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The Rogue moon's surface made dangerous by asteroid strikes.

The "Rogue moon" was the nickname of an anomalous unnamed planetoid in the Taris system. The moon sat in the middle of an asteroid field, but had a retrograde orbit, traveling in the opposite direction of the asteroids around it. As a result, it was bombarded heavily by these asteroids. The gravity on the moon was so low that one could drop from space onto its surface without needing rockets to slow velocity. It is likely that the moon predates the asteroid field in which it lies.

In 3,964 BBY, the moon was the site of the Jedi trials for the Padawans studying in the Jedi Tower on the planet Taris. The five Padawans were dropped onto the moon from a high orbit and, with their blast shields covering their visors, had to make it through a huge valley back to their Masters. It was during these trials that their masters had the vision which led to the Padawan Massacre of Taris. The masters had used a loader droid designated T1-LB to set up a shield to protect them. In order to keep the vision secret one of the masters, Lucien Draay, used the Force to push T1-LB off of the cliff.

One Padawan, Zayne Carrick, was able to escape his masters and was not killed in the Padawan Massacre. Following a hunch, Carrick and the crew of the Last Resort landed on the Rogue moon. There, Carrick found T1-LB severely damaged at the foot of the cliff where the masters had their vision. When the Taris Civil Authority and the Jedi masters tracked Carrick to the Rogue moon, the fugitive Padawan managed to escape with T1-LB. After the droid was repaired by Camper, it played back a recording of the Masters' vision to Carrick.


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