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The Rigelians were a race that were native to the planet Rigel V in the Rigel system.



They were known to had been an offshoot of the Vulcan race with their origins presumably placed at the time of the Romulan disapora. A noted difference with the Vulcans was that Rigelians did not repress their emotions but neither were they generally warlike as their Romulan cousins. (ST roleplay module: Worlds) They possessed the same physical feature as Vulcans to the point that they also had green olive blood and also had a similar level of wiry strength. In addition, sensors were incapable of telling the difference between a Vulcan life sign and a Rigellians. A noted difference, however, was that the Rigelians did not demonstrate any appreciable telepathic abilities. Despite this being the case, they possessed an uncanny sense of direction. (TOS novel: Mind Meld (novel))

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Though physically they were indistinguishable from Vulcans, a more detailed glance showed that there was something alien about them in the manner they carried themselves as they lacked the discipline common to Romulans and Vulcans. In a sense, it aws known that they were not afraid to look foolish making them somewhat similar to Humans in their personality. They were also known for their fiercly independent streak. In addition, they were superstitious, emotional and deeply rooted to an agrarian lifestyle as well as a precious metal economy. Children also did not experience the deep studying that Vulcan children faced and instead made physical displays of affection to their parents. (TOS novel: Mind Meld (novel))

It was known that most Rigelians practiced group marriages with their society being arranged into clans such as the Heart Clan, Truth Clan and the Forgiveness Clan. Such clans consisted of a large number of individuals in a family though when it grew too large to sustain than it typically split into two separate clans. Among some females, it was not unknown that they possessed multiple husbands and went as far as sixteen in number. Their society was also noted for selling their children into marriages which was attributed to their group marriages and natural multiplicative proclivities that resulted in their communoes producing more children than they were capable of supporting. This meant that children marrying adults was a way of life on Rigel V though it was considered a way of preventing inbreeding. There was a danger that children sometimes faced by going alone at night as there were groups that captured stray young Rigelians who did not have a clan in order to sell them off to adults.

Among the Vulcanoid races, the Rigelians were the least willing to confront their violent tendencies but instead converted their burning blood into sexual pleasure as they tried to convince themselves that they were living in paradise. Rigelians believed that physical exertion was very important and that when they were upset; they either fought or had sex with the latter being crucial to the race as it was believed it reduced their destructive impulses. In fact, Rigelians considered it unnatural to go without sex as the ultimate purpose was to form new clans of younger people with older adults. They also believed that the entire body needed to be exercised for optimum health. Furthermore, their studies showed that a sexually active person was happier and recovered more quickly from their injuries which they typically added into therapies during a healing process. This meant they also experienced an unusual rite which involved the grief frenzy. This was during times when a loved one such as a mate had died and the individual was mourning their death. In such a condition, the subject had to fight until the frenzy had burned out of them. The clans were also divided into a number of rural craft guilds which were involved with various aspects of trade.

Numerology was known to had played a significant part in Rigelian culture and demanded a specific number of spouses in each clan which was based on a number of factors. This meant that three men that were travelling with a child was known to had been an omen of ill fortune. Many of the matters which encompassed Rigelian numerology were contained with the Doctrine of Lollo. When swearing to the truth, a member of the race often swore on the primary number that they were not lying or wished good tidings by informing another that they had good combinations.

It was also known that they were tolerant of many forms of lifestyles. Their society did not have many governmental bodies but instead made use of local prefects and the Assembly which met twice a year. The legal system was different compared to those conducted on other planets as it consisted of an inquest where a panel of twenty six men and twenty six women all of which served essentially as prosecutors and were entitled to ask questions. Their homes were typically based in lodges that were spread out and connected through Solar transporters.

Advanced technology and weapons were typically discouraged on the Rigelian home world. This seemingly primitive existence meant that they had no quarries, mines, power plants or pollution but neither did they possess an economy with only a few industrialists present within their society. Despite their desire for a primitive living, the Rigelians were renowed for their medical techniques. (TOS novel: Mind Meld (novel))

The TLE novel: Catalyst of Sorrows describes the Rigelians as externally human in appearance, but with internal physiology near identical to Vulcans. This is inconsistent with other sources which describe them as outwardly indistinguishable from Vulcans as well.


The origins of the Rigelians were believed to had been linked to the Vulcan race and that they were one of the splinter civilizations that formed after the violent past on the planet Vulcan when the philosopher Surak spred his philosophy of peace and logic.

It was known that twelve hundred years ago, the Rigel V city of Ancient Grace was a great settlement with great buildings many stories high with massive white columns and portions standing on the hills. They were noted as being a different people at the time; being very competitive, distrustful, possessive and always seeking an edge. This was when the numerologists warned the Rigelian race to change their ways. At the time, a plague spread amongst the population and decimated their number leaving the cities in ruins though the native plantlife flourished. After the plague had burnt itself out, the survivors formed a vastly different culture which was more rural and decentralized in order to avoid the families being decimated again. In addition to this, they formed a different kind of family unit which had scores of members and their racial focus shifted from living for tomorrow or the past to living in the present.

This shift to a near agrarian life style meant that the Rigelian people remained poor compared to other worlds though their forests gave them some biological products which they sold. However, they had no fleets and also no trade agreements which severely restricted their civilization. In the past, it was known that youngsters used to be taken from their clans and sold to brothels in the city where they led a life of prostitution. After becoming members of the United Federation of Planets, the Rigelians were noted as being somewhat reclusive with them sending few youngsters to Starfleet Academy and they seldom took part in conferences or trade talks. The one field they did contribute to the Federation, however, was only in the field of medicine.

In 2293, a Rigelian trade delegation consisting of the Heart Clan from Rigel V were involved in negotiations with the Federation on Earth due to them being suspected of being involved in illegal activity such as prostitution and animal skin trading. This round of discussions took three weeks before the members of the clan were collected by the USS Enterprise and escorted back to Rigel V. However, during the time, Rigelian Ambassador Denker was assassinated by criminal elements and the truth of the event was revealed, through a mind meld, by Teska who served as a witness. This led to the revelation of the child slave trade on Rigel V and began a series of reform in order for the Rigelian government to comply with the Federations laws. (TOS novel: Mind Meld (novel))

Known Rigelians


The Last Unicorn RPG line was developing an manual called "[Sky Pirates of Orion: The Rigel System]", which detailed the Rigel Star System and dealt with the matter of the Vulcanoid Regelians. According to this source, they were descended from seven theocratic groups that lived in Gol on the Vulcan homeworld when Surak began spreading his message of logic. Similar to the proto-Romulans, these theocrats refused to accept his message and used a psychic gateway to escape to Rigel V in order to build their numbers and conquer their home world. However, warfare broke out between the seven kingdoms and the psychic gateway technology was lost leaving the natives to develop on their new homeworld. Whilst this was the case, the species still retained the use of several psionic technology such as slave collars which they used to tame the Kaylar and used them as a form of trade with the Orions. As the manual was never published, it is not considered part of the material for Memory Beta but rather apocryphal information.
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