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This article is about NPC encountered during a quest. For other uses of Rogue, see Rogue.
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Before rescuing him, he is in the Rogues' Castle. After rescuing him, he is in a small building south-east of the Ranging store in Varrock.
Sells items? No, but you can sell him un-enchanted golden jewellery.
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes, Summer's End, to rescue him
Gender Male
Examine A dishonest and knavish person.
Notable features Buys unenchanted golden jewellery from you.

The Rogue is a non-player character that players first encounter by completing the quest Summer's End. To find him, players must enter the Spirit Realm using Jennica's ring via the portal located in the Rogue's Castle courtyard and close the prison doors there; this will open them in the "real" world, allowing the players to talk to him.

After a brief dialogue, the rogue will sneak back to Varrock, where players can use un-enchanted jewellery on him in order to sell to him.


The Rogue's shop location in Varrock.
  • All prices are equivalent to the current minimum price in the Grand Exchange. He will accept any jewellery both in noted and unnoted form, for the same prices.
  • He will not take onyx rings, onyx bracelets, onyx amulets, or onyx necklaces. He will, however, accept jewellery made out of dragonstone, diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire.
  • Note that the Rogue can purchase items in noted form, but only up to 10,000 at a time. Any more than 10,000 will result in the Rogue saying that big numbers make his head hurt.
Gemstone High alch GE price
None 210 207 coins update
Sapphire 540 1,690 coins update
Emerald 765 3,520 coins update
Ruby 1,215 5,411 coins update
Diamond 2,115 15,700 coins update
Dragonstone 10,575 66,500 coins update
None 270 218 coins update
Sapphire 630 1,833 coins update
Emerald 855 3,312 coins update
Ruby 1,305 5,094 coins update
Diamond 2,205 16,000 coins update
Dragonstone 11,025 47,800 coins update
None 330 231 coins update
Sapphire 690 955 coins update
Emerald 915 1,176 coins update
Ruby 1,395 4,773 coins update
Diamond 2,295 3,486 coins update
Dragonstone 11,475 54,900 coins update
None 210 144 coins update
Sapphire 540 1,882 coins update
Emerald 765 3,109 coins update
Ruby 1,215 5,318 coins update
Diamond 2,115 16,000 coins update
Dragonstone 10,575 70,400 coins update



  • Although you must be a member to unlock this NPC, he can still be found in free-to-play worlds if your membership runs out.

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