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Roswell was a small town in New Mexico, in the United States of America, which, much like London, became a hub of alien activity in the 20th century.

In 1947, a Nedenah flying saucer crashed near Roswell and was salvaged by the United States Army. (PDA: The Devil Goblins from Neptune) And around the same time a craft piloted by a Gray alien ambassador also landed in the vicinity. (DW: Dreamland).

The crashes became a cause celebre for decades among UFO and conspiracy theorists, due to government attempts at covering up the incident after it had been reported in the press. (DW: Dreamland). A mileometer from one of the spacecraft later ended up in the collection of Henry van Statten. (DW: Dalek)

Androvax, an enemy of Sarah Jane Smith and the Judoon, stated that the ships that the Nanoforms where building for him was a recreation of the spacecraft that had crashed in Roswell. (SJA: Prisoner of the Judoon).

In 1970, the Waro attacked the Army base there. (PDA: The Devil Goblins from Neptune)

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Roswell is a community located in the United States of America. Located in the state of New Mexico, the Roswell Army Air Field was located near the city.

In 1947, a Ferengi ship carrying Quark, Rom, Nog, and Odo - who had hidden on board the ship to catch Quark in the act of smuggling kemocite - crashed in the desert near Roswell after accidently traveling 400 years back into the past. After the four escaped from the facility and back to the 24th century, the United States government covered up the incident, stating that it was a weather balloon that had crashed. Despite this insistence on the part of the government, rumors persisted for years over what had happened in Roswell. (DS9 episode: "Little Green Men").


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Location Template Location Template
New Mexico

[[Image:|200px|center|New Mexico]]
Official Name
State of New Mexico
New Mexico; Land of Enchantment; Tierra del Encanto

Location Details


Star System


New Mexico

Total: 121,665 sq mi (315,194 km²)

Length: 370 miles (595 km)

Width: 342 miles (550 km)

1,928,384 (2000 census)

First appearance




History of location is unknown.

Points of Interest

Alamogordo is a city in Otero County, New Mexico. Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Range are two major military bases located near Alamogordo. The town has had its share of notability as the first test site for the atomic bomb. In the late 1900’s, Alamagordo was the site of a brutal slaughter perpetuated by two bandits named Santiago and Tenner. [1]
Albuquerque is the largest city in the state of New Mexico. Albuquerque is home to the University of New Mexico (UNM) and Kirtland Air Force Base as well as Sandia National Laboratories and Petroglyph National Monument. The Sandia Mountains run along the eastern side of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande flows through the city north to south. In Supernatural continuity, John Winchester enrolled his son Sam in a public school in Albuquerque. It was here that he encountered a demon masquerading as Sam's teacher Susan Lyle. [2]
Los Alamos
Los Alamos is a townsite in Los Alamos County. Los Alamos is home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which was founded to undertake the Manhattan Project.
Roswell is a city in Chaves County in the southeastern quarter of the state of New Mexico. Aliens have a tendency to crash their space ships here.
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Santa Fe
Santa Fe is the capital of the state of New Mexico. It is the third-largest city in the state and is the seat of Santa Fe County.
Silverton is a small mining town in New Mexico, named as such due to its large quantities of silver ore. In the late 1800s, the town elder was a Georgian named Branson Ironside. Notorious bounty hunter Jonah Hex once came to Silverton to apprehend two bandits named Santiago and Tenner. [3]
White Sands
White Sands is a small town in Doña Ana County, in the south-west quadrant of the state. It is also the name of White Sands Missile Range, a rocket range of almost 3,200 sq mi (8,300 km2) area and the largest military installation in the United States.
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  • Branson Ironside

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Official Name


First appearance




A UFO hotspot in the 1940s.


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Distance from Core


Rotation period

24 hours

Orbital period

368 days


12,756.2 KM






9.78033 m/s2

Surface water


Native species

Variety; human is the dominant

Immigrated species

Ewoks (some time after Roswell's galactic inclusion)

Official language



Various national governments


Approx. 6.5 billion

Major exports

Quartz crystals
Cocoa beans


New Republic

Roswell was a relatively backwater planet on the outer rim of the galaxy. It was known for being an abundant source of quartz crystals, which the planet had been invaded for around 29 ABY.

Roswell was also known to be one of the few known planets the cocoa bean was native to; the delicacy became rare particularly after the Yuuzhan Vong War, because use the Yuuzhan Vong had re-shaped most of the planets it was grown on.



Julan Empire

Roswell's history marked the collapse of the Julan Empire as the starting point for numbering years. BC stands for Before the Collapse (of the Julan Empire) and AC stands for After the Collapse, just as BBY and ABY stand for Before and After the Battle of Yavin, respectively, on the Galactic Standard Calendar. The Roswell Calendar year of 0 BC corresponds with the Galactic Standard Calendar year 1977 BBY.

Roswell, as evidenced by archeological digs, was ruled over by large, powerful, but simple-minded lizards around 26 Million BC to 21 Million BC. Further archeological digs suggest that these lizards, called dinosaurs, were wiped out in their final years by a combination of changing climate and the earliest cavemen hunting the already struggling beasts to extinction.

The first recorded instance of governed communities dates back to 7000 BC in what became the single nation Jule much later. The Julan Empire lasted for thousands of years. It had its own language; and while the spoken version has died out, the alphabet created for its written version carried on strong into newer languages. It somehow made it out to the rest of the galaxy early on where it was used for the classification of certain droids and starships.

The Julan Empire spanned an entire northern continent, and its people were responsible for developing many civilization means such as irrigation, clocks (sundials, as the case would be), and an early prototype of indoor plumbing. However, come 0 BC, the ruler of the time named Cicil Julan was double-crossed and assassinated by his own senate. By the following year, the empire had collapsed, and the colonies broke up into smaller, independent nations. Each developed its own culture and language, though they kept the Julan alphabet (also known as Alternate Basic by the rest of the galaxy).

Multiple Nations

After the collapse of the Julan Empire, its regions fell under the wing of individual monarchies. These regions included--but weren't limited to--Walton, Gregorland, and Neeson in the northwest corner of the former empire; Fritzland; etc... The region surrounding the former empire's capital became Jule, and it adopted a heavily modified variation of the Julan language. All other nations, however, adopted their own languages. Some of these languages were learned from shipwrecked humans from the Galactic Republic (Walton, in particular took to Galactic Basic Standard, which Roswellers only knew as Waltish), though the general public miraculously never learned of their newer languages' otherworldly origins.

The remains of another, mysterious nation would later be discovered and identified as Egypt, and its picturesque alphabet would not be cracked until a tablet called the Rosetta Stone was found. Intergalactic records show nearly identical findings on numerous other planets, right down to the awe-striking pyramid-shaped tombs. Exploring outside of familiar territory, civilizations found an uninhabited continent on the other side of the planet, which was promptly named Vespucca in honor of the man who discovered it. Another discovery was a civilization of pale-skinned humans living on the planet's arctic circles. Groups of these Articans were shortly after captured and sold as slaves.

Land of the Free

Around 1716, a group of settlers left Walton and its tyrannical king in order to start a new life in Vespucca. Over the years, other groups of people left Walton and other countries to start families and communities on the other side of the world. By 1772, the civilizations of Vespucca had grown to the point that it was its own country in the northern half of the continent. Not wanting to make the same mistakes the monarchs made that caused their forefathers to move in the first place, a large group of governors discussed for months on piecing together the a government based on the then radical concept of self-government. Thus, the constitution of the Unified Providences of Vespucca was ratified a year later, creating the executive power of the president elected every five years (and only able to be re-elected once), the executive power of the house of senators elected from each and every one of the nation's numerous providences, and the judicial branch headed by the Cardinal Court which determined how to interpret the constitution.

The system was not perfect. For example, the writers of the constitution never made a clear standing on the slavery of the Articans, and while slavery had died out and was eventually viewed as immoral by the industrialistic east, it became prominent and considered a "necessary evil" in the agricultural west. Nearly a century after the constitution was written, the country was divided in war, the outcome of which was the total abolition of slavery in the country. It would not be until around 50 years later that Articans would gain respect and social equality though.


Little did Roswellers realize that their planet's crust contained an abundant source of a rare and valuable variation of quartz crystal. This fact was taken advantage of when a group of shady quartz miners arrived in the year 2006 and discovered the supply, and the planet's relatively primative defenses were easily subdued by the miners. Within weeks, most able Roswellers found themselves enslaved by the minors to help them excavate the crystals--a situation several historians have called turnabout for the past enslavement of the Articans.

It would be two years before the New Jedi Order would trace the illegal shipment of crystals back to the backwater planet and subdue the planet. During the Jedi's time spent there, they found a 10-year-old orphan named Reuben Oz, whom they discovered had a moderately large level of midi-chlorians. Now free and fully aware of the life in the rest of the galaxy, the combined nations of Roswell elected an international congress to represent them in the Galactic Alliance.

Planetary Features


Terrain info.





The calendar generally accepted by most of the planet was the one left over from back during the Julan Empire. It consisted of 12 months to a 368-day year, and the year was set to start on the spring equinox. The months were titled as follows:

  • Month/# of Days
  • Monober/32
  • Bitember/29
  • Trecember/31
  • Quadember/31
  • Pentember/30
  • Hextember/31
  • September/32
  • October/29
  • Nonember/31
  • December/31
  • Undekober/30
  • Dodekober/31

A Roswell year was also evenly split into 46 8-day weeks, consisting of Monday (originally called Moonday), Tuesday, Gonzday, Julesday, Markday, and Friday as weekdays and Saturday and Sunday as weekends.



Roswell was home to a number of games and sports. After Roswell's inclusion into the Galactic Republic, most had been integrated into other worlds' cultures.

  • Batball was a particulary popular sport that originated in the United Provinces of Vespucca around the 1740s. The sport started out as a street game called "stickball" and evolved into the professional sport played nationally (and in rare cases, internationally, and rarer still, interplanetary).





Flora and Fauna






Animal species gone

Immigrated Species

Alien animals

Behind the scenes

Roswell is a fan-created planet that was originally thought up by DanMat6288. It is based on Earth in a number of ways, though some statistic numbers have been subtly changed to appear more believeable. Roswell's name comes from Roswell, New Mexico, the town famous for the supposed UFO crash. The date on the Roswell calendar set to line up with the Galactic calander's 0 ABY, 1977, was the year on Earth's calendar that the first Star Wars movie was released. The author of this article has relatively little time intervals to be on Star Wars Fanon Wikia, so this article may appear to be slow in expansion.

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