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Rogue Shadow
Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems[1]


Imperial transport



Technical specifications

65 meters[1]

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,350 km/h[2]

Engine unit(s)


Hyperdrive rating


Hyperdrive system




Sensor systems

Advanced sensor system[1]


Cloaking device[1]


Laser cannons[1]

Minimum crew

1 pilot



Cargo handling systems

15 tons[2]


1 year[2]

Life support





Rise of the Empire era

Earliest sighting


Latest sighting



Galen Marek

The Rogue Shadow was the unique starship that Darth Vader's apprentice Galen Marek and his personal training droid PROXY used to travel covertly throughout the galaxy. Built in total secrecy, all of the personnel and droids involved in its construction perished in industrial accidents or street crimes to ensure their silence.[1]



The Rogue Shadow
"I've taken the liberty of upgrading the Rogue Shadow's sensor array. Now you'll be able to spy on any suspect ships across an entire system."
―Juno Eclipse

Built by Sienar Fleet Systems, Rogue Shadow's design was based on that of Scimitar, the Sith Infiltrator employed by Darth Maul.[2] It also shared certain design elements with other Imperial craft, such as the Eta-2 interceptor and the starfighters of the TIE series. The vessel boasted an advanced hyperdrive, cutting-edge sensory arrays, a fully functional medical bay, crew quarters, a workshop and a meditation chamber that could double as a training room. It also had the fastest sublight engines in the Imperial fleet. Perhaps the ship’s most impressive feature, however, was its experimental stygium crystal cloaking device.[1], which could keep the vessel hidden from even the most powerful scanners for short periods of time.


Over the course of the Rogue Shadow's service, it lost seven pilots.

By the time of Marek's hunt for Rahm Kota, the ship was piloted by Juno Eclipse, with whom Marek would eventually fall in love. She flew the ship to many locations, including the TIE Fighter Construction Facility over Nar Shaddaa, Raxus Prime, and Felucia, all in the course of ferrying Marek to the Jedi Vader had ordered him to destroy.

Marek, PROXY and Juno Eclipse on the Shadow's bridge.

Later, when Marek was seemingly killed by Vader, the Rogue Shadow was brought to the Empirical for his escape. Eclipse was imprisoned as a traitor, and PROXY suggested to leave her to her fate. However, Marek saved Eclipse, telling her he needed someone to fly the ship. They then began their search for Rahm Kota, who had survived the battle above Nar Shaddaa, following clues from there first to Ziost and then to Cloud City on Bespin. Kota told them that he had a contact in the Senate who had been feeding him information on Imperial targets, but that he first needed to find something on Kashyyyk. There, Galen saved Princess Leia Organa and prevented the construction of a skyhook that would have ferried millions of Wookiees into slavery. Kota then informed the crew of the Rogue Shadow that Leia's adoptive father, Senator Bail Organa, was his contact and had gone to Felucia to find Master Shaak Ti, earlier killed by Marek.

Following the rescue of Bail Organa from the clutches of the fallen Jedi Maris Brood, Rogue Shadow returned to Raxus Prime, where Marek destroyed a Star Destroyer shipyard. Unfortunately, when PROXY tried to slice into the planet-wide core network, its sentient mind took him over and locked the Rogue Shadow's launch codes, intending to later use it to spread its ideals of order across the galaxy. Marek battled PROXY in a variety of holographic forms before finally defeating the Core and restoring control of the ship.

The Rogue Shadow arrived on Corellia shortly thereafter to witness the birth of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but it seemed short-lived, as the Empire quickly arrived. After a brief duel, which included the apparent destruction of PROXY, Vader threw Marek from the top of a cliff. Presuming his former apprentice dead, Vader left. Captain Eclipse rescued Marek from the base of the cliff, and the two followed the captives to the Death Star, where Eclipse extracted the Rebels, taking them to Kashyyyk to conclude the formation of the Alliance. Marek, after a pitched battle with Vader and later the Emperor, sacrificed himself to buy them enough time to escape.

Eclipse and Senator Organa later used the ship to return to Corellia to salvage PROXY, presumed destroyed during the attack on the Rebel leaders.


Concept Rogue Shadow size comparison to a TIE fighter.
  • The Force Unleashed novel (First appearance)
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comic
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game
  • Star Wars: Visions of the Blade (Non-canonical appearance)


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