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File:Bfish scape .PNG The RuneScape feature in this page/section no longer exists due to an update by Jagex.
Rick Turpentine
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Port Sarim Jail
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine A Retired Highwayman
Notable features Retired Random event

Rick Turpentine is a former highwayman. To atone for his past actions, he may give you a couple coins and a random food or valuable item (i.e. kebab, ruby) If you ignore him, he will attack you with a crossbow while taking your coins. You know he wants you when he appears and says,

"Greetings, milord <insert name here>!" (Male)

"Greetings, milady <insert name here>!" (Female)

Recently Rick Turpentine has shown up with a cape that is strikingly similar to a purple Fremennik cloak. The exact date this started is not exactly known, but as far as anyone can tell, it was during mid-March 2007. An interesting fact about Rick Turpentine is that his name and career as a highwayman is probably derived from a factual character known as Richard Dick Turpin. Dick Turpin is a factual English highwayman in the past. Another notable aspect of Rick Turpentine is that the word 'Turpentine' is a type of oil, and the word 'slick' relates to Turpentine, thus forming the pair of rhyming words, "Rick Slick". Players who receive spinach rolls from Rick are often described as having been Rick Rolled. If players log out whilst Rick Turnpentine is their random event, he will exclaim "What a dismal little spot this is" and disappear. Rick was one of the random events that was retired on 25 February 2009, but can still be seen in Port Sarim Jail along with Cap'n Hand. If you kill the mugger in his jail, he will cheer and say 'Hahaha! Thanks!'

Possible Rewards


Having a summoned familiar that can attack (Such as a Bronze Minotaur), and in a muticombat area, it is possible to actually kill Rick Turpentine, but he does not drop anything and has no death animation. This also happens to the Drunken Dwarf, and Cap'n Hand random events.

Graphical Glitches


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