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Rokyn (Earth-One)

Rokyn (Earth-One)
Official Name
New Kandor; Rao's Gift; The Gift of God

Star System
A red-star system; name unknown

First appearance




For years, Superman was the caretaker of the bottle city of Kandor. Unable to develop a means to restore the city to its original size, he kept it secure in a special lab at the Fortress of Solitude. After immense study, Superman finally discovered a way to restore Kandor and thousands of Kandorians to their correct size, granting them a new lease on life.

Kandorian scientist and Moliom, Van-Zee, embarked upon a brave mission to find a new habitable world in which to relocate. The Kandorian populace eventually settled on a remote planet revolving around a red sun. Perceiving their discovery as a gift from God, they named the planet, Rokyn.

Van-Zee and the other members of the Kandorian Science Council rebuilt Kandor, making vast architectural improvements which far surpassed those of the original city. Many of the original structures were hopelessly destroyed, but Van-Zee discovered hidden blueprints secured in a metal vault, which he used in redesigning the capital city. Van even recruited aid from reformed Phantom Zone villains and promised them a renewed life on Rokyn in exchange for their services.

Van-Zee's cousins Superman and Supergirl often visited Rokyn to spend holidays with their extended Kryptonian family.

Points of Interest

  • The El Family Vault: Nim-El, the twin brother of Superman's father, Jor-El, created a special museum containing statues of the most revered members of the House of El.



  • Many refugees from the destroyed Argo City likewise found a home on Rokyn.
  • The name Rokyn is a combination of Ro - the possessive form of Rao (Kryptonian God of the Sun) and Kyn, which is Kryptonian for gift. Loosely translated, Rokyn means "Rao's Gift" or "The Gift of God".

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File:Rokyn.gif NPC Rokyn
Location: Venore's second depot, the House of Wealth.
Occupation: Banker
Notes: Rokyn Pursesniffer, son of Fire, proud member of the Molten Rock fellowship. Rokyn runs a bank in Venore. He exchange Gold Coins, Platinum Coins and Crystal Coins. You can deposit, withdraw, transfer money aswell as checking your account balance.
Items traded: None.
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