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Rory Maclaren
race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: himself
role: Slave
location: Paradise Falls
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Rescue from Paradise
SPECIAL: 5ST, 5PE, 5EN, 5CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK
base id: 0001569E
ref id: 00030D0E

Rory Maclaren is a slave at Paradise Falls in the year 2277, and associated with the Rescue from Paradise quest.



Rory was born in 2247[1].

Interactions with the player character

Main article: Rescue from Paradise

As a condition of leaving Paradise Falls, Penny will ask you to escort Rory to the entrance. Once there, he will travel to Moriarty's Saloon and stand in the room to the right where you find Mr. Burke. When attempting dialogue, he will only say "Hey. Talk fast, they hate it when I talk to customers." He may also stop at the entrance to Paradise Falls, and respond with the same dialogue (this occurs only if you tell him he's on his own).

The proper behaviour can be observed if, in dialogue, you mention Penny asked you to save him. Tell him to sneak behind you, then escort him to the entrance. As you near the door, he will say "Guess I have to find my own way" and begin walking normally (non-sneak). If spoken to quickly before he exits, he will say he "owes you one", and to "get back in there" and save Penny. He then says he'll try to contact Penny, but needs to "lay low". You will then receive Good Karma.

  • If you speak to him very quickly again, before he runs through the door, he will deliver a slightly different speech -- this time not mentioning Penny at all, but that "there are kids in there, you've got to help them too". You will AGAIN receive Karma.

If the player becomes hostile against the residents of Paradise Falls before you talk to Penny, Rory will automatically die inside the cell. If the player wishes to gun his or her way out of Paradise Falls, this problem can be solved by setting Rory free when asked, leading him to the far back corner of the children's pen, and having him wait there while you decimate the slavers. This will help get him out of Paradise Falls alive, as he is not much use during the ensuing firefight even when equipped (through reverse-pickpocketing). You can also tell him to wait and close the door to the shelter, then talk to Penny and she will leave. At this point, you can then leave Paradise Falls without arousing any suspicion from the Slavers, while still completing the Rescue from Paradise quest (leaving Rory where you originally found him).


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Wasteland Wanderer Outfit - - -


Rory Maclaren appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

His line "Can't nobody eat fifty eggs." is a reference to the film Cool Hand Luke.


  • If you save him during the Rescue from Paradise quest and a fast-travel bug causes him to begin following you, it is possible to utilize him as a joinable character. His usefulness is severely limited by his emaciated stats as well as the player's inability to fully interact with him as a follower (dialogue options). There's no way to heal him directly and the only way to give him equipment is through reverse-pickpocketing (which can randomly turn him hostile). If he catches you on a pickpocket attempt, he will continue to follow you indefinitely but you will no longer be able to supplement his inventory.
  • If you convince Penny to leave Rory behind he will remain in "The Box" and if the door is unlocked and he is spoken to he will talk as if he is at Moriarty's Saloon and will simply tell you to talk fast and that they hate it when he talks to customers. Confirmed on PS3,PC and XBOX360 patched to the last patch.
  • After rescuing him from Paradise Falls he may appear after some time in Megaton standing behind Gob and the counter. Moriarty disappears and Rory says only "Hey. Talk fast, they hate it when I talk to customers" with no further dialogue choices.
  • Sometimes upon leaving Paradise Falls (having freed him, armed/armored him and let him shoot his way through the now weaponless slavers) he will not leave the entrance, he stays squatting in front of the door to the "inside" of the shopping center, he had already started using his dialog from Megaton, "Hey. Talk fast, they hate it when I talk to customers", but will not follow anymore, or run off on his own.
  • In addition to the previously mentioned bug, when Rory will not move or initiate dialogue after being freed, he can be pushed a certain distance and then told to follow. He then begins to follow, and never initiates a dialogue to finish the quest and thus stop following.
  • Also, on rare occasions, Rory is found dead in "The Box".


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Paradise Falls

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