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race: Human
affiliation: None
Formerly Brotherhood of Steel
role: Crazy old man
location: Osceolla
appearances: Fallout Tactics
missions: Osceolla

Roshambo is a crazy old man and an ex-Brotherhood of Steel member who in 2197 lives in Osceolla.



Roshambo was a Brotherhood of Steel paladin who traveled East in one of the airships that pursued the super mutant army, in the same zeppelin as paladin Latham. He told the Brotherhood Elders that storms would be the end of the air convoy, but they didn't listen to him. The airship crashed near the place known as Osceolla.

In 2197, Roshambo is a crazy old man who hides and does funny things with his fingers and pisses in other people's Nuka-Cola. He is the sort of man mothers warn their sons about.


He apparently still ocassionally meets with Latham, and is somewhat loyal to him, despite being mad.

Interactions with the player character

When Latham is defeated, Roshambo becomes hostile to the warrior and can be killed or left to live on with his madness.


Roshambo only appears in Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenes

Roshambo was named after an ex-administrator of No Mutants Allowed, also known as The Roshambo Warrior and Rosh, who was vocal in his criticism about Fallout Tactics during the game's production.

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