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Image:Quote1.png Kids these days, I swear. Image:Quote2.png
-- Robin

Appearing in "Teenage Wasteland"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Torrance (Final appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Jared Walton




  • None

Synopsis for "Teenage Wasteland"

A criminal named Torrance has kidnapped a group of students and is holding them hostage at a Gotham City fast food restaurant. One of the hostages is Tim Drake. Bruce Wayne makes a televised impassioned plea for Tim's release. Later, he retreats to the Batcave to confer with Pennyworth. Bruce is confident that Tim has the situation well in hand.

Meanwhile, Tim has managed to sneak away from his captors in order to don his Robin costume. Another well-meaning student has taken it upon himself to create his own masked sidekick identity – Dodge! Using advanced technology, Dodge has the ability to teleport remote distances via a special belt developed by his father.

Robin and he cross paths while simultaneously attempting to apprehend Torrance, but all they succeed in doing is getting in one another's way. The two manage to split up and Robin corners Torrance. The older man has formed a barricade of children around him, threatening to kill each one if Robin dares to come any closer. Robin attempts to negotiate with Torrance when suddenly Dodge appears behind the criminal and tries to capture him.

The scene erupts into total chaos and another boy becomes a victim of Torrance's rampage. Robin uses some stray debris as makeshift batarangs and throws them at Torrance. One of the pieces hits Dodge's belt controls, short-circuiting the teleporter device. The resulting feedback sends a charge through Dodge's body, placing him into a coma.

With Torrance under control, the authorities raid the restaurant and rescue the hostages. A devastated Robin returns to Wayne Manor.



  • The fast food chain, Wackdonals, is intended as an obvious reference to the real-world franchise known as McDonald's.

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