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Roman's Sorrow
The Bellic cousins discover their apartment on fire.
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Roman Bellic
Location: Hove Beach & BOABO, Broker, Liberty City
Conditions of mission failure: Roman dies
Reward: South Bohan Safehouse
"Lowest Point" achievement/trophy
Unlocks: Escuela of the Streets and Out of the Closet
Unlocked by: Russian Revolution

Roman's Sorrow is a mission for Niko's cousin Roman. This is the mission where Roman and Niko move from Broker to South Bohan.



Roman and Niko are aware that Dimitri and his partner Ray Bulgarin will kill them following a botched meeting before. Roman wants to move to Bohan and calls Mallorie to see if she has anywhere for them to stay, but not before asking Niko to head back to his apartment in Hove Beach to collect several items, including a wedding ring for Mallorie, which Roman later mentions during their trip to Bohan.

Upon arrival in Hove Beach, they find out both the apartment and Roman's cab business have been set on fire, on orders by Dimitri and Bulgarin. Having lost everything from the fires, the duo are forced to cut their loses and escape to Bohan, where they settle down in Mallories' cousin's apartment until the situation improves.

Quick walkthrough

  • Then drive Roman to his cab office, which is also on fire.
  • Drive Roman to South Bohan. Park at the apartment in Bohan. Cutscene.


  • As you go to the apartment, keep and eye out for the cab depot. It is burning, but driving past it will not affect any dialogue. There is often an explosion inside as you cruise by, and if you go a bit faster, you will see an explosion for the depot.
  • Following this mission, Roman's taxi missions will be unavailable for the rest of the game. If you have completed all 10 fares, Roman will say that Niko was hogging all the business and the other drivers are jealous.
  • Roman's car service will also be unavailable until Roman's insurance pays off and he is able to revive "Bellic Enterprises" following Blow Your Cover.
  • After the mission, the news report on the radio will say that two suspects started throwing Molotovs into the buildings, however later on in the storyline Roman states that the fire department claimed it an electrical fire, allowing him the insurance money.
  • The parking space outside the burnt out Broker apartment can still be used to store cars.
  • If you go to the cab depot first, you will encounter a cut scene that supposed to be when you arrive at front of the apartment, and when you arrive at front of the apartment you will encounter the cab depot cut scene.
  • This mission can be seen in the Lost and Damned Credits. After leaving the burning cab depot, Johnny Klebitz can be seen riding in the back ground.



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