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Rin's Travel Agency in Mi'ihen
"Welcome to Rin's Travel Agency. Would you care to take a rest?"
—Travel Agency Clerk

Rin's Travel Agency in Final Fantasy X is an Al Bhed-owned chain of establishments across Spira. They serve the same purpose as the Inns from the previous Final Fantasy games, fully curing the party members of all ailments, including KO, as well as fully replenishing all HP and MP, free of charge. However, they also play an important role in the plot's advancement. The chain of Agencies are owned by Rin, and all feature a Tutorial Computer and a Save Point for the player to record their game data. In Final Fantasy X-2, they serve primarily as shops; they no longer offer the option to rest, and they are not important to the story, unless the player decides to do some of the side-quests.




Mi'ihen Highroad Branch

The lobby of the Mi'ihen Agency


"But, this is an Al Bhed shop! They don't believe in Yevon, and in Luca they... They kidnapped Yuna!"

Located on the Mi'ihen Highroad, this Travel Agency is the first the party come across on their travels. Despite the fiends littering the path and the difficulty of their journey, Wakka refuses to stay at the Agency due to its establishment's race. However, Wakka finally relents and the party rest at the Agency for the night. Restless, Tidus wanders outside to find Yuna watching the sunset alone - having just recorded her will - and joins her. The two muse over the peaceful nature of the place, before Yuna reveals the objective behind all summoner's journeys: to acquire the Final Aeon which resides in the Fayth at Zanarkand.

In the morning, the party leave the Mi'ihen Branch to fight the Chocobo Eater outside the Agency. If the player is successful, Rin offers a free Chocobo ride to finish crossing the Highround as a token of gratitude. Rin also gives Tidus the Al Bhed primer Volume VIII, regardless of the outcome of the battle.

Other Information

Thunder Plains Branch

The lobby of the Thunder Plains Agency


"Fine, we rest. She's worse than the storm."

Whilst crossing the Thunder Plains, the party initially bypass this branch. However, due to Rikku's fear of lightning and persistent begging, they eventually double back and agree to take a rest. Yuna quickly retreats to a room and Tidus follows. In a failed attempt to be sleuth, he stumbles into her room whilst she was watching Jyscal Guado's Sphere. Before leaving after their rest, Yuna reveals to the party her intentions to marry Seymour Guado.

Other Information

  • The Blitzball free agent, Mifurey, can be recruited for the Besaid Aurochs here.
  • The Al Bhed primer Volume XIV can be found here.

Lake Macalania Branch

The lobby of the Lake Macalania Agency


"Welcome to the Lake Macalania branch of Rin's Travel Agency, now Spira-wide!"
—Travel Agency Clerk

Just North of Macalania Woods, the party initially bypass the Branch in their haste to reach the Temple. If the player chooses to revisit it, they can speak to the Chocobo Knight, Clasko, and advise him on his next career move. Based on the player's decision, Clasko either remains a Knight or switches professions and chooses to become a Chocobo Breeder instead.

Other Information

  • The Al Bhed primer Volume XVI can be found just outside of this branch.
  • An Al Bhed Compilation Sphere can be found inside, allowing the player to upload any Al Bhed primers from previous save files.

Musical Themes

In Final Fantasy X, Travel Agency serves as the theme for the chain. The piece features a piano accompanied by various percussion instruments, played at a mellow tempo. Travel Agency was one of the fifteen tracks rearranged by Masashi Hamauzu for the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy X album.


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