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The Ronka Ruins
The Ronka Ruins on the world map

The Ronka Ruins or Lonka Ruins (ロンカ Ronka) are a location in Final Fantasy V. They are ancient ruins made by the Ronka, an ancient civilization that worshiped the Earth Crystal, which is the power source of this flying city.



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Upon reaching the Catapult, the party witneses the arrisal of the Ronka Ruins. After modifying the Airship to fly higher, they bypass the ruins' defense systems and enter them. Near the Crystal Room, they find King Tycoon, who is impaired by the Archeoaevis and he orders the Warrior of Light to defeat it. After the battle they follow the king to the crystal room. Unfortunately, the king passes away, and the Earth Crystal is destroyed, and Exdeath finally breaks free from his seal. However, a fourth meteorite falls near where Gohn once stood, this time carrying Krile, Galuf's grandaughter. She knocks Exdeath away as he approaches the heroes, and the party escapes with Krile. Afterwards, the party finds itself with four new jobs: Samurai, Dragoon, Dancer and Chemist.


Name Location
Elixir Third Floor
Phoenix Down Third Floor
Shuriken Fourth Floor
Potion Fourth Floor
Cottage Fifth Floor
Ether Third Floor
Golden Armor Second Floor
Golden Shield Third Floor
Ancient Sword Fourth Floor
Moonring Blade Fourth Floor
Power Armlet Fourth Floor
5000 Gil Fourth Floor

Enemies Encountered

Musical Themes

"Musica Machina" from Final Fantasy V''
Image:FFV - Musica Machina.ogg
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Similar to the Catapult, "Musica Machina" (ムジカ・マキーナ Mujika Makīna) plays as the background theme to Ronka Ruins.

Other Appearances


Final Fantasy Tactics

The Ronkan Ruins

The Ronkan Ruins are mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

The Ronkan Dynasty dominated the world from its skyborne castle until an enigmatic plague brought about its sudden and tragic demise. Today its empty ruins float in a cold and desolate silence.

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