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Real Name
Current Alias

Ronald Rockwell; Flamehead



Former member of the Justice League of America; Former member of the Power Company

Edward Raymond (father); Elaine Rockwell (mother, deceased); Felicity Smoak-Raymond (stepmother); Richard Dare (grandfather)



6' 2" (As Firestorm); 6'1" (As Raymond)

202 lbs (92 kg) (As Firestorm); 179 lbs (As Raymond)



Unusual Features
Firestorm had solid white eyes with no discernible pupils. He also had a corona of flame encircling the top of his head.


Marital Status

Professional crimefighter; former employee of Bun 'n Run


Caught in a nuclear accident, Ronnie Raymond and scientist Martin Stein merged to form a composite entity known as Firestorm.

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance



Ronnie Rockwell was born in New York City, the son of Edward and Elaine Rockwell. When Ronnie was a young boy, his father testified in court against a gangster named "Shoe" Shine on charges of racketeering. His testimony sent Shine to prison, but on the day that "Shoe" was to begin his sentence, he had his thugs plant a car bomb on the Rockwell’s family vehicle. The blast killed Elaine Rockwell forcing Ed to seek the aid of the Justice Department. An officer for the Organized Crimes branch of the DOJ placed Ed and Ronnie in the Witness Protection Program and arranged to have their surname legally changed to Raymond.

When Ronnie was a sophomore in high school, the Raymonds relocated to Manhattan Island where he began attending school at Bradley High. There he met Cliff Carmichael, an insufferably arrogant genius, who would prove to be the bane to Ronnie's existence throughout his entire academic career. He also met Doreen Day, an intelligent blonde-haired girl, whom had become the object of Ronnie's affections. Ronnie desperately wanted to impress Doreen, so he attempted to become politically active by joining an activist group led by Eddie Earhart known as the Coalition to Resist Atomic Power, aka, CRAP. Ronnie believed that he was merely joining a harmless protest group. Little did he know however, that Eddie Earhart was actually an ecological terrorist with a violent history. One evening, the Coalition decided to conduct a raid on the recently established, Hudson Nuclear Power Plant.

The creation of the Hudson power plant was the brainchild of Nobel Prize winning physicist, Dr. Martin Stein. Before committing himself to the field of atomic research, Stein was a physics professor at Hudson University. It was here that he met several impressionable young students, including Crystal Frost and Louise Lincoln. Frost had developed a schoolgirl crush on Stein, but the older man was unwilling to reciprocate her affection as he was married to a woman named Clarissa Clemens. Frost's amorous feelings towards Stein would return to haunt him many years later.

Stein eventually came to develop the layout for the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant, the country's first completely safe atomic testing center. His committment to the plant became an obsession with Stein, and he sacrificed everything, even his marriage, to see it come to fruition. Unwilling to play second-fiddle to Stein's career, Clarissa Clemens sued for divorce. Marital issues only represented the beginning of Stein's troubles however.

Working under Stein's employ was an unscrupulous man named Danton Black. Black began covertly stealing Martin's research in the hopes of selling it to a rival firm. Martin discovered his colleague's transgressions however, and promptly fired him. Danton swore revenge against Stein and returned on that fateful night when the Coalition to Resist Atomic Power staged their attack against the plant.

Coalition leader, Eddie Earhart raided the reactor core room and confronted Martin Stein. Taking him by surprise, he easily overcame the older man knocking him out cold. By this point, Ronnie Raymond realized that there was a lot more to the Coaltion's aims than he previously believed. Ronnie attempted to stop Eddie, but the terrorist punched the high school student in the jaw, knocking him out as well. When Ronnie came to, he discovered that the Coalition had wired several pounds worth of TNT to explode inside the reactor. He grabbed the unconscious Stein and attempted to drag him out of the building. They were nearly out the front door when the TNT exploded. Both men (as well as Danton Black) were consumed by the brilliant burst of radiation. The excess power fused Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein into a single composite being – Firestorm.

Powers and Abilities



  • Transformation: Ronnie Raymond possessed the ability to transform from his normal state into Firestorm and back again through an act of will.

Elemental Transmutation: Firestorm had the ability alter the atomic structure of inanimate matter down to the molecular level. He could affect an object's density and mass as well, reconfiguring it into any shape or design that his imagination could conceive. This power was exclusive to inert material and could not successfully affect living biological mass. Any attempt to molecularly alter the characteristics of a living entity would result in a massive biofeedback of energy.

  • Density Control: Firstorm could alter the density of his body making him insubstantial enough that he can phase through solid objects.
  • Energy Absorbtion: Firestorm could absorb energy into his body and convert it into atomic power.
  • Energy Projection: Firestorm could absorb and project nuclear radiation and emit it as offensive blasts of energy.
  • Flight: Through an act of will, Firestorm can fly without the aid of wings or artificial enhancements. He can fly beyond the outer reaches of Earth’s atmosphere and can travel to the moon with little impediment. He can survive in outer space without equipment. He could reach speeds in excess of 600 mph.

    Strength level

Average: Ronnie Raymond had the average strength of a man his age and size who engaged in intensive physical exercise.


Firestorm's power caused an atomic backlash if used against organic objects.


  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985-86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Ronnie Raymond's birth name is Ronald Rockwell. His surname was changed to Raymond when his father and he were placed in the Witness Protection Program shortly after Ronnie's mother was killed.
  • This incarnation of Firestorm was the feature character of two ongoing titles. The first was Firestorm – The Nuclear Man, which was canceled after only five issues due to the Great DC Implosion. The second was The Fury of Firestorm (later known as simply Firestorm), which lasted one-hundred issues with five accompanying Annual issues.


  • Firestorm was featured as a member of the SuperFriends on the 1984 animated series, The Legendary Super Powers Show. The character was voiced by actor Mark Taylor, with Olan Soule providing the voice for Professor Martin Stein. A Firestorm action figure was released in 1985 to coincide with the animated series.
Firestorm from The Legendary Super Powers Show
  • Many of the supporting cast members from Firestorm's comic had alliterative names, such as: Clarissa Clemens, Cliff Carmichael, Doreen Day, Jefferson Jackson, Louise Lincoln, Ronnie Raymond, etc. This is similar to a permutation inherent in the Superman mythos where a large portion of his supporting cast have names with the intitials of double "L" (Lex Luthor, Lori Lemaris, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lucy Lane, etc.).
  • Firestorm had a halo of flame encircling the crown of his head. However, this flame was not composed of true plasma, and was actually just an illusory hologram generated by Ronnie Raymond’s subconscious. As such, the halo did not possess the characteristics akin to ordinary fire. It did not generate heat or cause harm to those who came into contact with it. The solidarity of the flame altered from time to time. In some instances, the flame would extinguish itself if Firestorm were rendered unconscious or submerged under water. On other occasions, it would continue to flicker. All future incarnations of Firestorm possessed some variant of the flame halo. The Firestorm Elemental had a flaming crown that trailed halfway down his back, while the modern Firestorm had a holographic projection similar to that used by Ronnie Raymond.

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