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Roger Westin
race: Human
affiliation: Himself
role: Councilman
location: NCR (Shady Sands)
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR
Deliver Westin's holodisk to Lynette in Vault City
Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder
Eliminate Mr. Bishop
dialogue file: Scwestin.msg

Councilman Roger Westin was an important political figure in the New California Republic in mid 23rd century. Wearing silver and turquoise rings, a silver belt buckle and a pistol at his side, the man was very wealthy and didn't take no for an answer, especially since he owned a large ranch and was one of the major brahmin potentates in the republic.

Politically, he supported president Tandi's option of peacefully expanding the NCR and tried to keep less than stellar activities of the Republic at a manageable minimum and he had reservations about entering into an alliance with the Bishop Family of New Reno. His reservations made him a threat in John Bishop's eyes and subsequently, he was marked for termination, something the Chosen One could carry out.

Getting to Westin

Westin can be found Westin Ranch in NCR (Shady Sands). To get past the guard and forcefield, speak with the Sheriff of NCR and ask for some "honest work". He will point you to the ranch then you can speak with the guard and tell him you are looking for work and he will open the gate for you.

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