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Robot Assembly

inside: Mothership Zeta
connects to: Engineering Core
quests: Among the Stars

Generator (A) and destroyable assembly line (B) highlighted. Notice that this area has several internal teleports. First teleport (closest to exit) moves to uppermost teleport (and vice versa), while middle teleport moves between balcony and ground level (serves as stairs).

The Robot Assembly is a location on board Mothership Zeta.



The Robot Assembly is, as one would suspect, where Support and Guardian Drones are assembled. It is also the location of one of the generators that must be destroyed during the quest Among The Stars. An assembly line (B) must be destroyed to gain access to the generator (the teleport is inactive first time). To destroy the assembly line, go to the end of the assembly line furthest from where you first entered. There is a unique panel you will see when facing east. Use this to detonate the panel and overload the assembly line. CAUTION: Stand back immediately after you overload the assembly line as the resulting explosion is nasty. If you took Somah with you, she will use a teleporter at the beginning and reconnect with you, shortly after you blow up the assembly line.

Notable loot

The Drone Control Device can be looted from the first alien you see in the area beyond the assembly line that Somah tells you to blow up.

44 Alien Power Cells can be found on/near a corner shelf in the first downstairs chamber, near a small container, opposite the robot escalator. 12 on the shelf, plus 12 and 20 on the floor nearby.


  • At the very end of the assembly line, at the top right corner of the map, on the other side of the Electronics Access Panel, are a Teddy Bear and miniature Intact Garden Gnome apparently watching a miniature TV surrounded by a pack of cigarettes, a shot glass, and a bottle of vodka.
  • This is one of many areas of the ship that will not be accessible after the player has completed the main (This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...) quest.


Robot Assembly only appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.


  • You can get stuck in one of the drone pods by going inside of one, then closing it and activating a drone.
  • If you have the Robotics Expert perk, do not deactivate the robot pod drones. The game only checks if a drone is dead before allowing you to activate another pod. Since deactivated drones are technically considered unconscious and not dead, the game will not allow you to activate a pod. Since all drones have the same name "Guardian Drone," you may accidentally deactivate the drone that would become friendly after pickpocketing or otherwise obtaining the Drone Control Device (there are four free-roaming active drones next to the alien with the Drone Control Device, one of which will become allied with the player when he obtains the drone control device). Until this particular drone is destroyed, no pods will open, because the game assumes that the drone is still active. Please refer to the Discussion page for technical details.
  • You can fall through the floor if you are too close to a pod while in sneak mode and attacking something in VATS.
  • You will get stuck in the assembly line if you go into it just after the initial explosion. You cannot loot the robots and it is advised you do not attempt it as a wall spawns by the entrance, trapping you. Although, the wall of the tube to the left of the assembly (looking at the blockage) may not be solid, allowing you to walk through (needs to be confirmed). Reloading a previous save is the only other way to fix this problem (PS3 Confirmed)
Mothership Zeta (add-on)

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