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"As the official representative of the Republic Embassy on this planet, I am here to help all citizens of the Republic should they require aid."
―Roland to Revan

Roland Wann was a Human male who was an officer in the Galactic Republic's military.



During the Jedi Civil War, he was serving as the Republic's ambassador to Manaan. When the amnesiac Revan arrived on that world, he eventually sought out the Republic enclave, having been advised by a Republic soldier he met at the Ahto City spaceport that further information on the planet could be had there. When Revan asked Wann about the star map, the diplomat was evasive at first, reluctant to reveal what he knew about Republic operations on Manaan. However, once pressed, Wann admitted that he might know something, but instead asked Revan and his companions to do a favor for him: break into the Sith Embassy to locate and retrieve the memory core of a damaged submersible droid that the Sith had captured. After returning the droid's memory unit to the Republic Embassy, Wann explained the situation in full: something had happened at a secret kolto harvesting station; contact was lost and none of the Republic's investigation teams, which included a number of mercenaries, had returned.

Wann explained that the situation had occurred shortly after construction crews had reported finding a mysterious artifact along the seabed just on the other side of the Hrakert Rift from the station, possibly the Star Map that Revan had been looking for. In exchange for the Jedi finding out the fate of the station, the ambassador allowed Revan to use a submersible to descend to the ocean floor and discover the fate of the Republic's kolto-harvesting station. When Revan returned, Wann thought that he too had been lost, however he was relieved to hear that some of the scientists, notably Kono Nolan and Sami, had survived. He seemed genuinely shocked when Revan explained what had happened; that the construction crews had awoken the Progenitor that had subsequently turned the Selkath workers at the station feral, and that the harvesting machinery had to be destroyed as a result. Resigned to the loss of the station, Wann nonetheless rewarded the Jedi for his efforts to discover the truth.

Personality and traits

Roland Wann was noted for having a high level of mental conditioning that enabled him to resist Jedi mind tricks. Revan learned this the hard way when he attempted to persuade Wann to reveal any information he knew about Star Maps before he had recovered the submersible droid's files. However, he was known to be understanding and cooperative when dealing with those who needed assistance, so long as they treated him with the same respect that he showed them.

Behind the scenes

There is a bug within the game regarding Roland's character. Essentially this allows the player to gain unlimited dark side points by choosing the same "dark" dialogue option repeatedly.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (First appearance)

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