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This page covers the recurring type of Accessories. For Ring as an Armor, see Armlet.

Rings are a recurring group of Accessories from the Final Fantasy series. They tend to bestow magical benefits on wearers. Two recurring rings in the series are the Protect Ring and the Reflect Ring.




Final Fantasy IV

Main article: List of Final Fantasy IV Armor

Several rings can be found in the game and are equippable by the vast majority of the cast.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: List of Final Fantasy V Accessories

Final Fantasy VI

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All rings except Memento Ring, Sneak Ring, Czarina Ring, Relic Ring, and Rage Ring can be equipped by the cast. Memento Ring is only equippable to Relm and Shadow. Rage Ring and Relic Ring can only be equipped by Umaro. Sneak Ring can only be equipped by Locke and Gogo. Czarina Ring is only usable by the females.

Final Fantasy VII

There are several rings available in Final Fantasy VII. Most commonly, they nullify or absorb a particular element, like the Fire Ring or the Water Ring. The Poison Ring absorbs the Poison element in addition to making the wearer immune to the Poison status effect. Others, like the Reflect Ring, may add a beneficial status effect.

Final Fantasy IX

All Rings are Add-Ons in this installment.

  • Madain's Ring - Absorbs Ice elemental attacks.
  • Reflect Ring - Doubles damage taken from Fire, Ice, and Lightning elemental attacks.
  • Rosetta Ring - Absorbs Fire elemental attacks.
  • Coral Ring - Absorbs Lightning elemental attacks.
  • Promist Ring - Increases Strength by 2.
  • Rebirth Ring - Increases the damage done by Holy elemental attacks.
  • Protect Ring - Halves all elemental damage.

Final Fantasy X

Yuna uses Rings as her armor, although they are more similar to Armlets than actual Rings.

Final Fantasy X-2

There are various rings in the game, each with various effects as usual.

Final Fantasy XI

Up to two rings can be equippable by players in FFXI. There are too many to list, but they generally increase primary stats, elemental resistances, and HP/MP modifactions. A few exceptional example rings include the Shadow Ring, which occasionally nullifies physical damage taken, and Fenian Ring, which increases the power of Shield Bash and amplifies the effect of Banish spells on Undead.

Final Fantasy XII

Main article: List of Final Fantasy XII Accessories

There are a total of six rings in this game:

  • Opal Ring - Magicks will not bounce off targets with Reflect status.
  • Ruby Ring - Equip: Reflect
  • Tourmaline Ring - Immune: Poison
  • Sage's Ring - Reduces MP cost by half
  • Ring of Renewal - Equip: Regen
  • Agate Ring - Nullifies weather and terrain effects on elemental damage.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Balthier equips rings as his accessory.

List of Rings:

  • Golden Ring - Increase Gil obtained after battle
  • Emerald Ring - Gives the user's group immunity to Blind
  • Sapphire Ring - Increases wait gauge accumulation for skills
  • Garnet Ring - Increases Quickening damage
  • Diamond Ring - Increases attack range

Final Fantasy Tactics

There are six rings in the game:

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

As most of the items in the game are repeats of Tactics and Tactics Advance, it has many of the same rings, but there are some unique rings added to this game.

  • Fortune Ring
  • Magick Ring
  • Angel Ring
  • Ring of the Wheel - Summons the scion Chaos to preform the spell Tornado
  • Ring of Precepts - Summons the scion Zodiark to preform the spell Final Eclipse

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Accessories

Rings in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are pieces of equipment which are often collected after finishing a dungeon and defeating the boss. There are seven rings in the game; two rings increase the wearers resistances, and the other five give +1 Magic while granting the wearer the ability to cast the spell attributed to the ring at any time. While the first two rings are considered accessories to be equipped, the magic rings are actually closer to weapons, able to be assigned to ability slots.

  • Ring of Light - Resists Miasma.
  • Ring of Invincibility - Cannot be stunned.
  • Fire Ring - Cast Fire at any time.
  • Blizzard Ring - Cast Blizzard at any time.
  • Thunder Ring - Cast Thunder at any time.
  • Cure Ring - Cast Cure at any time.
  • Life Ring - Cast Life at any time.

Note: there is no ring for clear.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

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