Manipulator. They started a battle with police. (TW: End of Days)

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