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Sayid versus Sawyer - One of many rivalries on Lost

Drop 42 characters on a deserted island with little hope of rescue and limited resources, and you've got a recipe for conflict. Throw in a few love triangles and a box of guns, and you can count on some deep seated feuds. Where two characters compete for a single prize, that's a rivalry. The following is a list of rivalries on Lost, both ongoing and resolved.

Note: Below pink boxes indicate unresolved rivalries, and green represents resolved ones. Death does not necessarily lead to resolution of issues.


Among the Losties

Charlie vs. Locke

Charlie vs. Locke
Origin: Locke's mistrust of Charlie over heroin addiction.
Prize: They both believe that they are fighting for Claire and Aaron's best interests.
Fuel: Locke found Charlie's new heroin stash after he had tried to help him kick his addiction and punched him out when Charlie tried to baptize Aaron ("Fire + Water"). Charlie thought that Locke was trying to steal his role as a father figure for Aaron, after Claire kicked Charlie out ("The 23rd Psalm"). Charlie's consequently participated in Sawyer's con to make Locke look foolish ("The Long Con") and also helped Eko break into the Swan after Locke initiated a lockdown ("Live Together, Die Alone").
Resolved: Apparently resolved. After the Discharge, Locke seemed willing to set old hurts aside, and even asked Charlie to help him by acting as lookout while Locke was in the sweat lodge. With Locke acknowledging and taking responsibility for his own shortcomings, Charlie seems to no longer carry a grudge. Shortly afterward, Charlie died, thus ending this rivalry.

Jack vs. Locke

Jack vs. Locke
Origin: Locke lied about the cause of Boone's injuries, which Jack felt contributed directly to his death.
Prize: For Jack- Getting off of the island; For Locke- To make sure everyone stays on the island and prevent anyone else coming to it. Also pride and leadership among the survivors
Fuel: From the time that they have arrived on the Island, Locke has been a threat to Jack's leadership, often being Jack's second in command. Most of the people trusted Locke with their lives far more than Jack, which left Jack feeling threatened by Locke. Locke did not tell Jack about the Hatch until much later on, which caused Jack to lose trust in Locke ("Do No Harm"). Over their time in the Hatch, Locke's and Jack's rivalry grew (Jack seemed to hate Locke by the middle of the season), due to them living basically alone together in it. The two's arguments became such a constant distraction that even Ana Lucia commented how "Jack and Locke are busy worrying about Locke and Jack." Locke helped Sayid keep Jack from stopping the interrogation of Ben. Locke gave in to Jack's demand to halt the interrogation only after Jack threatened to force the timer to count down to zero ("One of Them"). Their conflicting leadership styles were also made aware to Ben, who baited Locke against Jack while held captive ("Lockdown"). Later, when Jack was imprisoned by the Others, Locke destroyed their submarine, which Jack planned to use to leave the Island ("The Man from Tallahassee"). Locke later killed Naomi and threatened to shoot Jack if he called the freighter. Locke ultimately could not shoot Jack and backed down ("Through the Looking Glass"). Later Jack said he would kill Locke if he saw him again. When Jack saw Locke near the front section, he crept up on him, knocked him down, took Locke's gun, aimed at him and pulled the trigger. Locke was saved due to the gun being empty. Jack, in a total rage, then started beating Locke until those around him finally pulled him away. Jack says Locke is crazy. Locke calmly claims to have acted in the best interests of the survivors and reminds them of his warning about Juliet. The survivors split into two groups. Locke's group heads toward the barracks for protection while Jack's group goes to meet the freighter people with the intention of being rescued. ("The Beginning of the End") Once they depart from each other, Locke and Jack each try to outsmart each other through tactics in order to keep each other one step ahead of another. ("Confirmed Dead") Jack has had a hard time keeping people from going to Locke's camp (such as Kate, Sun, and Jin), since everyone now knows that the freighters aren't there to save them as they originally thought. ("Ji Yeon") Jack eventually meets Locke at the Orchid, and they have a conversation alone together. Locke tries to convince Jack to stay on the Island since it is a holy place and it is full of miracles. Jack denies these things and Locke accuses Jack of lying to himself. When Jack turns to leave, Locke tries to make him promise to keep the Island a secret once he leaves since it is the only way they can protect the Island. While Jack initially refuses to do this, he later witnesses the Island disappearing, something Locke told Jack he would do. Jack was still in denial that Locke had anything to do with it. Jack takes Locke's advice and realizes that they must lie. 3 years later Locke came to Jack off of the Island under the alias of Jeremy Bentham and told him that ever since Jack left the Island, terrible things have been happening to it. Locke tells Jack it is his fault. Locke is then killed by Ben, and Jack is the only person to attend his funeral, knowing that Locke was right. Jack attempts suicide unsuccessfully because of Locke's death. Jack breaks into the funeral home at night, to see Locke's body, and Ben waits for him there. He tells Jack that everyone must return to the Island together, including Locke's body. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")
Resolved: No. Locke died with many of their issues unresolved, although Jack would later know that Locke was right. In The Incident, Jack tells Richard not to give up on Locke, showing that Jack has accepted Locke was right. However, things may change if Jack confronts Jacob's enemy.

Jack vs. Sawyer

Jack vs. Sawyer
Origin: Disagreement on resource allocations.
Prize: Kate's affection.
Fuel: The two have constantly competed for Kate's attention. Their fight over Shannon's inhaler is a perfect example of this - Jack believed that Sawyer had Shannon's asthma medication. Sawyer didn't, but refused to say, even after Jack and Sayid tortured him. Instead, he used the possibility as a bargaining chip for a kiss from Kate ("Confidence Man"). Sawyer took much of the control over the Losties away from Jack with his con to get the guns. ("The Long Con") Kate herself exacerbated the situation by confessing mixed emotions to Sawyer and then kissing Jack. ("What Kate Did") Sawyer was also perturbed to learn that Kate and Jack had been "caught in a net." ("?") Later, during their captivity, Jack found a monitor showing an intimate moment between Kate and Sawyer. Instead of letting Sawyer die, Jack helped them escape in a selfless act ("I Do"). This rivalry was revisited after Sawyer was left stranded in the island on 1974 spending three years living with the Dharma Initiative. When Jack returned to the island from 2007, he and Sawyer disagreed on how to handle their return. This was complicated when Sayid was captured by the Dharma Initiative ("Namaste"). Later, Jack intended to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the island, and Sawyer disagreed with him not wanting to leave the island ("Follow the Leader"). Sawyer and Juliet eventually left in the submarine, but she convinced Sawyer of returning. The rivalry reached its climax when Sawyer confronted Jack and told him that his return had ruined his life on the island. After fighting, Juliet convinced Sawyer of letting him do what he wanted to do ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2").
Resolved: No. Jack basically took everything from Sawyer by not listening to him and its because of Jack's actions that Juliet is dead ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2").

Jin vs. Michael

Jin vs. Michael
Origin: Jin became jealous of Michael's interactions with Sun.
Prize: Jin's watch
Fuel: Michael disapproved of the harsh tones Jin used when speaking to Sun. Then Michael found a watch on the beach and decided to wear it, not knowing that it actually belonged to Jin's Father-in-law, Mr. Paik. Jin thought that Michael had stolen it, and nearly drowned Michael in retribution. Because supposedly no one could translate, racial tension was the presumed motive, and the Losties handcuffed Jin to the wreckage ("House of the Rising Sun"). Because of their history of confrontation, Michael automatically blamed Jin for setting the first raft on fire ("...In Translation").
Resolved: Yes. Sun eventually admitted to speaking English, which broke down some of the communication barrier. Jin helped Michael to build a second raft, and the two became close friends. However, Jin's opinion of Michael has certainly changed after he learned of his responsibility in Ana Lucia and Libby's death.

Sawyer vs. Ana Lucia

Sawyer vs. Ana Lucia
Origin: Sawyer is captured by Ana Lucia and the "Tailies" and Sawyer resents her leadership.
Prize: Pride
Fuel: Sawyer hated being in captivity, and hated answering to a woman even more. ("Adrift") He defied Ana Lucia at every chance, despite suffering from a gunshot wound. The more Sawyer defies her, the more determined Ana Lucia became to prove her authority. ("Abandoned").
Resolved: Yes. Sawyer and Ana Lucia formed an unlikely bond before her death. ("Two for the Road")

Michael vs. Locke

Michael vs. Locke
Origin: Michael's insecurity in fatherhood.
Prize: Walt's respect.
Fuel: Locke found Walt's dog, Vincent, with a whistle he had made when Michael couldn't; Yet he insisted that Michael take the credit for it ("Tabula Rasa"). Walt admired Locke for this and Locke returned the favor by teaching Walt how to throw knives ("Special"). Walt insisted on spending time with him, despite his father's jealousy of Locke.
Resolved: Yes. They worked together to rescue Walt from a polar bear, and afterward were amiable until Michael betrayed the survivors.

Sayid vs. Boone

Sayid vs. Boone
Origin: Boone noticed Sayid and Shannon making time.
Prize: Shannon's affection.
Fuel: Boone confronted Sayid about his relationship with Shannon, and Sayid stood his ground.
Resolved: Yes. Locke convinced Boone to let go of Shannon's harmful influence in his life. ("Hearts and Minds")

Sayid vs. Locke

Sayid vs. Locke
Origin: When Sayid is in the jungle attempting to triangulate Rousseau's distress signal, he receives positive static only before being knocked out by Locke from behind. Locke then destroys Sayid's equipment. ("The Moth") Additionally, after Boone's death, Shannon talks Sayid into interrogating Locke, who was seemingly the only person who witnessed Boone's accident. Sayid comes to understand that Boone's eventual death was an accident, but pursues Locke for his deception regarding the Hatch. ("The Greater Good") With Sayid's reliance on rationality and Locke's reliance on faith, they are diametrically opposed to each other's plan of action, each preferring to solve the mysteries of the island in different ways.
Prize: Leadership and objectives of the A-team and Losties. Also finding a way to get off of the island
Fuel: Sayid is at odds with Locke's plan of heading north with information gathered solely from Eko's stick. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") When Kate and Sawyer escape from the Others, they plan to set out with Rousseau to reach the Barracks, seemingly for different motives. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead") The tension between Sayid and Locke concerning judgment is present throughout their journey to the Barracks. When the team discovers The Flame, as Sayid discovers C4 explosives in the basement of the compound, he neglects to tell Locke. Likewise, Locke beats the computer chess game and recklessly enters in some crucial numbers without informing Sayid. When The Flame compound proceeds to detonate, Sayid says to Locke, "What have you done?" ("Enter 77") Sayid and Locke continue to bicker over their course of action, to Mikhail's delight. When Locke pushes Mikhail past the lethal fence, Sayid and Kate berate him for killing their only informant. Sayid then discovers a unit of C4 in Locke's backpack, after Locke had used his ignorance of the C4 in the basement of the Flame as an excuse to absolve himself of responsibility in its destruction ("Par Avion"). Sayid appears angry at Locke when he sees him again and asks him why he blew up the sub ("The Beginning of the End"). Sayid later goes to the Barracks in order to get Charlotte so he could get off of the Island, so Locke agrees to trade Miles for Charlotte. ("The Economist")
Resolved: No, although Sayid did offer Locke to do some real good in helping construct the school in the Dominican Republic. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")

Sayid vs. Sawyer

Sayid vs. Sawyer
Origin: Racial tension quickly brought Sayid and Sawyer to violence, when Sawyer assumed that Sayid was responsible for the crash of Flight 815, based on stereotypes of Sayid's Iraqi background. Sayid, meanwhile, suspected Sawyer of being the fugitive after Sawyer found the marshal's badge and gun.
Prize: Machismo. For a short while, they also competed for Kate's attention, but Sayid chose Shannon instead.
Fuel: After Sayid was knocked out during the mission to triangulate the source of the transmission, Locke convinced him that Sawyer was the most likely suspect. Later, when the Losties assumed that Sawyer was withholding Shannon's asthma medication, Sayid and Jack attacked Sawyer in his sleep. They tied him to a tree, and shoved bamboo splinters underneath his fingernails, but he refused to talk. It turned out that he never had the medication. ("Confidence Man") Disturbed by his own actions, Sayid left the camp on a solo mission to chart the Island. ("Solitary") When he returned from Danielle's camp wounded, Sawyer enjoyed Sayid's weakened state. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")
Resolved: Mostly. Sawyer and Sayid seem to have found a mutual respect, and give each other a wide berth, even joining forces in confronting Juliet about the Others' activities. ("One of Us")

Shannon vs. Locke

Shannon vs. Locke
Origin: Locke used Boone as an apprentice, and Shannon was very suspicious of what they were doing. ("Hearts and Minds"). Later, she believed that he killed her brother Boone("Deus Ex Machina").
Prize: Revenge. Shannon believed Locke was responsible for her brother's death and wanted revenge.
Fuel: Locke and Boone found The Hatch in the jungle. ("Whatever the Case May Be"). Shannon became increasingly suspicious about what they were doing. Boone's death further complicated matters. Shannon stole the key to the case of guns and nearly killed Locke--but Sayid stopped her from doing so ("The Greater Good").
Resolved: Maybe. Shannon's death has seemed to resolved this rivalry, as Locke was seen at her funeral dropping sand on her grave ("What Kate Did").

In flashbacks

Christian Shephard vs. Lindsey

Christian Shephard vs. Lindsey
Origin: Christian's fatherhood of Claire produces bad relations between Christian and Claire's family, namely Lindsey.
Prize: Claire's kinship.
Fuel: After Claire's mother goes into a coma, Christian makes a visit to Australia to see her and Claire. Lindsey is not pleased at the sight of him. He tries to tell Claire about his relation to her, at Lindsey's disapproval. ("Par Avion") Christian makes another visit to Lindsey and Claire's house with Ana Lucia, where he drunkenly tries to gain access into their home in order to see Claire. ("Two for the Road") In both cases, Christian's money is a factor, funding the hospital fees of Claire's mother as well as the mortgage on Lindsey and Claire's home.
Resolved: No. Christian has passed away, but before his death he made a last ditch effort to see Claire, implying that Christian did not consider his relationship with Claire to be full or complete. He has revealed to her, however, that he is her father.

Jack vs. Christian Shephard

Jack vs. Christian Shephard
Origin: Jack had to take a patient that Christian had been working on drunk, but the patient died anyway.
Prize: Control over Jack's destiny. Christian is fighting to regain Jack's respect, Jack is fighting to free himself of his father's influence.
Fuel: Christian pressured Jack to sign a report that a patient Christian had operated while drunk arrived beyond hope of recovery. Upon finding out that the patient had been pregnant, Jack reversed his statement and turned Christian in. Christian lost his license and continued to struggle with alcohol ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"). Jack's wife, Sarah, sponsored Christian into Alcoholics Anonymous and Jack misinterpreted this as an inappropriate relationship between his wife and his father. He followed his father to an AA meeting where he punched him out ("A Tale of Two Cities"). Christian caught a flight to Australia and went on a bender ("Outlaws"). Jack's mother sent him to Australia to retrieve Christian ("White Rabbit").
Resolved: No. Christian died in Australia, but Jack still has many outstanding issues that he'll need to resolve. Sawyer has however brought some sort of closure to Jack by telling him some of Christian's last words in saying that he was proud of him. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Kate vs. Edward Mars

Kate vs. Edward Mars
Origin: Edward Mars was the U.S. Marshal assigned to bring Kate in for the murder of her biological father.
Prize: Kate's freedom. Kate wants to run, Mars wants her apprehended.
Fuel: Edward Mars caught Kate at a bus station, but she escaped after a car accident involving a horse ("What Kate Did"). Mars then found the toy airplane that had belonged to Kate's childhood sweetheart and put it in a safe deposit box ("Born to Run"), hoping Kate would come looking for it ("Whatever the Case May Be"). Rather than come to him, she robbed the bank. She would also call Mars at his office, asking for him to stop chasing her. He taunted her that he would, only if Kate could stop running, which she could not ("I Do"). Mars recaptured Kate in Australia, and was flying her back to the U.S. to face prosecution when the plane crashed ("Pilot, Part 2"). Edward Mars was fatally wounded in the crash, but revived long enough to warn Jack that Kate was dangerous ("Tabula Rasa").
Resolved: Yes. Edward Mars finally begged Kate to euthanize him. She couldn't, but she asked Sawyer to. Sawyer missed, and Jack had to step in and finish the job.

Locke vs. Anthony Cooper

Locke vs. Anthony Cooper
Origin: Locke woke up in a hospital room missing both his newfound father, and a kidney, to realize that he had been the victim of a con. ("Deus Ex Machina")
Prize: Locke's best interest. Cooper, as a criminal, has maintained his distance from Locke whenever possible, and tried to leave him a large sum of cash when he fled the country. Locke however, seems to believe that a father figure would be the best thing for him.
Fuel: After Locke's incident with his kidney, he began shadowing Anthony Cooper and watching his house. Anthony came out to Locke's car one night and told Locke expressly that it was all a con, and Locke wasn't welcome around the house anymore. Locke nearly lost his girlfriend Helen over his behavior concerning his father, and did his best to put it behind him ("Orientation"). Anthony Cooper later faked his own death, and Locke went to his funeral despite what he had done to him. Anthony then approached Locke and persuaded him about taking part in another one of his cons. Because of Locke's involvement, gangsters who were after Anthony came to Locke's house while Helen was home. Helen left Locke when she found out that he had taken back up with Anthony, and Anthony left town ("Lockdown"). Sometime after this, Locke found out, through the victim's son, that Anthony was conning a woman into marrying him for her money. After meeting with Anthony and making him agree to call off the wedding, the woman's son was mysteriously murdered. Locke confronted Anthony again in an apartment high rise, and Anthony pushed Locke out of the window, causing him to fall 8 stories and break his back ("The Man from Tallahassee").
Resolved: Yes. Ben revealed to Locke that Cooper was on the Island. After humiliating Locke in front of the Others for refusing to kill the man that had ruined his life, Locke made sure that Sawyer killed him instead. ("The Brig")

Losties vs. Others

Ben vs. Jack

Ben vs. Jack
Origin: Sayid returning from the balloon, with proof Ben was lying about his identity.
Prize: Free will. Ben is an effective conman who has been directly and indirectly acting to manipulate Jack. Jack is both smart and stubborn, and despises being controlled.
Fuel: Jack took Ben prisoner and locked him in the vault, where he lied about his identity, even under torture from Sayid ("One of Them"). During his captivity, Ben manipulated Locke to widen the rift between Locke and Jack ("Lockdown"). After Ben's escape, Jack believed that Ben shot Libby, Ana Lucia, and Michael, until Michael confessed. Shortly after, Ben took Jack, Kate, and Sawyer prisoner after his escape and locked them up separately on Hydra Island ("Live Together, Die Alone"). He revealed to Jack that he had a tumor on his spine and that he wanted Jack to operate on it, to which Jack consented ("The Cost of Living"). During the surgery, Jack punctured Ben's kidney to make him a hostage and give Kate time to escape. ("I Do") Jack did eventually sew up the puncture and finish the operation successfully. ("Not in Portland"). Jack and Ben confronted each other once more when Jack was going to the radio tower. His hatred was so strong, that he would kill him once they got off of the island so Ben would know he failed ("Through the Looking Glass"). Ben afterwards continuously ridicules Jack once Jack finds out that something about the situation isn't right. Ben leaves with Locke and goes back to the Barracks, since they share the same views on the people coming to the Island ("The Beginning of the End"). It is later revealed that Ben strongly spites Jack due to the fact that he has won Juliet's affections over, and he has so far been unsuccessful ("The Other Woman"). Three years after Jack left the Island, Ben comes to him a Hoffs Dawler Funeral Home when Jack breaks into in the middle of the night. He tells him that Jack has gotten dark thoughts and asked if "he" told him that Ben had left the Island. Ben tells him that the only way to go back to the Island is to get everyone who has left the Island and then the Island would let him return. Ben also says that he needs to carry the body of John Locke back to the Island, also known as Jeremy Bentham. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")
Resolved: Maybe. Since Ben is helping Jack recruit the rest of the Oceanic 6 to return to the Island, it's likely this rivalry will end. However, things may change if Jack discovers that Ben was the one who killed Locke.

Ben vs. Locke

Ben vs. Locke
Origin: Ben manipulated Locke while he was imprisoned, which eventually lead to the destruction of the hatch.
Prize: To be the Island's protector and leader of the Others
Fuel: Ben continually provoked Locke about him being subordinate to Jack and how Locke had low self esteem. He continued to play with Locke once they knew for sure that he was an Other and began to ridicule Locke about pushing the button and telling him that Ben and his people saw the place as a joke. ("Dave") The doubt that Ben put into Locke ultimately led to the destruction of the Swan. ("Live Together, Die Alone") Once Locke made it to the Barracks, Locke proceeded to be manipulated by Ben to destroy the submarine, even though Locke knew he was being manipulated. ("The Man from Tallahassee") Ben also humiliated Locke when Locke couldn't kill his father, something Ben knew Locke was not capable of doing. ("The Brig"). Once Locke had Sawyer kill his father (Ben didn't know of course), he forced Ben to give him the islands secrets. Ben tells him of Jacob and Locke forces Ben to take him there. Locke meets the mysterious Jacob and doesn't believe him, until he hears him whisper "Help Me". Ben notices this and later the next day Ben tells Locke that he is a compulsive liar and that he was once a member of DHARMA. Ben then shoots Locke and leaves him for dead. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"). Before the people from the helicopter arrived, Ben chooses to join Locke, since Locke shares the same views on the people coming to the Island as he does ("The Beginning of the End"). Once they find Charlotte, Ben shoots her, but she is wearing a bulletproof vest. Locke then tries to kill Ben until he divulges why Charlotte is there ("Confirmed Dead"). Ben continues to taunt Locke on the fact that he is more lost than he has ever been and will refuse to give Locke any answers, which makes Locke extremely angry ("Eggtown"). Ben finally tells Locke that Charles Widmore sent the freighter to the Island and plans on exploiting it, and he also tells Locke who his spy is on the freighter. For this. Ben is allowed to walk free in the Barracks ("The Other Woman"). Once the Barracks was invaded, Locke, Hurley, and Ben went to find Jacob's cabin. Ben acknowledged that it was now Locke's turn to be the Island's protector and stepped aside for Locke to fulfill his destiny ("Enter 77"). Ben then takes Locke to the Orchid and surrenders to Keamy in order for Locke to gain access to the Orchid. Ben escapes Keamy and soon returns to the Orchid to help Locke. He shows him to the main station in the Orchid, but Keamy arrives, and Ben kills him, much to Locke's horror since he has a radio heart rate monitor on that is connected to a lot of C4 on the freighter. Ben then apologizes to Locke for all the wrongs he has done to him and wishes him luck, telling him that he will make a better leader than he was. Ben then initiates the Orchid to move the Island and is banished from the Island forever. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3") Three years later, Locke makes it off of the Island and is recruited by Widmore to make sure that the rest of the Oceanic Six get back to the Island, and Matthew Abaddon is hired as his escort. When Locke visits Sayid, Ben is alerted by a person watching Sayid and begins to stalk Locke. At a graveyard Ben kills Abaddon, but Locke drives off, although Ben later claimed that he just wanted to talk to Locke and save him from Abaddon (unlikely). After Locke is unable to convince any of the Oceanic Six to come back with him to the Island, Locke tries to hang himself, but is stopped by Ben when Ben tells Locke how important he is and that his conversation with Jack has convinced him to buy plane tickets that he hopes will land on the Island. Once Ben gets Locke down from trying to hang himself, he then tells Ben that Jin is alive and that he needs to see Eloise Hawking. Ben then strangles and murders Locke, later saying to himself that he will honestly miss Locke. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") Besides Jack, Ben is also the only other person to go visit Locke's corpse when he dies. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3") Locke appears to have resurrected upon returning to the Island, looking over an unconscious Ben ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"). Recent events tell us that Locke was indeed still dead upon returning to the Island, as revealed by Illana and her group ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2"), and that Jacob's Enemy, in the form of Locke, had been leading Ben around the Island and instructing him to kill Jacob.
Resolved: No, While Ben tried to apologize on the Island, he eventually turns around and kills Locke (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham). Locke appears to have been resurrected and forces Ben to face the Smoke Monster to be judged for his actions, namely, letting Alex be gunned down (The Shape of Things to Come). The Monster lets Ben live, after the Monster, in the form of Alex, demands that Ben follow every word Locke says (Dead is Dead). Ben, after this, is obidient to Locke and his leadership, but is troubled when Locke is demanding with Richard and informs Ben that he is going to kill Jacob (Follow the Leader). Locke later orders Ben to kill Jacob (The Incident), to which Ben protests, though continues to follow Locke's authority, as he was told to do. Ben attacked Jacob with a knife under Locke's orders, unkowing that the real Locke is indeed dead, and that it was Jacob's Enemy posing as Locke, ordering this. With the real John Locke dead, the rivalry between Ben and Locke was never resolved.

Ben vs. Sawyer

Ben vs. Sawyer
Origin: Ben beat Sawyer and successfully conned him. Also Ben imprisoned Sawyer for a week.
Prize: Pride. Ben very much enjoys ridiculing Sawyer over his past and how Kate and Jack are far more suited for each other.
Fuel: Ben abducts Jack, Kate, and Sawyer at the Hydra Station. ("A Tale of Two Cities") At one point Ben beats Sawyer after Sawyer tries to electrocute him, eventually knocking him unconscious. He then cons Sawyer into thinking he has an artificial pace maker in him in order for Sawyer to behave. He also threatened to put one in Kate also if he told her. This of course turned out to be a con, and Sawyer hit Ben hard in the face over it. ("Every Man for Himself") Once Sawyer escapes, he is approached by Locke who asks him to kill Ben since Ben humiliated him. Sawyer says he wouldn't do so, but Locke says he'll change his mind once he finds out what he has to say. This turned out to be Cooper instead. ("The Brig") Sawyer joins Locke's group before the freighter arrives, which in turn makes him with Ben. ("The Beginning of the End") Ben keeps telling Sawyer that Kate will end up with Jack if she is rescued. Sawyer proceeds to beat Ben, and asks Locke if he could kill him, which Locke says no. Once Ben shoots Charlotte (she's wearing a bulletproof vest), Sawyer beats Ben again, and asks Locke if Locke wants to kill him or if he does, and Locke agrees to do it. They don't kill him once Ben reveals who Charlotte is though. ("Confirmed Dead")
Resolved: No, the two have had no contact since Ben moved the Island.

Ben vs. Sayid

Ben vs. Sayid
Origin: Sayid captured Ben in the Swan and tortures him.
Prize: Pride. Ben used Sayid as a hit man, casually firing him after he was of no more use. Also, Sayid has a moral objection to Ben's atrocities and has sought justice against him.
Fuel: Sayid is the first of the survivors to meet Ben and he proceeds to drag him into the Swan and torture him for information since he is almost sure Ben is an Other, despite him saying he's not. ("One of Them") Once Sayid confirms personally that Ben is not who he says he is, by finding the body of the person Ben was claiming to be (Henry Gale), Sayid almost kills Ben, but is saved by Ana Lucia. ("Dave") Ben eventually escapes from the Hatch. ("Two for the Road") Once the Oceanic 6 make it off of the Island, Sayid meets Nadia again and marries her, but she is supposedly killed by Ishmael Bakir. Ben goes to Nadia's funeral and tells Sayid this, and Sayid proceeds to kill Bakir a few days later. Sayid then agrees to work for Ben, since Ben claims that Charles Widmore ordered the assassination. ("The Shape of Things to Come") Sayid grows to hate Ben and feels that he has been deceived into assassinating for Ben. ("The Economist") Sayid eventually leaves Ben under unknown circumstances. Sayid goes to Hurley to get him out of Santa Rosa before Ben is able to get to him. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3") Sayid warns Hurley to never trust Ben and do the opposite. ("Because You Left") This backfires when Ben goes to get Hurley, but Hurley then turns himself into the police so Ben couldn't get him. ("The Lie") Sayid also resents Ben classifying him as a killer by nature, dispite later acknowledging him to be right. Once in the past, he attempts to murder a 12 year old Ben ("He's Our You") and expresses no remorse for the crime afterwards ("Follow the Leader").
Resolved: No. Sayid nearly succeeded in killing Ben before Kate and Sawyer interfered. However, he took another opportunity to change the past when Jack told him about the plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb.

Juliet vs. Kate

Juliet vs. Kate
Origin: Kate sees Juliet as a threat to Jack's affection
Prize: Jack's/Sawyer's affection
Fuel: Kate sees Jack with Juliet in the Barracks and is infuriated. ("The Man from Tallahassee") When Ben handcuffed Kate and Juliet together, they ran through the jungle, even getting into a fight. Juliet's refusal to answer questions did not help Kate trust her, especially after she lied about not having a key to unlock the handcuffs. Kate continued to grow jealous when Jack insists on bringing Juliet back to the beach with them. ("Left Behind") After Kate came to Jack to explain the camp's disapproval of Juliet's presence, Jack and Juliet's blatantly hinted at withholding a secret in front of Kate. ("The Brig")
Resolved: Partially. Juliet stepped aside since she figured out that Jack really loves Kate, and after time flashes led the remaining characters on the Island to 1974, Juliet and Sawyer became romantically involved, living together for three years while working for the Dharma Initiative. While Sawyer and Juliet's relationship seemed very stable and during this time Kate and Jack's relationship appeared solid, upon Kate's 2007/1977 return to the Island (Namaste), Juliet knew Kate was bothered by Sawyer's involvement with Juliet. Kate and Juliet did talk things through with Kate stating she was fine with Juliet and Sawyer, and the two women even aligned themselves in efforts to save a wounded, young Ben Linus (Whatever Happened, Happened), and to escape from the Dharma submarine to stop Jack from detinating the Hydrogen Bomb during The Incident (event). However, while meeting with Rose and Bernard, hearing a speech about love and being together The Incident, Sawyer stared longingly at Kate, making it clear that Sawyer's feelings for Kate were far from gone, making Juliet see that she must let Sawyer go. This made Juliet turn and support Jack in detonating Jughead (bomb), so that perhaps things would be reset and her and Sawyer would never meet, given his true feelings for Kate. Juliet was gravely injured when she detonated the bomb, and the fate of both Kate and Juliet is not yet known.

Charlie vs. Ethan

Charlie vs. Ethan
Origin: Ethan kidnapped Claire & Charlie while Claire was having false contractions.
Prize: Aaron. Ethan wanted Aaron badly enough to cut him out of Claire early, and Charlie wants to protect both Aaron and Claire.
Fuel: Ethan kidnapped Charlie and Claire when they were alone in the jungle ("Raised by Another"). To distract his pursuers, Ethan hanged Charlie hanged from a tree ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"). Ethan then took Claire to the Staff and (presumably) drugged her repeatedly, giving her sour water and injecting her pregnant belly. Eventually Claire escaped, but had no memory of anything since the crash- including the time she'd spent with Charlie. When Ethan found out that Claire was missing, he demanded that she be returned to him. He killed Scott when Claire wasn't returned before the deadline. Using Claire as bait, the Losties set a trap for Ethan, and captured him ("Homecoming").
Resolved: Yes. Charlie shot him.

Pickett vs. Sawyer

Pickett vs. Sawyer
Origin: The two have despised each other since Kate and Sawyer's first day of work at the quarry.
Prize: Unknown. At this point, it is unclear why Pickett chose Sawyer. It may have been a case of hate at first sight, though Sawyer is not known to endear himself in these types of situations.
Fuel: Sawyer disarmed Pickett while working in the quarry, and tried to shock him with the taser ("Every Man for Himself"). Pickett saw Sawyer as a representative of the Losties after this, whom he blamed for the death of his wife ("The Cost of Living"). Pickett used Ben's surgery as a distraction to execute Sawyer, and only stopped when radioed that Jack was holding Ben hostage ("I Do"). When freed, Sawyer attacked him and caused him to be electrically shocked.
Resolved: Yes, Pickett was killed by Juliet while Sawyer and Kate were escaping the Hydra Island ("Not in Portland").

vs. Freighters

Desmond vs. Charles Widmore

Desmond vs. Widmore
Origin: Desmond asked for permission from Widmore to marry his daughter, and he refused, even greatly demeaning him.
Prize: Penny's wishes
Fuel: Desmond asked for permission to marry Penny, but while Widmore admitted it was noble gesture and pulled out a very expensive bottle of MacCutcheon whiskey and says that unlike himself and the whiskey's maker, he is not a great man. Since Desmond is not worthy of drinking his whiskey, he is not worthy of marrying his daughter. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") Desmond goes to Widmore at a auction and asks for Penny's number, which Widmore gladly gave to him since Desmond was a coward and his daughter now hated him. ("The Constant") After Desmond got out of prison, Widmore waited in his limo outside of the compound and offered Desmond a ride. Desmond reluctantly did. Widmore presented Desmond with 2 boxes, one containing all the letters he had written to Penny over the years, and the other contained an extremely large sum of money. Desmond refuses to take the money, despite what Widmore thought he would do since he was a coward. Desmond later participates in Widmore's race around the world in order to show him how honorable he is and win back Penny's heart, but Desmond instead gets lost at sea and crashes on the Island. ("Live Together, Die Alone") Desmond later makes it off of the Island with the Oceanic 6, and Jack warns Desmond to not let Widmore find him. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")
Resolved: Apparently. Desmond has finally married Penny and Widmore has urged them both to keep themselves hidden because of the war with Ben. ("Jughead")

Among the Freighters

Martin Keamy vs. Captain Gault

Keamy vs. Gault
Origin: Keamy's mutiny on the Kahana.
Prize: Leadership of the Kahana.
Fuel: After the mercenary's return, Keamy demands Omar as Mayhew's replacement on his team. He has an argument with Frank about going back to the Island, and threatens him, by cutting Ray's throat, and dumping him in the ocean. He also tries to kill Kevin Johnson, but his gun doesn't start. Gault is furious, and tries to stop Martin from following the second protocol, even threatening to kill Keamy. ("Cabin Fever")
Resolved: Yes. Keamy shot him.

Losties vs. Misc.

Danielle vs. Claire

Danielle vs. Claire
Origin: Danielle once kidnapped Aaron.
Prize: Motherhood. Danielle's baby daughter was kidnapped sixteen years before, and she was jealous of Claire's new happiness.
Fuel: Danielle has scars on her arm from Claire scratching her during a struggle. Claire believed that Danielle was trying to take her back to the Others, but Claire was heavily drugged, with her memory impaired, and she misinterpreted the situation ("Maternity Leave").
Resolved: Yes. Once Claire regained her memory, she realized Danielle was trying to save her from drawing Ethan's attention to herself in the jungle. Claire told Danielle about having met Alex in the Staff, and this strengthened a bond between them.

Desmond vs. Charlie

Desmond vs. Charlie
Origin: Desmond saved Claire twice, and has advised Charlie against spending time with Claire.
Prize: Charlie's relationship with Claire. Desmond intuits that Charlie's time spent with Claire will lead to deadly consequences, and therefore advises against it. Charlie, on the other hand, still makes an effort to maintain his relationship with Claire.
Fuel: Desmond has future-sight that Charlie is going to die soon. He saves Claire from being electrocuted by lightning and drowning in the riptide in order to save Charlie, and Charlie feels helpless that he can't help his own fate while seeking Claire's affection.
Resolved: Yes. Desmond offered to die in Charlie's place, but Charlie did not allow it and knocked him unconscious.

Among the Others

Ben vs. Juliet

Ben vs. Juliet
Origin: Ben wanted Juliet to be his mate, but she wouldn't be his. So he made sure that Goodwin (Juliet's lover) was killed.
Prize: Juliet's freedom ("Not in Portland")
Fuel: Throughout Juliet's time at the Barracks, Ben desperately wanted her to be his, but Goodwin stood in the way ("The Other Woman"). Juliet, initially recruited to work there for 6 months, is forced to stay there for 3 years since Ben will not let her leave the Island since the pregnancy problem still exists ("One of Us"). Juliet held a meeting of a book club at her house, and didn't invite Ben. She also chose a book for the meeting that the whole group knew he wouldn't enjoy, Stephen King's Carrie ("A Tale of Two Cities"). When the plane crashes, Ben sends Goodwin to the Tail Section to infiltrate them, which Ben hoped would result in his death and did. He cooked Juliet a dinner one night and she asked why Goodwin couldn't come back, which agitated Ben. Ben finally shows Juliet Goodwin's corpse, and he said that Juliet belonged to him and that she will never leave the Island ("The Other Woman"). Months later, when Jack momentarily broke free in the Hydra, he held Juliet hostage with a broken shard of pottery at her throat, for which Ben showed no concern. When Jack forced open a door that flooded the room, Ben closed the door on Juliet to save himself ("A Tale of Two Cities"). Days later, Juliet apparently foiled Ben's plans to break Jack by leaving an x-ray of Ben's tumor where Jack would obviously see it. She then conspired with Jack to kill Ben ("The Cost of Living"). With Ben on the surgery recovery table, Juliet was tried for her attempt to have Ben killed by Jack during the spinal operation. Just as her conviction and subsequent execution seemed imminent, the bed-ridden Ben sent a note to the trial that Juliet be spared but "marked" for her crime ("Stranger in a Strange Land"). Juliet remarked on a recorder (although turned off) that she hates him ("D.O.C.").
Resolved: No

Ben vs. Goodwin

Ben vs. Goodwin
Origin: Ben is unable to win Juliet's affections over Goodwin's.
Prize: Juliet's affection (at least Ben sees it that way)
Fuel: Ben began to notice Juliet's and Goodwin's relationship. As punishment, Ben sent Goodwin to infiltrate the tail section hoping that it would end in his death, and it did.
Resolved: Yes

Benjamin Linus vs. Charles Widmore

Ben vs. Widmore
Origin: Both claim the island as their own, and both have had some history together on the Island.
Prize: The island itself.
Fuel: Widmore lived on the Island as an Other and their rivalry began when Ben brings Alex into their camp. ("Dead Is Dead"). A war soon erupted triggered by Widmore's exile for fathering Penelope with an outsider, which is against the rules. ("Dead Is Dead"). Ben is well aware that Widmore is searching for the island and that he is behind the freighter mission. ("Confirmed Dead"). Widmore claims that Ben has taken something from him that is not rightfully his. Ben claims that Widmore changed the rules of their rivalry when Keamy executed Alex and declares his intention to kill Penny. Widmore and Ben then rise up the stakes on who can secure the Island first. ("The Shape of Things to Come").
Resolved: No.

Other rivalries

Jacob vs. His nemesis

Jacob vs. Jacob's nemesis
Origin: Unknown.
Prize: Unknown.
Fuel: In the opening of "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2", a flashback shows Jacob and his nemesis living on the island, apparently around the 1800s. During their conversation, the second man told Jacob how much he wanted to kill him. However, something prevented him from doing it, to which Jacob replied that someday he might find a "loophole". At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the "John Locke" that had apparently been brought to life at the island, was in reality a manifestation of Jacob's nemesis. This manifestation convinced Ben Linus to kill Jacob, which Ben did by stabbing him with a knife. After doing so, "Locke" kicked his body into a fire.
Resolved: No.

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