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Kimahri, a Ronso.

The Ronso are a race of leonine-looking humanoids from the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X. Ronso live on Mt. Gagazet and guard the sacred mountain fiercely. They are formidable warriors, being very tall and amazingly strong, and are known for their strong sense of honor and loyalty, as well as their pride and quickness to anger. Ronso sometimes tend to speak in third person. Another prominent feature is a long, sharp horn on their forehead, similar to those which Summoners from earlier games would have. This horn, especially for the male Ronso, is a symbol of their great strength and pride, and to lose the horn in battle is considered extremely shameful. Kimahri is one such Ronso who has been cast out by his kind due to being of comparatively smaller stature and having lost his horn in a fight with one of his brethren, Biran Ronso. He and his friend Yenke Ronso never passed up an opportunity to remind Kimahri of his shame.

The leader of the Ronso was Kelk, who was also a Maester of Yevon. He, along with many other Ronso were killed by Seymour Guado as they tried to stop him ascending Mount Gagazet in his quest to become Sin. Because of these acts, the few remaining youth fostered a deep hatred of the Guado and Garik Ronso openly sought revenge, against the wishes of their new Elder, Kimahri. Garik is thwarted in his plans of rebellion by the Gullwings when he climbs the mountain to receive guidance. Confused and angry, Garik demands Kimahri what path there is for the tribe; but Kimahri has no answer, and Garik rejects him as their leader. But through the experiences of young Lian and Ayde (who had traveled Spira in a vain attempt to fix Kimahri's horn), Kimahri saw the Ronso must experience all of Spira to continue their path. And thus, after proving to Garik that violence doesn't answer anything, the Ronso elder decides his tribe must first learn of the rapidly-changing Spira to decide the fate of their race.

Several Ronso participate in the Spiran Blitzball league as the Ronso Fangs on Final Fantasy X, and another can be recruited as a free agent, Zev Ronso. Another two players are added in Final Fantasy X-2, Darga Ronso, and Zondi Ronso.

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