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Rosa Joanna Farrell
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) SNES menu portrait GBA menu portrait Rosa's DS portrait Rosa's portrait in The After Years
GBA Battle Sprite Rosa in the mobile phone version The After Battle Sprite
Japanese name Rosa Joanna Farrell
Kana ローザ・ジョアンナ・ファレル
Romaji Rōza Joanna Fareru
Voice actor(s)
Yuko Kaida
Voice actor(s)
Kirsty Pape
Job White Mage/ Archer
Skill White Magic, Aim, Pray (FFIV)
White Magic, Aim, Bless (FFIV: TAY)
Birthplace Baron
Age 19 (Final Fantasy IV)
36 (The After Years)
Height 5'4" (1.62 m)
Weight 103 lbs (47 kg)
Laterality Right-Handed
Final Fantasy IV Character
"A girl who conceals her emotions but harbors fires within her heart."

Rosa Joanna Farrell is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV. She hails from Baron, and is a skilled Archer and White Mage. Rosa is a childhood friend of Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind, and harbors romantic feelings for Cecil. She is gentle and kind by nature and is said to be the most beautiful woman in Baron. Though Cecil is reluctant to let her follow him into danger at first, she does accompany him and stays by his side for a great deal of the game.

In the English localization of the DS version, Rosa is pronounced [ˈɹoʊ.zə].



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Final Fantasy IV

Rosa became a White Mage because her mother, Joanna, was a White Mage who fought alongside her father, a dragoon, and she wishes to fight alongside her lover Cecil like her mother did with her father.

Rosa is first seen in Baron, when Cecil finds her in the castle after his mission to Mysidia and before he and Kain go on their mission to deliver a Package to the village of Mist. She worries for and tries to encourage Cecil, who has doubts about the King of Baron. She responds to Cecil's fears and doubts about his current path in life by speaking about the goodness she sees in him, that he needs to follow his heart, and lastly wishes Cecil luck on his mission to Mist before exiting his room so he may prepare for his trip to Mist.

Rosa's DS CG model

When Cecil does not return from Mist, and after learning of the new plans of the Red Wings, Rosa becomes worried and starts searching for him. The specifics of her travel from Baron to Kaipo remain unknown, yet she eventually contracts Desert Fever, an illness which only the Sand Pearl can cure, and collapses on the outskirts of Kaipo. An elderly couple in Kaipo tends to Rosa during her malady, and when Cecil and Rydia come to visit her, they vow to find the Sand Pearl so they can cure her. After obtaining the Sand Pearl in the Antlion's Den with the help of Edward, they return to Kaipo and use it on Rosa, who recovers. Rosa then proceeds to tell Cecil about what happened after he left Baron, revealing how a man named Golbez took control of the Red Wings and actively seeks the remaining Crystals. Rosa then offers to assist in reaching Fabul, where its people keep the Crystal of Air -- surely Baron's next target -- as a national treasure.

Rosa, Cecil, Rydia, and Edward Chris von Muir next cross the dangerous Mt. Hobs in order to reach Fabul. However, a thick sheet of ice blocks their path as they attempt to cross Mt. Hobs. Only a Fire spell can melt the ice, and only Rydia, gifted with Black Magic, can cast it, but the burning of her village has created a mental block that keeps her from casting the spell. Rosa helps Rydia overcome this block with encouragement and a reminder of the enormity of their quest, and Rydia overcomes her limitation and opens the way to Fabul by melting the ice. Further up the mountain, the party meets a man named Yang Fang Leiden, a Monk from Fabul. They help him defeat several of Golbez's monsters, and warn Yang about the impending danger to Fabul.

Upon reaching Fabul, the party provides the urgent news of Baron's intentions to Fabul's king. He accepts the help of the party, and shortly thereafter, Baron invades Fabul. During the battle, Rosa and Rydia take the office of relief until the invading forces push Cecil, Edward, and Yang into the Crystal Room. Kain's arrival in Fabul comes as a servant to Golbez, and his defeat of Cecil stops short of Cecil's death when the sight of Rosa stalls Kain's actions. At Kain's hesitation, Golbez enters the Crystal room and defeats the rest of the party. He taunts Cecil with the abduction of Rosa and orders Kain to take the Crystal of Air before they leave Fabul. Following these events, Golbez takes Rosa to the Tower of Zot and keeps her as a prisoner at its highest level. She remains bound as Golbez's captive throughout the game until Cecil defeats Cagnazzo and obtains the Enterprise from Cid, at which point Kain parleys with Cecil and offers Rosa's freedom in exchange for the Crystal of Earth. Cecil reclaims the Crystal from the Dark Elf and fights his way to the top of the Tower of Zot, defeating the Magus Sisters to reach the top floor.

Rosa in the Chronicles opening

When Cecil finally arrives with the Crystal, Golbez takes it and denies that he holds Rosa hostage. Tellah then attacks Golbez and casts Meteor on him. This breaks Golbez's control over Kain, and once Golbez leaves, Kain guides Cecil to Rosa in time to rescue her from certain death, barely pulling her out of the way of a trap set to fall on her from above. Cecil and Rosa admit feelings for each other and share a kiss, and Kain apologizes for his betrayal of Cecil and mistreatment of Rosa. Rosa forgives him and invites him to fight alongside her and Cecil, to which he agrees. The party moves to leave the tower when Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Air, appears before the party and attacks. After her defeat, Barbariccia sets the tower toward its destruction, and Rosa casts the Exit spell to warp the party from the tower to Cecil's room in Baron. With Golbez in possession of all four Crystals, Cecil's party worries about the next step in Golbez's plan. In response, Kain reveals the existence of the Dark Crystals, a similar set to the Crystals stolen from each prominent kingdom, these ones hidden in the Underworld. Kain explains that Golbez needs all eight Crystals -- the four Dark Crystals and the four already in his possession -- to open "the way to The Moon." Cecil decides that his party should head underground to protect the remaining Crystals, and Kain shows Cecil the Key of Magma. Cid's airship Enterprise had since returned to Baron via remote control.

Following Rosa's rescue from the Tower of Zot, a visit to Rosa's mother in the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV leads to a conversation about Rosa's decision to pursue Cecil to Kaipo. Rosa's mother laments permitting Rosa to study White Magic since it put her in harm's way, demanding that Rosa remain home. Rosa responds by expounding her thankfulness for the ability to help those in need, and reminds her mother of the bond her parents shared similar to her relationship to Cecil. Confronted with Rosa's true feelings, Rosa's mother admits the value of her daughter's choices and wholly entrusts Rosa's safety to Cecil.

Rosa in the opening video of Final Fantasy IV DS

The party then heads for the town of Agart and throws the Key of Magma in the well, opening the way to the Underworld. Upon descending into the Underworld, however, Cecil and his party find themselves too late. The Red Wings had already begun battling with the tanks that the Dwarves used for war. Damaged in the battle between the two forces, the Enterprise crash lands outside the Dwarven Castle. They enter and seek the help of King Giott, ruler of the Dwarves. The King, in turn, asks for their help in the fight against Golbez. While Cid takes his leave to repair the Enterprise, Yang senses something in the Crystal Room behind the throne. King Giott opens the way for Cecil's party to check the Crystal room. There, they find Luca's dolls, together known as the Calcabrina, under Golbez's control attempting to steal the Crystal. Cecil's party defeats them. Afterwards, Golbez himself appears and begins a battle with Cecil's party by summoning a Shadow Dragon that casts Hold on the entire party before its members can act. The Shadow Dragon eliminates each party member one by one, leaving Cecil for last. Before the Shadow Dragon can attack Cecil, the Mist Dragon appears and defeats it, leading to the sudden re-appearance of Rydia. Rydia offers to join the party after the battle, an offer Cecil accepts. Golbez, reduced to a single hand, steals the Crystal after this reunion and escapes.

The party next embarks for the Tower of Babil in order to retrieve the Crystals already stolen by Golbez. The party sneaks in and encounters Dr. Lugae, a scientist under Golbez working with Rubicante, the Archfiend of Fire. Rubicante teleports somewhere unknown, and Cecil's party disrupts and defeats Lugae. Further into the Tower, the party discovers the key to stopping the Super Cannon. When they reach it, its operators raise resistance and, upon their defeat, sabotage the Super Cannon as a last resort. Yang kicks the party out of the room and destroys the Super Cannon himself, and Yang is assumed dead from the explosion.

Golbez catches the party escaping from the tower and collapses the bridge while they stand on it. Luckily, Cid catches them on the Enterprise. The Red Wings disturb this brief reprieve by chasing the Enterprise throughout the Underground, and Cid chooses to sacrifice himself to save the party and the airship, which return to the overworld during his sacrifice. This act re-seals the path from the overworld to the underworld. Before Cid jumps off the Enterprise, he asks Cecil to return to Baron and talk to his workers. When Cecil does, the workers attach a hook to the airship which the party can use to pick up and carry the Hovercraft, required to reach and enter Eblan Cave.

Rosa approaches Cecil at Baron Castle

In the cave, the party finds Rubicante fighting Edge, the Ninja prince of Eblan, the fight ending in Edge's defeat. Edge initially refuses the party's help, yet upon witnessing Rydia's tears of mourning and the collective beauty of both Rosa and Rydia, he agrees to join citing that he doesn't like seeing Rydia, a "pretty girl," cry. As a womanizer, Edge's flirtatious nature finds a target primarily in Rydia, who does not care for it, yet he also shows a fleeting interest in Rosa, who responds with neither acceptance nor disdain for his attitude. Rosa cures the injuries Edge sustained in the fight with Rubicante, and the party enters the upper half of the Tower of Babil to find Edge's parents at the top. What begins as a warm reunion turns into a battle as Edge learns they were murdered by Rubicante and transformed into monsters by Lugae. They attack the party, but Edge brings them to their sense during the fight. Once Edge's parents die, Rubicante appears and apologizes for Dr. Lugae's work, followed by healing the party to full strength before their fight begins. The party defeats him and enters the Crystal Room, where they fall back to a lower level of the Tower of Babil deep in the Underground, discovering a new airship down the path: the Falcon.

The Falcon cannot fly over the lava, so the party heads back to the Dwarves' Castle and visits King Giott, who says that it's time to defend the last Crystal in the Sealed Cave. He gives Cecil's party the key to opening the cave: the necklace of his daughter Luca. In order to get the Falcon to fly over the lava, Cecil heads for the hospital to find Cid recovering. He remodels the airship for the party, so it can fly over the lava.

The party flies to the Sealed Cave, enters, and travels to the bottom where they find the Crystal. Securing the Crystal appears too easy, a sentiment that proves true when an Evil Wall tries to crush the party for removing the Crystal. Cecil and the rest of the party successfully overcomes this trap, only for Golbez to possess Kain again. Kain steals the Crystal and runs off, bringing Golbez the final Crystal he needed to complete the full set of eight. After Cid attaches a drill to the head of the Falcon, the party returns to the Overworld and heads for Mysidia, where the Elder's prayers finally receive an answer: the Lunar Whale, a legendary "Ship of Light from The Moon," which allows the party to fly to the Red Moon.

On The Moon, the party journeys to a palace where a man named Fusoya sleeps. Fusoya awakens and explains that a Lunarian named Zemus has been controlling Golbez's actions the entire time. He then tells the real reason why Golbez has been gathering the Crystals. The Crystals operate as a key to activating the Giant of Babil, a giant mecha capable of decimating the inhabitants of the planet. The party returns to Earth with Fusoya in hopes of preventing the Giant's rise, but again find themselves too late. The Giant of Babil emerges from the Tower of Babil and begins its destructive spree. All hope appears lost when Cid, fully recovered, leads an army of airships and tanks controlled by leaders from all over the Overworld and Underworld, as well as friends of Cecil, to do battle with the Giant. Cid drops Cecil and his party into the Giant while the others distract it, and the party traverses inside the Giant. They fight the four Archfiends again on a bridge, each Archfiend taking a turn, and the party continues onward to the Giant's main computer after this victory. The attempt to shut down the Giant at the main computer requires the party to fight the CPU. An angry Golbez appears after the party stops the CPU, yet he does not manage an attack before Fusoya casts a spell that breaks Zemus' hold over Golbez. This newfound freedom of Golbez's comes with the revelation that Golbez is Cecil's brother.

Rosa, Cecil and Kain as children

At this point, the game reveals the tragic history of Cecil and Golbez, finalizing in a flashback of the first meeting between Cecil and Kain during their childhood years. In it, Kain initiates a scuffle with Cecil over the perceived special treatment that Kain believes Cecil receives from the King of Baron, when Rosa intervenes. She reminds Kain of the moral code of men stated by the King, and when Cecil admits to starting the fight, Rosa shows admiration for Cecil's honesty.

Cecil and Rosa during the ending.

Following these revelations, Fusoya and Golbez head to The Moon to fight Zemus, and Kain rejoins the party. On the Lunar Whale, Cecil asks Rosa and Rydia to leave the ship, convinced that the fight with Zemus would entail too much danger for him to allow Rosa and Rydia to accompany them for the final battle. The women reluctantly agree, secretly stowing away within the Lunar Whale. Once the airship lands on the moon, Rosa and Rydia reveal themselves. Rosa defends her right to join Cecil out of love and by noting her ability to cast White Magic, a skill Cecil possesses but with much less proficiency. Rydia, too, suggests her skills would aid in the coming battle. Cecil admits to their value and allows the women to take part in the battle against Zemus. They journey to the Lunar Core, where Fusoya and Golbez appear to defeat Zemus. However, the hatred that grew inside Zemus over the years gains its own sentience in the form of a creature called Zeromus, which continues the attack on the party. With help from the prayers of old friends, the party defeats Zeromus. In the ending, Cecil and Rosa marry and take the throne of Baron. All party members except Kain attend the wedding.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

"The white mage who serves as Baron's queen and a steadfast, loving support for Cecil. Her heart goes out to Ceodore as he enters an emotionally turbulent time in his life."
—Game Description
Rosa in The After Years.

She retains her abilities from previous games, such as casting white magic, Pray, and Aim. Now the wife of Cecil and mother of Ceodore, Rosa accompanies Cecil and Cid when Baron is attacked. After some debate, she escapes with Cid on the Enterprise, reluctantly leaving Cecil alone to face the Mysterious Maiden and her summon.

Rosa thinking on Ceodore while he is in his Proof of Knighthood
Following her departure from Baron, she journeys to Damcyan, where Kain Highwind's evil-side abducts her at the same time that he steals Damcyan's crystal. Later in the game, once Kain has transformed from defeating his dark half, Rosa joins a small group in confronting the Mysterious Maiden and Cecil, under the Mysterious Maiden's thrall, at Baron's throne. After a fight, Odin, who was also under the Maiden's thrall, came to his senses and knocks Cecil to his. She then joins Ceodore, Rydia, Golbez, and Edge to take out the Maiden. The Maiden escapes after her defeat, and Golbez calls the Lunar Whale to chase after her. In the crater's dungeon, the party has to get through eight bosses before defeating Cecil's Dark Knight doppelganger to get to the Maiden and Bahamut, who also comes to his senses and pushes the Maiden back. They soon reached the Creator, who pursues them through several battles before finally being destroyed by Meteor. Rosa was last seen in Baron, serving as referee to a timed sparring match between Cecil and Ceodore in which it makes no difference who comes out the victor.

Equipment and Stats

Rosa's stats are weighted towards magic, as she is a mage. Her equipment includes most mage equipment, such as light tunics, caps, hoods, and robes. Her weapon arsenal includes staves, bows, and arrows. Though heavily weighted towards magic, Rosa, while using her bows, is a more than adequate physical attacker.


As a White Mage, Rosa has the ability to cast White Magic. She learns every White Magic spell in the game, although sometimes at different levels than Porom. Rosa is also a more competent physical attacker. In the DS release, Rosa learns some of her spells at different levels.

Rosa using Blessing

Rosa can use the Aim ability, which provides a 100% hit rate. She can only use this ability when equipped with a bow and arrows. In the Nintendo DS version, Rosa serves as the only character equippable with a bow and arrows, and the player need only purchase arrows once since the game modified them to provide an unlimited supply.

Pray has Rosa cast the equivalent of a free Cure spell on the party, if successful. It was removed from the SNES version. The White Ring, a treasure obtained in Rosa's Lunar Trial in the GBA version, upgrades Pray to Miracle. Miracle casts Cure on a failure, Cura normally, and randomly casts Curaga and Esuna. In the DS version, Pray recovers a higher amount of HP and restores some MP to the entire party.

During Final Fantasy IV, Rosa uses and learns Teleport during a critical moment in the story, one of many instances where gameplay elements had a storyline impact.

Spell Level Learned
Original DS
Cure Already known Already known
Hold Already known Already known
Libra Already known Already known
Sight Already known Already known
Slow Already known Already known
Raise 11 Already known
Protect 12 Already known
Cura 13 Already known
Silence 15 Already known
Esuna 18 18
Shell 20 20
Blink 23 23
Spell Level Learned
Original DS
Berserk 20 30
Confuse 24 24
Teleport 26 26
Curaga 30 31
Mini 30 32
Dispel 31 33
Haste 33 35
Float 35 38
Reflect 36 40
Curaja 38 45
Arise 45 55
Holy 55 60

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Rosa's sprites in The After Years

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Rosa can perform White Magic, and has the command Blessing, which heals some HP and MP to the entire party. Rosa is able to level up to Level 30 in Ceodore's chapter and can learn spells as she does so. In The Gathering, Rosa rejoins the party at Level 30 and thus already knows all the spells she would normally learn up to that level. The one exception is Silence, which Rosa is unable to learn in Ceodore's chapter: she knows it already when joining in The Gathering.

Magic Learned
Hold Already known
Libra Already known
Sight Already known
Protect Already known
Slow Already known
Cure Already known
Raise Already known
Cura Already known
Magic Learned
Esuna Level 18
Berserk Level 20
Teleport Level 21
Blink Level 23
Confuse Level 24
Shell Level 29
Curaga Level 30
Mini Level 30
Magic Learned
Silence Already known
Dispel Level 33
Haste Level 36
Float Level 38
Reflect Level 40
Curaja Level 45
Arise Level 55
Holy Level 60
Cecil and Rosa using the Holy Blade Band ability

Rosa can perform the following Band abilities:

  • Divine Heal: Ceodore (White Magic) + Rosa (Blessing)
  • X Chaser: Rosa (Aim) + Cid (Analyze)
  • Saint Dive: Kain (Jump) + Rosa (White Magic)
  • Holy Blade: Cecil (Fight) + Rosa (White Magic)
  • Holy Burst: Rosa (White Magic) + Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Holy Ray: Rosa (White Magic) + Porom (White Magic)
  • Holy Cross: Rosa (White Magic) + Ceodore (Attack) + Cecil (Attack)
  • Pure White Magic: Rosa (White Magic) + Porom (White Magic) + Leonora (White Magic)
  • Effect Form: Cecil (White Magic) + Kain (White Magic) + Rosa (Blessing)
  • Trinity Crusade: Kain (Jump) + Cecil (Fight) + Rosa (White Magic)
  • Final Fantasy: Cecil (Fight) + Rosa (White Magic) + Kain (Jump) + Rydia (Black Magic) + Edge (Throw)
  • Vibra Prime: Cecil (Fight) + Ceodore (Fight) + Rosa (Aim) + Cid (Fight) + Kain (Fight)


Main article: Rosa (Boss)

Rosa is fought in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years in Kain's tale. It is impossible to damage her in any way, and thus the player should only focus on Edward instead.

Musical Themes

Rosa's theme is called "Theme of Love". It is played in scenes between her and Cecil, and is meant the symbolize the love between them.

Other appearances

Rosa's Virtual World avatar.

Virtual World

Users in Square-Enix Members Virtual World community can make their character appear as Rosa Farrell.


Rosa is the Latin word for "Rose". It is pronounced and written identically in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It is also an Italian and Spanish female name; the German, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish, word for "pink"; and the Bulgarian, Czech and Polish word for "dew".


  • In Japan, TV commercials advertising Final Fantasy IV for the Game Boy Advance included a model dressed as Rosa as portrayed by artist Yoshitaka Amano's concept art of her.
  • A portion of the opening video for the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV depicts Rosa with a sword on her belt and wielding a staff to battle. However, mages cannot equip swords, and the game strongly suggests bow and arrows as Rosa's primary weapon through the Aim command and the DS remake turning the weapon into an equippable exclusive to her.
  • Over the course of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife will take a character on a date through the Gold Saucer. One segment of this date involves Cloud and the other character performing in a play in which Cloud plays a valiant knight named Albert and his date plays a kidnapped princess named Rosa. Rosa and Albert defeat the antagonist, the Evil Dragon King, through the "power of love" between them.
  • Rosa's CG version from the Nintendo DS remake was included in Issue 5 of Play Magazine's Girls of Gaming magazine, under the "Epic Beauties" section.
  • In a Favorite Character poll conducted at Square-Enix Party 2007, Rosa ranked 5th out of all the major characters. For comparison, Cecil got first, Kain second, Rydia third, and Cid fourth. The team working on the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV made special note of how regrettable it was that she ranked so low.
  • Rosa is notable for being the first love interest in the series and the first female White Mage, a trait that other females like Garnet til Alexandros XVII from Final Fantasy IX, and Yuna from Final Fantasy X followed. Unlike these females, she is also a competent physical attacker when equipped with her bows.
  • Rosa's middle name, Joanna, is only revealed in the novelization of the game.[1] According to the novel, Rosa takes the name from her mother, Joanna Farrell.
  • For the instruction manual of Final Fantasy Origins, a Playstation remake of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, Rosa is shown as an example name chosen for the White Mage class of Final Fantasy.
  • Even though Rosa is married to Cecil Harvey at the end of Final Fantasy IV and all through Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, she has not seemed to take the last name of Harvey.

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