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Romulus from orbit in 2379
Classification: Class-M
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire
Location: Formerly in the Eisn system unitil its destruction
Moon(s): Two: Pirek, Elvreng
Dominant Species: Romulan
Warp Capable: 320 A.D.
Population: 18 billion (3.5 billion)
Capital: Ki Baratan
Gravity: 1.0 G
Equatorial circumference: 14,000 km
Length of day: 25 hours
Land mass percentage: 31 %
Ki Baratan, the capital city

Romulus was the adopted homeworld of the Romulans and capital planet of the Romulan Star Empire. The planet was also known as ch'Rihan (in the Rihannsu language) and 128 Trianguli III-A (in the astronomical notation of Earth). In yet another language, the planet was known as Rom'laas, and in another catalog system, Ket-cheleb III. Romulus was the third of ten planets, and its tidally-locked "sister world" was known as Remus. Together, Romulans and Remus were sometimes called the Hearthworlds. Remus and the planet Romulus had a "Trojan relationship" in the way they revolved around each other. The sun around which Romulus orbited is known as Eisn.

Romulus was a lush, humid world abundant with vegetation and large bodies of water, and was designated a Minshara class world. The planet had two moons, Pirek and Elvreng. (TOS novels: Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages; Last Unicorn Games: The Way of D'era: The Romulans; TNG video game: Echoes From the Past)

The third novel in the Vulcan's Soul trilogy, Epiphany, has a mention of the sister world of Remus possessing four moons.



The planet was noted as being rich in different kinds of organic life with a climate far better then what was present on Vulcan with abundant supplies of water with much larger seas. Varying types of habitations were also present from deserts to volcanic regions with firefalls. Though it was rich in organic life, its metal content was somewhat rarer with much of it being present deep within the planet, which was a contrast to the world's sister planet. (TOS: Vulcan's Soul - Exiles)

Transporter beams were typically not used for interplanetary travel on the home world. (TNG novel: Dead Zone)


Historians believe that Romulus and its sister world of Remus were in fact once a single large planetoid known as Romii. The biggest change that geologists have determined to have to Romii was five-point three billion years ago when another planetary body, which was at least sixty percent the size of Romii and in retrograde orbit, collided with the large planet. The impact stripped the outer crust from Romii and, in less then two hundred years, the ejecta had coalesced into a single body that would eventually cool to become the planet known as Romulus which would continue to spin with the force of that ancient catastrophic collision. (TOS novel: Captain's Blood)

It was named by the Vulcan Exiles after an ancient myth of twin godbrothers. Though another account says that the planet was named after the mythical home of the Vulcan god Ket-cheleb known as Rom'laas. (Last Unicorn RPG: The Way of D'Era: The Romulans)

In 2376, this was listed as the host location of a current or past marathon. (New Worlds, New Civilizations short story: "The Footfalls of Tradition")

Romulus was completely destroyed when the Hobus star went nova in 2387. Prior to the destruction, Spock attempted to warn the Romulan Senate that the supernova posed a threat to both the planet and the entire Romulan Star Empire, but was rebuffed. However, a few weeks later, the Romulan Senate observed that the Hobus star was increasing in mass and was growing more unstable which led to them concluding that Spock was correct. A scientist predicted that it would take a few weeks at most for the shockwave to reach Romulus once the star went Nova. The praetor, proclaimed he would put the matter up for vote in the Senate, then gave the order to begin evacuation protocols for Romulus. It was not known how many people escaped the destruction, only that the praetor was among those who did, promising that the empire would survive, and that he would find his people a new home. (TNG comic: "Star Trek: Countdown", TNG website: The Path to 2409)

In the "anti-time" future to which Q helped Jean-Luc Picard travel, the year 2396 saw an outbreak of Tarellian plague on Romulus. (TNG episode: "All Good Things...")



Bodies of Water

  • Nelrek Ocean
  • Apnex Sea
  • Garenak Sea
  • North Mendlanar Sea
  • South Mendlanar Sea
  • White Sea
  • Havrelar Sea
  • Sea of Lerodan
  • Sea of Vrekess
  • Sherelak Sea
  • Thal'Tharin River
  • Tor'ren River
  • Gend'eroth River
  • D'Gansar River
  • Balsanra River
  • H'relgath River
  • Tai'eld River
  • Dorvek River
  • Jendranax Strait
  • Terelix Strait
  • Bay of Bareldak

Continents (and Provinces)

  • Brel'kar
    • Allorak
    • Chetris
    • Daal'Gareth
    • Mendrik
    • Rel'enak
  • Folloss
    • Fal'seras
    • Tel'Garch
  • Novok
  • Umrica
  • Valcaria

Geographic Features

Cities and Settlements

Points of Interest

Moons and Satellites

Whilst LUG states that Romulus has two moons, the Vulcan's Soul book Epiphany states that it has in fact four though they are not named.

Natural History



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Unusual Features
Romulus appears to be very tall with a massively muscled, well defined build. Has eyes with no discernible pupils or irises, pointed ears, claws at the tips of his fingers, muttonchop sideburns and a hairstyle that is similar to Wolverine's, with the exception that the back is very long and is kept in a ponytail.

Manipulator; Puppeteer

Romulus is a genius, a level of which humanity cannot comprehend and has knowledge of certain areas of biology, primarily genetic engineering and mutation.

Possibly a Mutant

First appearance

Wolverine Vol 3 #50
(March, 2007)



Romulus took Daken from his dead mother's womb and raised him as a ruthless killer. Nick Fury revealed to Wolverine that Romulus has been manipulating people from his family's bloodline for centuries, and that he planned for Daken to become the next-generation Weapon X. This was achieved through The Tinkerer, who bonded the metal from the Muramasa blade to Daken's inner claws. Daken hinted he complied to the process because of his own agenda.

In present day, Romulus restored Feral and Thornn's feline look after their depowerment, augmented Wild Child's powers greatly, ordered the bonding of Cyber's skin with adamantium and erased all humanity from Sabretooth, causing the latter's death at the hands of Wolverine. The exact reasons for these acts remain unknown.

He appears to have ties with Russian authorities, arranging Omega Red's transfer to a regular Russian prison to set a trap for Wolverine. After Wolverine temporarily subdued Omega Red, he was captured by Wild Child, who revealed that Romulus had made several villains battle each other, his agenda being vaguely described as him needing a successor. Then Wild Child encountered Omega Red. Wolverine escaped and a shocked Wild Child was then killed by Omega Red. Moments after Wolverine used the Muramasa Blade to kill Omega Red, Romulus revealed himself in front of Logan, seemingly prepared for battle. Wolverine attacked Romulus but was easily overpowered since he was only using the sword at this point. Romulus slashed and attacked Wolverine from the shadows as he revealed his plans. Telling Wolverine that everything had led up to this moment. Romulus was what Wolverine would become. Pushing Wolverine to the breaking point, he dropped the sword and popped his claws, much to Romulus' amusement. However, Wolverine fought back and gained the upper hand and slashed at Romulus' hand, shattering what turned out to be a clawed gauntlet. Seeing that Romulus' claws were fake, Wolverine taunted him saying, "You're not what I'm gonna become...I'm what you've always wanted to be. Hearing this, Romulus blindly attacked Wolverine with his remaining claws only to be slashed open by Wolverine. Romulus fell to his knees, the deep slashes across his chest and stomach bleeding heavily. Seamingly beaten, Romulus told Wolverine that although he was at the top of the food chain, by making Daken in his own image, he had set the stage for a confrontation between Wolverine and his son. Only the most ruthless would survive. Only the one most like Romulus. With Romulus at his mercy, Wolverine decided to let him live for the time being, stating he would finish the job on his own terms. As Wolverine walked away, Romulus was able to use his mental abilities to enter Wolverine's mind, creating a vivid illusion of his wife Itsu as a distraction. Romulus called out to him while tossing the Muramasa blade at him. As Wolverine turned, the handle of the sword hit him in the head and rendered him unconscious. Romulus staggered to his feet and dropped the blade across Wolverine's chest, stating that he would need it.

Powers and Abilities


Romulus possesses various superhuman attributes, the full number of which are currently unknown.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Romulus possesses an accelerated healing factor that lets allows him to fully heal damaged tissue. The full limits of Romulus' healing powers aren't known, but the overall speed and efficiency in which he heals appears to be based upon the severity of the injury. He heals from slashes across his face from Wolverine's claws within a matter of moments. However, from the deep slashes across his upper body that ends the fight, Romulus leaves still holding his side as the wounds continue to heal minutes after they've been inflicted. Romulus' healing powers also afford him great resistance to drugs and toxins as well as immunity to conventional diseases.

Superhuman Strength: Romulus possesses some degree of superhuman strength. As with much of his powers, the full limits of his powers aren't known. However, he has demonstrated sufficient strength easily lift Wolverine by the wrist off the ground and hurl him repeatedly across a room with no discernable effort.

Superhuman Longevity: While most of his past is unknown, Romulus has been alive since prehistoric times. Hence, he is tens of thousands of years old. In spite of his age, however, he has the physical appearance and vitality of a powerful man. However, Romulus appears to be showing some signs of aging. The original color of his hair was black but now, it's mostly white with only a few areas retaining his hair's original color.

Retractable Claws: Romulus possesses a single, retractable claw at the tip of each finger. The claws have a razor sharp edge and are capable of cutting material as durable as bone. It is possible that his claws can cut much tougher material as well, but it's unknown at present.

Psionics: Romulus has demonstrated certain telepathic abilities of undefined limits. Wolverine himself has learned that many of his memories at various points in his life have been removed by Romulus via telepathic means in order to manipulate Wolverine in various situations for various purposes. In his recent battle with Wolverine, he was able to create a vivid telepathic illusion of Wolverine's deceased wife Itsu. However, Romulus' psionic powers are substantially inferior to those of Professor Xavier as Xavier used his powers to help shield the minds of Wolverine and his other X-Men from intrusion during their association with them. Furthermore, Wolverine has also learned to shield his mind greatly against telepathic intrusion, limiting Romulus' powers over him even more.


Little is known about Romulus or the full extent of his capabilities. He has been shown, however, to be extremely intelligent with numerous connections with various governments and government programs. It's been said that Romulus was ultimately behind the Weapon X Program. Given his great lifespan, and the few instances revealed about his past, Romulus is an exceptional warrior, planner and tactician.


Muramasa blade: As has been stated and shown against others, Romulus is vulnerable to the Muramasa blade. The blade itself inflicts injuries that greatly nulifies the effects of superhuman healing abilities. If Romulus were to sustain injuries to a vital area of his body, depending upon the exact area, his healing powers would be reduced to a slow crawl and would need to receive immediate and extensive medical treatment in order to keep from dying. Even those with powerful healing factors require several days to fully heal even from minor wounds inflicted by the sword.



Gauntlet: During his initial battle with Wolverine, Romulus wears black gloves in which four blades are attached to. Three of the blades are similar in shape and overall appearance to Wolverine's Adamantium claws. A fourth, and smaller one, appears near the thumb area on each of the gloves. These blades have shown to be able to easily slice through flesh. The blades are presumed to be made of Adamantium as well, though this isn't known for certain. They have proven able, however, to withstand numerous strikes from Wolverine's claws without sustaining any damage.


"Romulus seems to have a thing fer trains." Wolverine: Origins #37


  • Romulus is first seen in several flashbacks Wolverine experiences, later explained by Wild Child to have been induced by Romulus himself. He is shown leading the Lupines in prehistoric and barbaric times, being an emperor in Ancient Rome, as well as being the main force behind Weapon X.
  • He is the leader of the Lupine, a human looking species who, through parallel evolution, evolved from canines instead of primates.
  • It is possible that Romulus also possesses more superhuman abilities aside from those demonstrated already. For instance, it is likely that he also possesses some degree of superhuman senses as well as other superhuman physical capabilities as these powers are common among beings descended from the Lupine race like Wolverine, Sabretooth and Wild Child.
  • According to the Marvel Comics Encyclopedia 2009 Edition, on page 274, "Romulus is seven feet tall, and weights 300 lbs., they have his real name as Romulus."


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"I have been to over a hundred different worlds, and none display the awsome beauty of Romulus". - Alidar Jarok
Romulus from orbit (2379).
The Romulan capital (2154).
The Krocton Segment on Romulus (2368).
The Romulan capital (2379).
The Valley of Chula (2366).

Romulus was the Class M homeworld of the Romulan species and capital of the Romulan Star Empire.


Astronomical Data



  • Romulus


  • At least one

Further Information


Romulus was the home of the Romulans, who were an offshoot race of the Vulcans. During the 4th century CE, a group of Vulcans left their homeworld Vulcan and settled the planets Calder II, Dessica II, Draken IV, Yadalla Prime and Barradas III. This civilization, called the Debrune, was regarded as a predecessor of the Romulan Star Empire. After their odyssey, which lasted for centuries, the Vulcans finally reached Romulus, a planet that matched all their needs and seemed as a perfect place to begin a new civilization.

During his time as an Obsidian Order operative, Elim Garak worked at the Cardassian embassy on Romulus as a gardener. (DS9: "Broken Link", "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges")

In 2375, during the Dominion War, Romulus hosted a Federation Alliance conference. (DS9: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges")

The Female Changeling promised Thot Gor control of Romulus if the Breen "fought well" at the Battle of Cardassia. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

In 2387, Romulus was destroyed by the expanding Hobus supernova. (Star Trek)

After the destruction of Romulus by the Hobus supernova, the system in which Romulus was located was called the Romulus Nebula. (RIS Bouteina: "Gogmagog")


Romulus and Remus were the major worlds of the Romulan Star Empire, one of the mightiest powers in the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrants.

On Romulus is the Capital City of the Romulan Star Empire where the Hall of State is situated. The Imperial Romulan Senate meets there in the Senate Chamber.


Romulus is a temperate Class M planet, which harbors numerous large lakes and oceans. Although both planets orbit their central star, Romulus and Remus were often referred to as twin planets.

Cities and towns:

Geographical features:

  • Apnex Sea
  • Gal Gath'thong
  • Valley of Chula


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City of Heroes

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This article is about the Warshade boss Romulus. For the Cimeroran Arch-Villain, see Romulus Augustus.



Romulus is the arch-nemesis of the villain Psymon Omega. This Warshade can be found in:


Romulus is a Warshade working with Longbow in the Rogue Isles. He has a reputation for taking down a number of villains, and is the arch-nemesis of the psychic villain known as Psymon Omega.


Romulus will say the following when you encounter him:

  • During the Salvage Rikti Tech mission:

"Destroy the Rikti Tech!"

  • During the Defeat Romulus the Warshade mission:
Combat Start:

"You're going down, punk!"

At 50% Life:

"That's all you got?"



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