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Series: Deep Space Nine
Author(s): S.D. Perry
Publication information
Published: Paperback - January 2003
Pages: 308
ISBN: ISBN 0743448383
Date: 2376



Months ago, young Jake Sisko came upon a mysterious prophecy in the ruins of B'hala, one that told of a Son destined to enter the Celestial Temple of the Prophets and return home with a lost Herald. Certain that the ancient text was intended for him, Jake entered the wormhole to bring back his father, Captain Benjamin Sisko -- missing since his final, fateful confrontation with Gul Dukat in the Fire Caves of Bajor. But Jake's quest has failed. Or so he believes.

Flung across the galaxy by a power beyond his understanding, Jake is rescued by a strange ship with an even stranger alien crew. Joining them on a voyage unlike any he has ever experienced, Jake learns that his search for the truth will lead him to find the last thing he ever expected, and to discoveries far beyond his wildest imaginings.

Part of the tenth anniversary celebration of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.



Arislelemakinstess (Aris, Le, Lema, Kin & Stess) • Aslylgof • Brad-ahk'la • Bryn • Coamis • Zin Dezavrim • Elshada • Fajgin • Feg • Pifko Gaber • Allo Glessin • Halada • Itriuma • Itu • Korin • Opaka Sulan • Atterace Prees • RaiqGolin Shel-laJake Sisko • Facity Sleedow • Srral • Tadia • Neane Tee • Triv • WexWeyoun • Yimis • Zlangco
Referenced only 
Akorem LaanBareil AntosJulian Bashir • • Frank ChalmersEzri DaxJadzia DaxVic Fontaine • Gaba • Gabek • Hyrcham the Swib • Istani ReylaJaro Essa • Jirro • KeshaLi NalasMornNogKeiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienOdo • Ptasme • QuarkRom • Sfeila • Shakaar EdonJoseph SiskoBenjamin SiskoWinn AdamiKasidy YatesZekVashVilix'pran • YimMa




Drang • EeGamma QuadrantIdran systemNew Bajor
Referenced only 
Ajilon Prime • Aarru • BajorBajoran wormholeB'halaDeep Space 9EarthFerenginar • Merdosa • Omarion NebulaOrias systemPrethRomulusTevlin-DeVic's lounge


Aarruris • AscendantBajoranCardassianDosi • Drang • Eav'oqFerengi • Friagloim • Hissidolan • Human • Hunter • Jem'HadarKaremma • Merdosian • Tosk • TrelianVortaWadi • Yaron
Referenced only 
Argrathi • BiaMertis • Breen • Gocibi • Himh • Horgin • IconianKlingonMetronOrganian • Q • ParadaProphets • Rodulan • RomulanTeplanT-Rogoran • Twelfth-ray • VihnAKAn • V'Xaji

Starships and small craft

Even OddsEven Odds dropship • Venture
Referenced only 
DanasketGlimnisUSS DefiantUSS Saratoga

Starship classes

Referenced only 

States and Organizations

Dominion • Sen Ennis
Referenced only 
EnnisFederation News Service • Group 67 • Nol-EnnisObsidian OrderStarfleetTal ShiarUnited Federation of Planets


Aclim Age • Alpha-currant nectarArva node • Ashflake • Avatar of Peace • Bajoran prophecyBajoran religionBattle of the Omarion NebulaChulaChula hall • Dezomin • Dominion WarDominion War AccordsDom-jotEmissary of the ProphetsExoskeleton • Eyisla Age • Ferengi Rules of Acquisition • Folded space • Giani'aga box • Grem • Hunt • Hunted • KatterpodKavaKejeliousKlon peagMardi Gras • Ochshea • Ochshea-hos • OracleOrb shadowPaghPrime DirectiveReckoning • Res • Saurian brandy • Scissor pearl • Sh'dama Age • Shifter • Siblings • Snail juice • Temonis • Teplan blight • True • Tumika Age • Wa • Wa festival • Yaron Oracle


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The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2376.
The Pocket Books Timeline places events from this story in eight other timeframes:
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early May 2376
Chapter 8, Section 2
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Caveat Emptor
mid June 2376
Chapter 8, Sections 3-4
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This Gray Spirit
early July 2376
Chapter 9
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late July 2376
Chapter 10
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Being Human
Previous Adventure:
A Good Day to Die
Chapters 5-13
early August 2376
Chapters 11-14
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Home Fires
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mid August 2376
Chapter 15
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Lesser Evil
late August 2376
Chapters 16-20
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