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Richard Lazarus
Also known as:
Race: Human (later mutant)
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 20th century to early 21st century
Appearances: DW: The Lazarus Experiment
DW: The Sound of Drums(flashback cameo)
WC: Destiny's Door (cameo; flashback)
Actor: Mark Gatiss
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Professor Richard Lazarus, and tonight, I'm going to perform a miracle. It is, I believe, the most important advance since Rutherford split the atom, and the biggest leap since Armstrong walked on the Moon. Tonight, you will watch and wonder, but tomorrow, you will wake to a world which will be changed forever."
―Richard Lazarus

Professor Richard Lazarus was a man who craved immortality.


"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Richard Lazarus. I am seventy-six years old. And I am reborn!"
―Richard Lazarus

Lazarus was only a child during the Second World War but had vivid memories of it. He spoke to his associate Lady Thaw of how he feared death, and sat in Southwark Cathedral during the Blitz. He also spoke of how he and others would sit in the crypt; the living amongst the dead. His lust for immortality came from the fact that he wanted to spend another lifetime on Earth so he could continue his work. His anti-aging device managed to make him seem 30 years younger.

The renewed Lazarus (DW: The Lazarus Experiment)

The Doctor and Martha encountered him when they discovered Martha's sister Tish had got a job with him after they viewed them on the news. During the party that took place at Lazarus Laboratories celebrating the device, the Doctor used a DNA sample from Martha's hand when Lazarus had kissed her to find out about his DNA. The DNA had changed and had unlocked a gene from a once forgotten type of evolution that had died out, but the gene had lain dormant inside the human race until Lazarus had activated it.

"You're a joke, Lazarus! A footnote in the history of failure!"
―The Doctor
The unlocking of this gene transformed Lazarus into a huge skeletal scorpion-like beast that fed on the life of its victims by absorbing energy with its whip-like tail. The creature was immune to fire and could become human again when it wanted to, but had to transform to feed. Lazarus was seemingly defeated when the Doctor rewired the anti-aging device so instead of harming anything inside the capsule it harmed the outside. Lazarus was not killed however, and woke up in an ambulance, killing two medics and entering a final showdown with the Doctor in Southwark Cathedral. Martha and Tish lured the beast up to the bell tower and the Doctor caused it to drop by playing the pipe organ as high as it goes (with the help of the Sonic Screwdriver) to interfere with Lazarus' sonic equipment. Lazarus transforms one last time into elderly form, this time permanently dead. (DW: The Lazarus Experiment)
Lazarus in his mutant form (DW: The Lazarus Experiment)

The Master reversed Lazarus's de-aging technology and put it in his laser screwdriver to age the Doctor 100 years and later even more. (DW: The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords)

"Saxon" had apparently supported Lazarus' researches in the first place.

Behind the Scenes

Mark Gatiss, a longtime Doctor Who fan with several writing credits connected with the series, played Lazarus in both his young and old Human forms.

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