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Rock Falls

map marker: Rock Falls
leaders: Jesse
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Rock Falls was the main raider base located in the area of the pre-war city of Rock Falls, Illinois, west of Chicago. It was attacked and decimated by the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel during a meeting of four prominent raider leaders: Bo, Daisy, Luke and Jesse in order to capture a mysterious technological artifact discovered by the raiders, which turns out to be a hand of one of the Calculator's humanoid robots.

Mission walkthrough

Rock Falls
chapter: 1
location: Rock Falls
given by: General Simon Barnaky
main objectives: Eliminate all raider leaders.
Find the mysterious artefact.
Free Diesoon and escort him to safety.
optional objectives: Free Nanuk.
previous: Freeport
next: Macomb

It's advised to come here during daytime; you will need to sharpshoot a lot. First go north, as indicated on the mission map. Do not destroy the fuel tanks - this awards you more respect from the Brotherhood, as they will use this camp as their own after this mission is successfully completed (as noted in the end-mission debriefing). Be sure to outfit your squad members with the newly acquired AK-47 assault rifles and/or Scorpio submachine guns from the fallen raiders.

Be sure to locate the locked side door near the fuel tanks, but do not go through yet. Go back safely by using the natural cover of the rocks, and proceed to clear the main gate's stationed guards. Then proceed to clear the southern side of the map. Be cautious as you proceed along the southern region of the mission map, as there will be a pack of concealed raiders in the ruined white house across the street, hoping to ambush unsuspecting interlopers.

If you go through the hole in the wall located at the southeastern area of the mission map, you will find yourself in the middle of a minefield, while getting shot by several patrolling raiders. Instead go back, and enter through the side door near the fuel tanks. From this choice location, your squad members will be able to make many surprise attacks on the enemies.

When you reach the main leader's (Jesse the Raider) house, consider using your best gunners to set up burst-fire ambushes from the doorways. Inside the final room is a safe, but it is very hard to lockpick even if you boost your Lockpick skill by using two sets of lockpicks simultaneously (keep one in each hand).



  • Talk with the scientist, Diesoon. If you've successfully eliminated all raiders within the camp, be sure to talk to him again. He will go to your base, and gives the technological artifact to you.
  • There is another captured tribal: Nanuk. If you release Nanuk, your karma rating gets a bonus.

Appearances in games

Rock Falls appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Fallout Tactics missions

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