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Rionoj was a female Boslic who would often sell Quark merchandise in the 2370s. Deep Space 9 was a regular point of call for her and she would also operate in the Gamma Quadrant.

In 2370, Rionoj was on Cardassia IV when a Cardassian maintenance worker gave her Li Nalas' earring. She was to take to to Bajor, although time constraints forced her to give it to Quark. (DS9 episode: "The Homecoming")

Despite the threat of the Dominion, Rionoj continued to travel to the Gamma Quadrant. In 2371, she discovered the wreckage of a Jem'Hadar ship, which she salvaged and sold to Quark for three bars of latinum. Rionoj later left the station, recording in a flight plan she was heading to Risa. (DS9 episode: "The Abandoned")

In late 2372, Rionoj was preparing to leave DS9, when Odo tried to stop her, claiming she had stolen several Falangian diamonds. As he moved to stop her from leaving, Odo, unable to hold his shape due to a infection by the Founders, collapsed. Rionoj and her crew boarded the ship while Odo was in his normal form. (DS9 episode: "Broken Link")

In late 2376, Rionoj conducted another profitable transaction with Quark. Ro Laren observed them together, which made her question the relationship between her and Quark. (DS9 novel: Ferenginar: Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed)


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