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Full Name: Rom
Species: Ferengi
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ferenginar
Born: 24th century
Affiliation: Terran Rebellion
Sibling(s): Brother: Quark (Deceased)
Children: Son: Nog
Occupation: Mercenary
Previous Assignment: Quark's Place, Terok Nor
Final Assignment: Terran Rebellion

Rom in the mirror universe was a Ferengi mercenary-for-hire. He had a brother named Quark, and a son named Nog. He lived in the Alliance underworld while Quark owned and operated a bar on Terok Nor. He would often assist his brother any way he could to free the station's captive Terran population.

All this changed when Quark was killed by Gul Elim Garak after his activities to free Terran slaves were exposed. Rom and Nog quickly joined Captain Benjamin Sisko's Terran Rebellion against the Alliance in the hope of avenging his death. He served in Sisko's cell of the rebel organization and quickly became a battle-hardended soldier.

When Sisko died during a mission to recruit Professor Jennifer Sisko, his estranged wife, Rom joined Julian Bashir's faction of Sisko's surviving troops and argued for an immediate military strike on Terok Nor to avenge their fallen leader. Sisko (revealed later to be his prime universe counterpart) returned to end the argument and re-organized the plan to get to Professor Sisko.

Rom was sent to Terok Nor, posing as a double-agent for the Alliance, and informed Intendant Kira Nerys and Garak of Sisko's survival. This was done to help Sisko get onto the station by being captured on purpose. Though Intendant Nerys was totally convinced, Garak remained suspicious and secretly tracked Rom through the station and, when he discovered Rom communicating with Sisko with a subdermal transceiver, pushed him against the airlock where Rom's ship was docked and stabbed Rom through the gut, killing him and impaling him against the airlock door. Garak left his body suspended there for future warnings against rebellion against the Alliance.

Rom's only son and heir, Nog, was later killed by Intendant Kira on Terok Nor. (DS9 episodes Through the Looking Glass and Shattered Mirror)

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