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Rimmington is a small town that is located in the south-west of Asgarnia. Being a small town on the edge of the boundaries of free worlds, very few free players are aware of its location. Likewise, very few players express a desire to visit the town due to the far distance Rimmington is from any other human settlement. Its most notable features are its mine (a source of iron, gold, clay, copper and tin) and the portal to player-owned houses. Players are required to visit the area while completing the Dragon Slayer quest as Melzar's Maze is located on the north-west boundary of the town.


Getting There

Rimmington can be entered by walking south from Falador and from walking west from Port Sarim. Members can teleport to their house if they own one in Rimmington as well. Recently (around mid 2007) players decided it was a good location for house parties. Since than the town of Rimmington world 31 is one of the top five most player invested places on runescape, also for it being so small. When world 2 Falador fell and Falador was of no use becoming a ghost town many people explored the Asgarnia looking for a new place for fun. They found world 31, Rimmington to be the perfect place. Rimmington is number four on the list of top five densist places(in cities not at places like clan wars arena) in runescape according to jagex following the Grand Exchange world 2, Varrock world 1, and Lumbridge world 1 and 3. The fifth most dense is considered to be in anyworld in the fishing town of Catherby. Because of Rimmington the Grand Exchange, outside of Varrock in world 31 is becoming increasinly more popular for random item trading and item lending. Also a group of people in the player 'lol' 's clan chat are known for working in the cooking guide world 31 making breads, and pies to help themselves merchant and manipulate the prices though this is unverified.


Rimmington is also known widely to old players as the epicenter of the 'Falador Massacre' which occurred on 6 June 2006(for most time periods). A player glitched in a house in the house portal in Rimmington making him able to attack other players outside the house portal. Most of the killing took place in Falador and on the road from Falador to Edgeville however, regardless the glitch still was created in Rimmington. There were a few killings in Rimmington & the peninsula of Mudskipper's Point but they are said to be performed by other players not linked to the main 'massacre's mob'.

Basic Information



Not much is known about Rimmington's history, however it may have been settled by Crandorians after Elvarg attacked the once thriving community of Crandor Isle. The following quote is the only known proof of this possible historical colonization:

Thirty years ago, Crandor was a thriving community with a great tradition of mages and adventurers. Many Crandorians even earned the right to be part of the Champions' Guild! One of their adventurers went too far, however. He descended into the volcano in the centre of Crandor and woke the dragon Elvarg. He must have fought valiantly against the dragon because they say that, to this day, she has a scar down her side, but the dragon still won the fight. She emerged and laid waste to the whole of Crandor with her fire breath! Some refugees managed to escape in fishing boats. They landed on the coast, north of Rimmington, and set up camp but the dragon followed them and burned the camp to the ground. Out of all the people of Crandor there were only three survivors: a trio of wizards who used magic to escape. Their names were Thalzar, Lozar and Melzar.

It is not certain if the "camp north of Rimmington" means a camp that ended up being the town of Rimmington, or if Rimmington existed before the Crandorians made camp. The fact that the camp was destroyed may suggest either the camp really wasn't Rimmington, that the remains of the camp were the foundation of the present day Rimmington, or if the survivors established Rimmington after the camp was burned.

What is known for sure is that Melzar established a castle—known as Mezlar's Maze today—north of Rimmington. He went insane and trapped himself in the castle, where he remains to this day.


Rimmington's place in RuneScape is very limited. Besides the startpoint of two quests and an area used in many quests, the political, economic, and demographic relationship of Rimmington to the rest of Gielinor is vitually non-significant. It has no political leader(s), no solid trade, and a very low population. Fairly abundant willow trees, a mine, and several pieces of snape grass attracts some skillers and workers, but other than that, Rimmington is virtually unknown to many players.


Until the balanced trade update, some players held drop parties here or re-union parties. Players preferred to hold drop parties here because unwanted guests didn't usually come, unlike today, where a Falador party drop attracts hundreds of people.

Login Screen

Rimmington is on the login screen, in position 7.
Part 7 of the new animated RSHD login screen, designed to confuse auto-login and auto-signup macros


Important NPCs

The following important Non-Player Characters reside inside or near Rimmington:



Rimmington general store

The general store (General store icon) has two floors. On the ground floor is the shop keeper and the shop assistant. The store rarely has anything of value in it, mainly willow logs and low level items. Since Rimmington is so far away from a bank, players rarely sell items to the store. There is nothing other than decorations on the first floor.

Rommik's Crafty Supplies

Rommik's store (Crafting store icon) is south of the general store. Rommik sells supplies useful for Crafting, and the store is exactly the same as the crafting store in Al Kharid.

Players can purchase the following items:

Brian's Archery Supplies

Brian's store (Archery store icon) is east of Rommik's store. Brian sells supplies used for the Ranged skill. His store is very similar to Varrock's archery store, though is much less busy.

Players can purchase steel arrows, mithril arrows, adamant arrows, oak shortbows, oak longbows, willow shortbows, willow longbows, maple shortbows, and maple longbows from him, however he does not sell bronze arrows because they spawn reasonably fast nearby.

Two logs and a bronze arrow respawn on a nearby table in his building. There are also rats in his house which can be killed for rat's tails for the Witch's Potion quest.



Rimmington town centre is marked by a well, and the house portal is just to the north.
  • Farming patch: There is a bush patch (The farming patch icon) north-west of the town which can be used by members for farming.
  • A Farm field just north has 15 Cabbages and 15 Onions ready to be picked. There are 2 scarecrows in the field. Another farm field east has wheat.
  • Water Sources: A well (The water source icon) is in the centre of the town which can be used as a water source.
  • Anja and Hengel's house: A range (The range icon) is on the first floor as well as a bronze pickaxe that respawns on a table. The second floor contains a bronze scimitar that respawns on a table and Anja and Hengel. Players can ask Anja for some coins, though they must go through a long dialogue to do so.
  • Willow tree cluster: There is a large willow tree cluster on the south end of Rimmington. It is a popular spot for Woodcutting Training and Firemaking training. Because of the close proximity to a nearby shop, it is possible to sell cut willow logs without endless running or having to click several times to drop the logs. There is also a method used to track the number of trips made to sell the logs by picking up the bronze arrow in the archery shop . Placing the arrow into the player's arrow slot allows for a way to track the number of trips the player has made while cutting willow logs.
  • Rimmington mining site: There is a mine (The mine icon) north-east of the town. It is a small mine which normally has low level miners, as the rocks contain mainly tin, clay, and copper; however, there are also two gold rocks as well as four iron rocks. In F2P worlds, one may commonly find people powermining iron as the four rocks make it convenient.
  • Crafting Guild: The Crafting Guild is north-west of Rimmington. However, players require a crafting level of 40 to enter the guild.
  • Rimmington Meadow: There are four wizards in the meadow - Fire Wizard, Earth Wizard, Water Wizard, and Air Wizard. They are level 13 but more deadly than you would expect. They attack with their respective Strike spells. Note that if the type of spell player uses is the element of the wizard it is used against (e.g. fire stike/bolt/blast/wave against the fire wizard), then the player will always miss.
  • Melzar's Maze: There is a dungeon (The dungeon icon) north-west of the town known as "Melzar's Maze". It is a fairly large dungeon that can only be entered by starting the Dragon Slayer quest.
  • Rimmington Customs Office is located at the south end of the town near the water. It plays a part in the Rocking Out quest. On the day of the quest release, it was missing from the world map. Inside, the locker serves as a bank deposit box and can be used to store iron ore, gold ore, and willow logs that can be gathered nearby. This makes it one of the best places for collecting iron and gold ore, and especially willows. Some players speculate that the best place for chopping willows is here. It is also a great place to chop yew trees, as there are four of them just north-west of Rimmington, and the logs can be deposited in the bank deposit box.


An invisible player.
  • There is a bush Farming patch north of the Chemist's house.
  • If look closely you can see an invisible player. Go to the Customs Sergeant s house, point your camera all up and facing east, move the mouse over the seargent and when 3 more options appear right-click and you can examine it: it says:"an invisible player" (He is level 1). This has been removed.
  • While picking onions in the field north of town you may occasionally find an onion seed.
  • Just south of the Custom's Officers house, in Fullscreen or Large resizable screen, a bow of a ship is visible. This is the bow of the Musa Point Charter Ship. 

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