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Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth?
Home Era: 20,000th century
Appearances: DW: Bad Wolf
DW: The Parting of the Ways
Actor: Paterson Joseph

A particularly venal person, Rodrick (surname unknown) played alongside Rose Tyler in a future version of The Weakest Link on the Game Station. Initially helpful to her (presumably to get her on his side), Roderick thought Rose was stupid (he did not know that Rose came form the 21st century and had little general knowledge of the current time period). He strategically voted off Colleen , Agorax, and Fitch , so as to go head to head with Rose and easily defeat her. Rose scored four wrong answers, Rodrick two and he won 1600 credits.

Following the chaos caused by Jack Harkness's and the Doctor's invasion of The Weakest Link, he retreated to Level 0 of the Station. Rodrick whined about the prize money he still expected, unaware that no actual prizes were given out in the games apart from the fact that the winner kept their life. He refused to take arms against the Daleks in advance of their invasion of the space station, saying that he did not believe that they existed and that they were "just a myth". Serving as a leader of sorts, he encouraged others on the station to do nothing until the Daleks invaded the station, descended to Level 0 and massacred everyone there.

Rodrick asked one of the Daleks about his prize money - before it exterminated him - while he was still disbelieving its existence. (DW: Bad Wolf)

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