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A detailed image of the Ring of recoil.

A Ring of recoil can be made by enchanting a sapphire ring. A player or monster attacking a player wearing a ring of recoil will find that one tenth of the damage they deal to the player will be dealt back to them. This will always be rounded up, so dealing 11 damage would result in a "recoil" of 2.

The ring will shatter after recoiling 40 times. The cost-to-benefit ratio between the cost-to-create and the benefit-to-use dictates that this item is poorly utilised when dealing with most opponents. However, that is true mainly for players with medium and high combat levels. Many low-level players find the ring useful in many circumstances, as it helps them dispatch enemies quicker. Also, the cost factor is greatly diminished for those players with the mining, crafting, smithing and magic levels required to make the ring, as the cost is reduced just to time required to gather the raw materials, rather than a monetary cost.

One notable use of the ring of recoil is to defeat Koschei the Deathless in his fourth form, as he deals 1 damage every hit, resulting in an equal amount of recoil damage. It is advised, when possible, to use Ring of Recoil against powerful quest monsters.

The TzHaar monster Tz-Kek, from the Fight Caves minigame, has a Ring of Recoil effect when attacked with melee, due to the high surface temperature of its skin.

No experience is awarded for recoil hits.

Some monsters are not affected by these rings, e.g. metal dragons. Contrary to popular belief, the Barrows brothers CAN be affected by them.

The method that the game uses to determine when a Ring of Recoil crumbles is: the Ring of Recoil being worn crumbles after 40 charges have been used by the player with any Ring of Recoil. In other words, the game remembers how many "recoils" have been used by the player on any Ring of Recoil and crumbles the worn ring after 40 have been used. Two points:

  • This prevents people from scamming others by selling Rings of Recoil which would otherwise only have a few charges left and also prevents the need for classifying 40 different Rings of Recoil (i.e. Ring of Recoil(28), Ring of Recoil(14), etc.).
  • Dropping a Ring of Recoil does not "reset" the next ring to 40.

Immune creatures

A ring of recoil is known to have no effect against these creatures:

  • Metal Dragons
  • Vyrewatch
  • Aviansie
  • Skeletal Wyverns
  • Against creatures out of hitpoints, a message will appear: "Your ring of recoil is useless against this creature". (For example, when a creature has no more hitpoints, and inflicts you a last damage before dying, the ring of recoil will logically not work.)

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