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A detailed view of the Ring of stone

A Ring of stone can be made by enchanting an onyx ring using the spell Enchant Level 6 Jewellery. The Ring of stone transforms the wearer into a lump of rock when worn. The wearer may chat while in stone mode, but any attempts to move will revert the player to their human form. The Ring of stone does not protect the player from any NPC or player attacks, and will unmorph if attacked. Jagex implied in the Knowledge Base that the Ring of stone may have other future uses. Unlike other rings, this ring is never actually worn. Players are turned to stone the second they click to equip it, and it is already off their hand when they unmorph.

The Ring will not disguise a player very well, since it does not remove a player's white dot from the minimap nor remove their name from the right click menu and rocks don't look like this anymore but theres still a few where you can disguise yourself. It does however pause the poison effect as long as the player is morphed. Players can take advantage of this by morphing into a rock if poisoned and awaiting assistance from a friend. Players can also use the Ring to remove their player avatar from the screen for purposes of screenshots or video recordings

A player wearing the Ring Of Stone.
Only one option is available to the player while morphed.

Quest uses

During the quest, King's Ransom, the player can use a Ring of stone on the statue of King Arthur, instead of the Animate rock scroll supplied during the quest to revert him back to life. This is currently the only other use this item has.


  • The Easter ring uses the same mechanics as the Ring of Stone, but turns the player into an egg.
  • Players can rest as a stone, yet it has no effect on their energy restoration.
  • A glitch discovered on 21 April 2008 let players slide around in stone form. This was quickly fixed by Jagex.
  • If a player attempts to equip the ring while in the middle of performing an emote, they are met with the message, "You're a little busy showing off right now!"
  • It is possible to wear the ring underwater.
  • A glitch was found 28 October 2009. In Port Phasmatys, if you wear your bedsheet received from Ghosts Ahoy, then equip the ring, when you unmorph, it looks like the sheet has disappeared. If you try to use an emote, your textbox informs you that "The bedsheet gets in the way of your emote". The sheet reappears if headgear is equipped.
  • The Ring of stone is a lot cheaper than the onyx ring, which is due to the fact that onyx rings can be imbued at the Mobilising Armies Minigame, to create an Onyx ring (i), which has the best overall defensive and offensive stats of any ring in the game. Imbued Fremennik rings have slightly better stats in individual categories.
  • This is also used to trick other people mining rocks and the miner's keep complaining there is no ore spawning.



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