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The Robot Ramship was a form of automated starship used by a variety of mercenaries and pirates including the Sacorrian Triad and their Corellian allies during the Corellian Crisis.



Such starships were illegal and were only produced by outlaw techs. Robot Ramships were often assembled with the shell of a wrecked starship (often a CEC model like a Corellian Frigate) and an integrated droid brain. These droid brains were relatively mindless like the battle droids and starfighters of the Confederacy of Independent Systems from the Clone Wars and were programmed with military tactics. Such droid brains were designed for combat and to suicidally ram enemy vessels, destroying the ramship as well. As a result, such vessels were never staffed by sentients.

The ramship's outer hull concealed a dense interior filled with solid durasteel. However, this proved disadvantageous since it made the starship heavy and difficult to maneuver. The ramship was also equipped with powerful high-boost engines for ramming. When the ramship hit the hull of a target, it unleashed kinetic energy that vaporized all but the largest starships. This hull was thick so that it absorbed enemy fire, leaving the target helpless. Several low-powered laser cannons and false portholes also covered the exterior, making it difficult to distinguish a ramship from a standard warship until it was too late.


During the Battle of Centerpoint Station in 18 ABY which concluded the Corellian Crisis, the Sacorrian Triad deployed shoals of these deadly starships against the New Republic-allied Bakuran Defense Fleet. Four refitted frigates modified into ramships targeted the flagship—the Namana-class Light Cruiser Intruder.

When the Intruder encountered them, the four ramships opened fire on it, creating confusion for the Bakurans. By the time Admiral Hortel Ossilege realized the laser fire was merely a diversion from the true threat, it was too late for the unfortunate Bakuran crewers. Soon, three of these vessels had rammed the Intruder though the fourth failed.

However, as the crew of the Intruder rushed into escape pods, Ossilege and the Bakuran representative Gaeriel Captison succeeded in self-destructing the ship. The wrecked Intruder then flew into the heart of the Sacorrian fleet and exploded, taking out much of the enemy fleet and clearing the way for New Republic reinforcements.




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