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Roan Shryne
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c. 59 BBY, Weytta


19 BBY, Kashyyyk

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Rise of the Empire era

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Two (both killed during the Clone Wars)

Roan Shryne was a Jedi knight during the Clone Wars and afterwards. Shryne wielded a blue lightsaber.




Early life

Roan was born on Weytta to Jen and Jula Shryne. Against Jula's will, Jen surrendered the child to the Jedi when Roan was just over three years of age. This action resulted in Jula leaving Jen.

Life as a Jedi

Roan first faced serious combat as the Padawan of Jedi Master Nat-Sem around 48 BBY. As a Jedi Knight, Roan was offered a position in the Jedi Acquisition Division which took Force-sensitive children to the Jedi Temple, but he refused to do so because part of him was uncomfortable with taking children from their parents. Shryne came to be one of what many Jedi referred to as the "Old Guard", Jedi considered likely to be put on the Jedi High Council. Shryne, however, never attained that status.

About 24 BBY, Roan went on the first of many missions to Murkhana, a world not far from his homeworld Weytta. He would infiltrate this Outer Rim world many times over the course of the Clone Wars, fatefully returning there 19 BBY to fight alongside Commander Salvo, hours before the end of the clone wars and before Order 66 was executed. He sought to bring down the crimelord Cash Garrulan. Instead, Garrulan became a Jedi informant and developed something like a friendship with Roan.

Roan was part of the Jedi strike team at the Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY, Roan witnessed the death of his former mentor Nat-Sem as well as his first Padawan. His second Padawan was killed in the Battle of Manari about 19.5 BBY. By the end of the Clone Wars, Roan had lost his faith in the Force and the Jedi High Council. A sarcastic and bitter man, his connection to the Force became weak, and he struggled to use even elementary powers, getting by on experience and skill alone.

Roan fought in the Battle of Deko Neimoidia alongside the 22nd, including the Republic commandos of Ion Team. He earned the respect of Captain Climber through the course of battling CIS enemies in various campaigns together. Roan Shryne was one of six Jedi who traveled to the Battle of Murkhana, one of the Outer Rim Sieges, 19 BBY while the Galactic Republic was searching for Grievous following his "failed" abduction of Palpatine. Ultimately, Shryne saved Captain Climber's life during a battle on Murkhana over a key medcenter that was housing a targeted shield generator. Climber later returned the favor by deliberately misdirecting an ambush per Commander Salvo's orders that would have otherwise killed Masters Roan Shryne, Bol Chatak and Padawan Olee Starstone, thus sparing them from Order 66, at least upon its initial execution.

Order 66

The trio deliberately allowed themselves to be captured by the Galactic Empire when they were disguised as CIS commandos. Unfortunately, they encountered Darth Vader before they could get off Murkhana. Chatak risked her own life to save starstone (her padawan). Vader killed Chatak in a lightsaber duel.

Fortunately for the remaining Jedi, Vader was distracted, and Starstone and Shryne escaped Imperial custody due to Shryne's use of a mind trick. The duo got offworld with the help of Cash Garrulan.

They eventually rendezvoused with the Drunk Dancer, captained by Shryne's biological mother, Jula Shryne. Starstone, rather than Shryne, took the lead in gathering together survivors of the Great Jedi Purge. Shryne decided to give up the Jedi way and join up with the smuggler crew under his mother, discarding his lightsaber and his use of the Force in exchange for a blaster and his wits.

Shryne tried to help the crew deliver Senator Fang Zar from Alderaan to Sern Prime as their first smuggling job together. Unfortunately, Zar was slain by Vader, who also injured Jula with a force move known as the saber throw.

Despite trying to embrace a new life and hide out as suggested by the Jedi Temple on his Jedi beacon transceiver, Shryne's true Jedi nature could not be forever denied, especially in the process of watching Olee Starstone naively falling into the Emperor's traps before his eyes. During a point at the Imperial subjugation of Kashyyyk, Shryne suddenly re-engaged himself as a Jedi Master, shortly after Darth Vader had landed on the scene via his Theta-class T-2c shuttle, destroying Wookiee warriors and anything else in his path. Specifically, right after Vader dispatched defending Jedi Knights Siadem Forte and Iwo Kulka by beheading them simultaneously in one sweep and shortly after engaging Olee Starstone hand to hand.

Intrepidly, Roan Shryne suddenly intervened on the scene, calling to his hand Forte's lightsaber from the balcony floor and decapitating Commander Appo right in front of Darth Vader, challenging the Sith apprentice to a duel. By doing so he allowed the Dancer crew and some of the younger Jedi to escape, including Jambe Lu and Nam Poorf of the Temple's Agricultural Corps, as well as Olee Starstone. The fateful duel against Vader ended in Shryne being dealt mortal injuries from force charged wood planks, despite some ingenious defensive and offensive tactics and insights during the battle, and only after Vader used Force Throw to hurl objects at Shryne from all directions, which quickly overwhelmed Shryne's defenses. However, the Dark Lord did not kill him outright, but rather decided to revel in telling the dying Jedi of the truth behind the Emperor's identity as a Sith Lord; the fact he was the Sith Apprentice of Lord Sidious; then finally, his former identity as Anakin Skywalker. This, he believed, was the final insult to the dying Jedi, letting him know how utterly the Order had been destroyed from within. However, Roan still died happy, sarcastically thanking Vader for causing him to become one again with the Force. In the moments before his death, he recalled a Force vision he had experienced which, although superficially predicting the circumstances of his death, in fact was a foretelling of the circumstances of the final fall of the Sith at Endor, and the redemption of his killer.

Official Imperial records say that Shryne was executed for disrupting the Empire's "recruitment" efforts on Kashyyyk. His death was reported by Commander Bow.


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