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Ria McCarthy
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: December 25 2366
stardate 43980.8
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Affiliation: New Terran Empire, Imperial Starfleet
Stationed: ISS Pioneer
Rank: Ensign
For the primary universe counterpart, see Ria McCarthy.

Ria Jennifer McCarthy was a fighter in the Terran rebellion and later an officer in the reformed Terran Empire. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR))


Terran rebellion

During the rebellion against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, Ria fought for freedom as part of the group of Terrans based in the Badlands. Her piloting skills grew over the years as she battled in small and swift fighters.

Terran-Alliance War

During the war between the Terrans and the Alliance of Independent Governments, Ria served on the recommissioned ISS Defiant under command of Captain Kathryn Janeway, sometimes doubling as both helmswoman and communications officer.

Reformation of the Terran Empire

After the war ended in 2390 she was transferred to the ISS Pioneer at the front of the expanding empire.



Ian Tyson

During their time in the rebellion, Ria and Ian Tyson had a year-long relationship, though she never went into great detail about the circumstances of their parting. ("Dark Reflection", "A Mirror, Shattered")

Kathryn Janeway

Ria is openly pansexual. While she served aboard the ISS Defiant, she found herself very attracted to her commanding officer, Captain Janeway. Ria was incredibly dissapointed when she discovered Janeway was heterosexual which was partially a reason for her applying for transfer. ("A Mirror, Shattered")

Annika Hansen

Ria also had a sexual relationship with Annika Hansen throughout 2387 however the attraction was merely physical. ("Infinite Empires")

Harry Kim

Ria had been a close friend of Harry Kim during their time in the Terran rebellion, having met while both very young on an alliance mining station. She was very upset to hear of his death while he was serving aboard the ISS Renegade and swore revenge against the Alliance of Independent Governments. ("A Mirror, Shattered")

Ria McCarthy (primary universe)

One of her more unusual encounters was with her primary universe counterpart. The two seemed to get on quite well, both disliking the mirror universe Peter Maxwell and equally curious about the expanded universe. Ria actually began to find herself attracted to her counterpart, though she did not act on her feelings. ("Moebius")

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