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Biographical information
Death date before 2552
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation UNSC
Class Spartan-III
"We got apes or alligators running the show?"
—Roland, referring to Jiralhanae and Sangheili.[1]

Roland was a Spartan-III and was one of two members of an elite Special Operations squad known as Headhunters. He, along with fellow Spartan-III, Jonah, lead a semi-successful stealth attack on an unknown remote moon on which the Covenant were digging for Forerunner relics. Roland was killed in action at the hands of a Special Operations Elite wielding a red Energy Sword.[2]




Induction into Headhunters

Roland was selected after completing the requirement and was subsequently trained for several additional months. He was paired with Jonah after they were profiled as hitting 97.36 percent of the desired matchmaking criteria.


Jonah and Roland were assigned to destroy several Covenant bases located on an unknown remote moon. Roland was given an Active Camouflage module for his armor, and infiltrated a base under cover from his semi-active camouflage to set explosives on four reactors while Jonah engaged the troops in the camp barracks.

Inside the base, everything went smoothly. After Roland had placed the charges, he continued to help eliminate the remaining targets, all of whom were still confused by Jonah's energy disruptions and Flashbang Grenades.


  • It is unknown whether Roland was an Alpha or Beta company Spartan.


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