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Rockland Car Tunnel

map marker: Rockland Car Tunnel
world map exits: Rockland Car Tunnel
other exits: Satellite Relay Station
quests: Death From Above

The Rockland Car Tunnel is a section of a collapsed road tunnel in the southwest corner of the Capital Wasteland that serves as an entrance to the Enclave-controlled Satellite Relay Station. The Brotherhood of Steel has driven the Enclave out of the tunnel and now uses it as a staging area.





Since the main entrance is collapsed, the tunnel is entered through a door built into a wall on the side. There are several radiated pools outside of the gate as well as an intact army truck loaded with Aqua Pura crates.


The interior consists of a short stretch of intact tunnel filled with remnants of a recent Enclave occupation (turret, supply crates, etc), now occupied by Brotherhood of Steel knights and scribes. One small service corridor on the southwest end connects the tunnel with the Capital Wasteland, while another on the northeast corner leads to the Satellite Relay Station. Seven Enclave Power Armors can be found in the tunnel, on the bodies of dead Enclave Soldiers, in a bus stop on the east side of the main chamber and lying among rocks along the west wall. In addition, several containers with random, valuable loot (a first aid kit, 2 grenade boxes, 2 Enclave crates, and an unlocked safe) are also scattered around the Brotherhood of Steel staging area, and a room just off the entrance hallway holds 5 ammo boxes.

Related quests


  • Before the completion of Death From Above's final objective, the Brotherhood of Steel abandons the tunnel; leaving all equipment and supplies behind.
  • The tunnel cannot be accessed before Death From Above.


The Rockland Car Tunnel appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

Broken Steel (add-on)

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