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Richard Wilson (New Earth)
Current Alias



Samuel Wilson (father); Maria Wilson; Paloma (foster sister)


Base Of Operations




Marital Status



Place of Birth



When Rick Wilson was a child, he dreamed of one day becoming a Texas Ranger like his father Captain Sam Wilson. Captain Wilson taught his son how to shoot, and the boy took to the skill with great eagerness. His father however, discouraged him from trying to follow in his footsteps, citing that a badge is little more than a tin target on your chest. As Rick grew older though, he accompanied his father on a raid against a band of renegades. Captain Wilson was injured, but Rick promptly rode to his rescue, driving the renegades away. They succeeded in saving the life of a young girl named Paloma - a girl who sadly, was now an orphan. After a failed attempt to find a foster home for her, Captain Wilson adopted her and raised her alongside his son. When Rick was eighteen, he told his father that he wanted to join the Texas Rangers. Sam Wilson did not give Rick his blessing, and after a heated argument, the youth rode off away from their homestead. He spent the next year eking out his own life until one day he fell in with a group of outlaws known as the Fenton gang. Rick assisted the Fentons in robbing a stagecoach, and this incident drew the attention of his father. Determined to maintain law and order, Captain Wilson sought to bring his son to justice. Their next encounter was anything but hospitable, and Sam Wilson forced his son out onto the street for a shootout. By this point, Rick was an even deadlier shot with a revolver than his father, and quickly outdrew him. He shot Captain Wilson in the shoulder, forcing him to drop his weapon. As Rick escaped custody, his father disowned him, regarding him with the same contempt that he reserved for every outlaw.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shooting: Rick Wilson was lightning fast on the draw, and was deadly accurate with a six-shooter. By his own father's admission, Rick was even better than he when it came to gun play, and Sam Wilson was considered one of the finest shots in the Texas Rangers.

    Strength level

In his prime Rick Wilson possessed the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engaged in moderate regular exercise.





Colt Revolver


  • Rick once saved the life of a hawk that had been attacked by two mountain cougars. Afterwards, the hawk became his traveling companion, and saved Rick's life several times by distracting opponents or alerting Rick to the location of an ambush.

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Ice Hockey

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An Ice Hockey Wiki article.

Richard Gordon Wilson (born August 10, 1950 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada) is a retired professional ice hockey defenceman and head coach. He is currently an assistant coach with the Dallas Stars.


Playing career

Wilson was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970 NHL Amateur Draft, sixty-sixth overall. He played for the AHL Nova Scotia Voyageurs, Montreal Canadiens, St. Louis Blues, Detroit Red Wings and AHL Philadelphia Firebirds.

He was an assistant coach for the University of North Dakota hockey team, Prince Albert Raiders, New York Islanders, Los Angeles Kings and Dallas Stars. He was also an acting head coach between January 25, 2002 and May 2002 for the Dallas Stars. He won the Memorial Cup in 1985. He won the Stanley Cup in 1999.

Career statistics

                                            --- Regular Season ---  ---- Playoffs ----
Season   Team                        Lge    GP    G    A  Pts  PIM  GP   G   A Pts PIM
1969-70  U. of North Dakota          NCAA   30    2    9   11   32  --  --  --  --  --
1970-71  U. of North Dakota          NCAA    0    0    0    0    0  --  --  --  --  --
1972-73  Nova-Scotia Voyageurs       AHL    70    4   11   15  163  12   1   0   1  56
1973-74  Nova-Scotia Voyageurs       AHL    47    4   19   23   65  --  --  --  --  --
1973-74  Montreal Canadiens          NHL    21    0    2    2    6  --  --  --  --  --
1974-75  St. Louis Blues             NHL    76    2    5    7   83   2   0   0   0   0
1975-76  St. Louis Blues             NHL    65    1    6    7   20   1   0   0   0   0
1976-77  Detroit Red Wings           NHL    77    3   13   16   56  --  --  --  --  --
1977-78  Philadelphia Firebirds      AHL    75    4   28   32  101   4   0   1   1   2
         NHL Totals                        239    6   26   32  165   3   0   0   0   0

Coaching statistics

Team Lge Season Record
Prince Albert WHL 1986–87 43–26–3
Prince Albert WHL 1987–88 43–24–5
NYI NHL 1988–89 Assistant
Los Angeles NHL 1989–90 Assistant
Los Angeles NHL 1990–91 Assistant
Los Angeles NHL 1991–92 Assistant
Minnesota NHL 1992–93 Assistant
Dallas NHL 1993–94 Assistant
Dallas NHL 1994–95 Assistant
Dallas NHL 1995–96 Assistant
Dallas NHL 1996–97 Assistant
Dallas NHL 1997–98 Assistant
Dallas NHL 1998–99 Assistant
Dallas NHL 1999–00 Assistant
Dallas NHL 2000–01 Assistant
Dallas NHL 2001–02 Assistant
Dallas NHL 2001–02 13–11–8
Dallas NHL 2002–03 Assistant
Dallas NHL 2003–04 Assistant
Dallas NHL 2005–06 Assistant
Dallas NHL 2006–07 Assistant
Dallas NHL 2007–08 Assistant
NHL Coaching Totals 13–11–8

External links

  • Rick Wilson's career stats at The Internet Hockey Database
Preceded by
Ken Hitchcock
Head coaches of the Dallas Stars
Succeeded by
Dave Tippett
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The Third Turn

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From The Third Turn, a Wikia wiki

Rick Wilson
Date of Birth:
Series Name
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Last Race:
First Race
Last Win
Career Highlights

Rick Wilson (born January 31, 1953 in Bartow, Florida) is a former NASCAR Winston Cup driver. He began racing in 1980, and posted 23 top ten finishes over his career. His most successful reign came from 1985-1989, when he was a consistent challenger and won his only pole position at Bristol Motor Speedway. After that, he drove for RahMoc Enterprises, Stavola Brothers Racing, and Petty Enterprises. He has not raced in NASCAR since 1997.

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