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The Wizard Rod.

Rods (ロッド Roddo) are a recurring group of weapons from the Final Fantasy series. Those who wield Black Magic tend to use rods. The most recurring rods are the ones with elemental affinity (Sleet Rod or Ice Rod, Flame Rod or Fire Rod, and Thunder Rod), the Stardust Rod, and the Magus Rod, which tend to be identified as the ultimate of this weapon type. Practitioners of White Magic will in most cases use Staves instead.




Final Fantasy III

Rods can be equipped by every Magic-based Job, but the White mage can only equip some.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy IV

A Rod in Final Fantasy IV.

Rods can be equipped by Palom, Tellah, Rydia, and Fusoya.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy V

Rod artwork from Final Fantasy V.

Rods can be equipped by every Magic-based job, excluding the White Mage and the Oracle, but may be used by anyone with the Time Mage's "Equip Rods" ability.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy VI

Rods can be equipped by Relm, Strago, and Gogo.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy VII

Some of Aeris' weapons are rods.

Final Fantasy IX

Dagger can wield rods in Final Fantasy IX. It should be noticed that this is the first game where a White Mage can equip rods.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy X

Main article: List of Final Fantasy X Weapons#Yuna's Rods

Yuna uses rods as her weapons of choice.

Final Fantasy X-2

Some of the rods previously used by Yuna are used by the White Mage and Black Mage Dresspheres.

Final Fantasy XI

Rods and wands are a type of Club weapon, usable by mages. Wands appear to be small paddles made out of wood, and provide bonuses to Magic stats. Rods appeared to be shaped like an ankh and were made out of metal or bones, and provided HP bonuses. Neither deal much melee damage.

Final Fantasy XII

In Final Fantasy XII, every party member can equip Rods, as long as they have acquired the right license. Rods boost Magick Power and MP, making them ideal for mages.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Kytes can equip rods in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. His basic attack is based on the weapon's element.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy Tactics

Rods can be equipped by Black Mages, Mystics, and Summoners. They boost elemental damage.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Rods can be equipped by the Time Mage, Black Mage, and Illusionist Jobs.

List of Rods:

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Rods can be equipped by the Black Mage, Time Mage, Illusionist, Arcanist, and Dancer Jobs. Most are recurring from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but some have been added, in order to contain abilities to be taught to the two new Jobs.

List of Rods:

Dissidia Final Fantasy


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Rods are used only by druids, they deal damage and use a small amount of mana. Sorcerers cannot use rods. They use wands instead.

Rods are One-Handed so they can be used together with a shield, and they fire every turn.

Unlike normal weapons these weapons can fire at distance beyond the user.

Rods cause Death, Earth or Ice damage depending upon which rod is used. A benefit of this, is that every hit causes damage, and the damage is not mitigated by the creature's armor. The drawback, is that some creatures are immune to these types of damage.


Name Lvl Dmg Type Avg. Dmg Mana per Shot Weight Dropped By
Hailstorm Rod Image:Hailstorm Rod.gif 33 Ice 65 13 27.00 Priestess, Marid, Adept of the Cult, Blightwalker, Madareth.
Moonlight Rod Image:Moonlight Rod.gif 13 Ice 19 3 21.00 Morgaroth, Necropharus, Vampire Bride
Necrotic Rod Image:Necrotic Rod.gif 19 Death 30 5 23.00 Witch, Fire Devil, Dark Magician, Rahemos, Diabolic Imp, Morgaroth, Zugurosh, Yaga the Crone, Golgordan.
Northwind Rod Image:Northwind Rod.gif 22 Ice 30 5 29.00 Roaring Water Elemental, Sea Serpent.
Snakebite Rod Image:Snakebite Rod.gif 7 Earth 13 2 19.00 Lizard Snakecharmer, Serpent Spawn, Necropharus , Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Golgordan, Ushuriel.
Springsprout Rod Image:Springsprout Rod.gif 37 Earth 65 13 27.00 Bog Raider, Madareth.
Terra Rod Image:Terra Rod.gif 26 Earth 45 8 25.00 Beholder, Elder Beholder, Lizard Snakecharmer, Lizard Dragon Priest, Acolyte of the Cult, Fury.
Underworld Rod Image:Underworld Rod.gif 42 Death 65 13 29.00 Grim Reaper, Undead Dragon, Madareth.

Also Fishing Rod

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Rods are loot able from a variety of magically-inclined monsters, so (as with any equipment purchase) remember to search around and look for rods sold by players which will be at far lower prices than those on offer by the merchant NPCs.

Use the landscapes of the various areas to your advantage when using rods. The rods which shoot at a distance can be used in different circumstances which will prove advantageous to you, just as paladins use bows and arrows to their advantage. The distance between an enemy and yourself could be the deciding factor in battle as if the monster is unable to attack from afar, you will not be damaged BUT will be damaging the monster at the same time. Employ the tactics of a paladin and run around trees to confuse the enemy while hurling death inducing missiles at them with your Necrotic Rod, and chill your opponents with the rays of the Moonlight Rod - make your own strategies for success!

As rods consume mana when fired, a useful tip is to remember to use this to your advantage if you decide to train your magic level. When a rod is fired on to a creature which is immune to the attack, the mana consumed will still count towards a magic level. In other words, using a Snakebite Rod on a creature which is immune to earth damage, will train your magic level but will not harm the monster. This tactic may sound useless, but pair this with the fact that mana regenerates quick enough for elder druids to repeatedly shoot the monster and not lose (or gain) any mana - this makes for knight-like training. If you wish to use this strategy as an unpromoted druid, then you can expect to slowly lose mana over time as the regeneration times are slower than that of an elder druid, although the strategy is still quite useful. It also makes sense to trap a creature such as a wild (or convinced/summoned) poison spider near a fishing spot and fish whilst you gain magic levels. This strategy however is mainly of use to lower level druids within the regions of level 7-23, as they will most likely be unable to make magic runes for profit due to level restrictions on spells.

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