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RobCo Industries
industry: Robotics, precision electronics
products: Pip-Boy 2000
Pip-Boy 3000
Stealth Boy
Unified Operating System
Liberty Prime (with General Atomics)
Lil' Pip 3000
locations: RobCo Factory, Washington D.C.
country: United States

RobCo Industries was a computer and robotics technology corporation active in the mid-21st century. The corporation developed an operating system for computer terminals, and designed and manufactured several models of robots. One of the corporation's factories is built in the suburbs of Washington, D.C..


In the mid-21st century, RobCo Industries partnered with Vault-Tec. Under the terms of the partnership, RobCo designed and manufactured a personal information processor for Vault residents named the Pip-Boy 2000. Some time later, RobCo introduced the successor to the Pip-Boy 2000. This is the Pip-Boy 3000.

RobCo copyrighted the Unified Operating System in 2075. This system is a server operating system that is used for data storage and retrieval, security, and remote robot and turret control.

RobCo also started a joint venture with General Atomics (the makers of the Vault generator systems as well as the Mister Handy and Mister Gutsy robots).

In 2268, the Vault 101 radio broadcast this fun fact, "Did you know that the Vault-Tec/RobCo partnership is considered the most successful venture in the history of American industry?"

Known products

The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Known facilities

Pre-war companies

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