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Richard Hillman
Occupation Businessman
Born 20th December 1955
Died 14th March 2003
Spouse(s) Marion Hillman (1971)
Patricia Morris (1997)
Gail Platt (2002)
First appearance 20th June 2001
Last appearance 14th March 2003
Duration 2001-2003
Played by Brian Capron

Richard Hillman was a character played by Brian Capron from 2001 to 2003




Richard was a financial advisor, and had two previous marriges before arriving on the street. His first wife was Marion, who wanted to have children, but Richard had to attend to his sick mother. Marian divorced him, as she didn't want to take care of an old pensioner. When Richard's mother died, he later married Patricia. Like Marian, she wanted children but Richard later discovered he couldn't have any children. Patricia divorced him and believed he made it up.

In 2001, he turned up at Alma Baldwin's funeral, claiming to be her cousin. It is unknown if was true or not, but it was likely made up as Alma had never mentioned Richard in the past.

Relationship with Gail Platt

Richard started dating Gail Platt after first coming friends with her. It wasn't long till he had moved in, and started winning over her kids with expensive presents. Hillman's dealings where questioned by Norris Cole when he learned that elderly people had lost their life savings to Richard.

Region of Terror

Richard had murdered and attempted to murder several street residents during his time on the cobbles.

Duggie Ferguson

Richard went into business with Duggie Ferguson, building an estate for new homes. One night, Richard confronted Duggie in one of the houses and they had a disagreement about Duggie's poor workermanship. When Duggie leaned on one of the banistors, it gave way and Duggie fell and was seriously injured. Instead of helping him, Richard took the keys and headed for Duggie's where he emptied his safe. When Richard returned to the house, he was shocked to find Duggie was missing. But he later found Duggie dead, when Duggie had attempted to get help. He left him and when he met Gail at the pub, left a message to Duggie stating he would meet him the next day, thus covering up that he had anything to do with the death.

Patricia Hillman

Richard was due to marry Gail in the summer of 2002, but his ex-wife Patricia turned up. She demanded money as she owned some of their business. When she threatened to tell the police and Gail about Richard's past crimes, Richard grabbed a shovel and smashed Patricia over the head, killing her instantly. She fell into a ditch at a building site where new flats where to be built. Richard buried the body in cement. With Patricia out of the way, he married Gail and with her and the kids, went away on a holiday to florida.

Audrey Roberts

Richard discovered that his mother-in-law Audreny was worth a fortune when she would die. He then tried to convince everyone that Audrey was going insane, but doing things that she thought she done and trying to confuse her. One night, Richard set the house on fire when Audrey was asleep. However, she was later saved with the help of Steve McDonald and Archie. She worked out that it must be Richard behind it.

Murdering Maxine Peacock

Richard got Emily Bishop to remorage her house, so when she would die, Richard would get it. When he heard that Emily would be babysitting for the peacocks when there was a party at the Rovers, he used the opertunity to murder Emily, staging it as a robbery and also framing Sarah Lou's troublesome boyfriend Aiden Critchy. On the night of January 2003, Richard went round, dressed like Aiden, and hit Emily hard over the head with a crowbar while she was watching TV. Unfortunatly, Maxine showed up, and after saying "You should of stayed at the party Maxine", beat her to death with a crowbar.

Richard was later devestated when he found out one of his elderly clients died and he would recieve a large sum of money. Emily had also survived the incident. Richard realised that he wouldnt had of attempted to murder Emily, or would of Maxine died in the process.

Confession and Death

When Richard murdered his ex-wife Patricia months later, a braclet that slipped of her arm in the struggle was found by Steve McDonald. Richard later took it of him, and later gave it to Gail, saying it was a present for her. Gail overheard Steve in the pub talking about the braclet and how he found it, not Richard. She began to get suspitious of Richard so confronted him back at the house. Richard then confessed everything, about the murders and his plans. Shocked and disgusted, Gail called him Norman Bates with a briefcase, and demanded him to leave. Richard did, and Gail hoped that was the last she would see of him.

However, a couple of weeks later, Richard returned to the street. He kidnapped Sarah, David and Bethany Platt, where he had bound and gagged them in a car in the garage. Gail was shocked to find him waiting for him in her home. He told her that the kids are safe, and that they can run away together. He tied Gail up and took her in the garage and she was horrified to find the children tied up in the car. She then realised that Richard was going to kill himself by gassing him, and taking them down with him. When he started up the car, Audrey came round to help with the tea but couldnt get inside. When she heard music come from the garage, she then realised Richard was back. When Kevin Webster burst the door to the garage open, Richard sped of into the night. Tommy Harris, Martin Platt and Kevin gave chase in a car.

Richard then drove into the Weatherfield Quays. Gail and the kids where saved, but Richard drowned. Gail identified the body and threw their wedding rings in the canal.

Gail was left in debt and nearly lost the house and the Duckworths lost their life savings.

Beyond The Grave

In January 2006, Sarah recieved a birthday card, from Richard. The Platt family saw this just as a cruel joke and ignored it. Then on Valentines Day, Gail recieved another card from Richard. On the anniversary of Richard's death on March 2006, a card was recieved saying that he will see them soon. Les Battersby stated that he gave Richard a ride in his taxi, but this was just Les getting in on the gossip.

Gail started to go mad over the incident, and actually believed she saw Richard getting out of a taxi. The writer of the cards was revealed to be Gail's son David Platt.

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