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The ring of life is a piece of jewellery that will automatically teleport the wearer to their chosen respawn point if they have less than 10% of their Hitpoints remaining. When activated, it will also cure the wearer of any poison. The teleport will not occur beyond level 30 Wilderness, as with the Amulet of Glory. It only has one use, during which it is destroyed. If it is worn along with a phoenix necklace, the necklace will trigger before the ring. However, if on a Bounty Hunter PvP world, the ring will instead teleport to Edgeville. The same Wilderness restrictions apply. Additionally, when wearing the Ardougne cloak 2 or the Ardougne cloak 3, one can toggle the ring to teleport you to Ardougne instead of your respawn point. It has been confirmed that this ring's powers are not affected by the Abyss, and has been able to save players from the Abyssal creatures.

It is made by crafting a diamond ring, which is then enchanted through the use of the Enchant Level 4 Jewellery spell. It is possible to get four rings of life by looting a Magpie impling. A ring of life is also a reward from the Lost Tribe quest.



Rings of life will not trigger if the wearer is hit for more than 10% of their maximum Hitpoints. For example, if a player with 70 Hitpoints is down to 10 Hitpoints and is dealt 10 damage, he or she will die. However, if he or she is dealt between four and nine damage, the ring will activate. This mechanism is commonly used as a means to escape the Dragon claws special attack within PvP worlds.

Also note, the ring of life does not work if tele blocked by an npc or character.

Players who lag often, or have slow computers, may find it helpful, even necessary, to commonly keep a ring of life equipped. During a combat situation, if the connection to the game is broken, or if the game lags badly, the ring could mean the difference between keeping and losing valuable items.


If 10% of your HP is the monsters max hit you will be able to survive any attak it may bring on. Example: If you are at the level 50 Giant Spiders, their max hit is 8, and your HP is 80, then even if the spider hits an 8 when you have 9 HP you will be fine. So its as simple as looking at their max hit and 10% of your HP to calculate if you will be safe.

If you are close to defeating a monster, and you have plenty of food left, it may be wise to unequip the ring so you don't teleport away and not get the drop.

It is also unwise to equip this ring when using Dharok's, since you'll be keeping your HP low anyway.

There is a glitch that when players use another means of teleport as they are hit to below 10% of their hitpoints the ring will still be degraded. (Has been fired)


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