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For an overview of rocket launcher types in various games, see Rocket Launcher.
Rocket Launcher
damage: 35 - 100
damage type: Explosion
attack modes:
Single (AP: 6, R: 40)
ammo Type Rocket
ammo capacity: 1
min. Strength: 6
hands req.: 2
weight: 15 pounds
value: $2300
A Rockwell BigBazooka rocket launcher, with the deluxe 3 lb. trigger.

The rocket launcher is the heavy weapon of choice for assault teams facing clusters of opposition, preferred weapon of the Master's more destructive Super Mutants.

In Fallout, this weapon was very useful, capable of doing massive damage to clustered targets from a long-range. In Fallout 2 however, by the time the player finds the weapon and can access a consistent supply of ammo for it, they're likely near the end of the game, where enemies tend to wear Power Armor of some sort. Even then, the effective-yet-oddly-designed armor piercing Rockets it uses can slice through most Enclave contingents with one or two blasts.



  • In Fallout 1 the first person you can buy the weapon from is Zack of the Gun Runners, at the east end of Boneyard.
  • In Fallout 2, the weapon can be found in the storage room outside Sierra Army Depot, and several rockets can be found in the Depot's armory.
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