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Ria Jennifer McCarthy was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. She was the navigational officer aboard the USS Pioneer, serving from 2387 onwards. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR))

Her grandmother on her mother's side is a Trill. She is also a decendant of Tobius McCarthy, a decorated Starfleet officer from the 23rd century.

Being partially Trill originally came from an offhand remark in "Dark Reflection" later backed up by Ria saying she was going to visit her grandparents on Trill over Christmas "Festivities".





Her first post after graduating from Starfleet Academy was at the helm of the USS Pioneer.


Ria was extremely popular among the crew. People immediatly took a liking to her when she performed at the launch ceremony.

When the Guardian of Forever first met Ria, it sensed within her an energy it had only ever known to exist within its creators. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Time's Legacy")


Ria coped quite well fighting in the Federation-Romulan War. During the Battle of the Devron system when the USS Challenger emerged from a temporal rift, she met her ancestor Captain Tobius McCarthy whom she had often wished to meet. ("Predestination")


Ria during her vision.
Ria was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant just prior to the Battle of the Sol system. She travelled to the Xindi Homeworld after having a vision induced by The Guardians to seek a rare artifact that was rightfully hers. ("Future's Past").

After her contact with the creators, she seemed to sustain some residual energy from their plane of existance, sometimes being able to see into the future and parallel universes. ("Festivities").


With her new power she discovered an even deeper passion for music she had not realised before. When the energy contained within her became hyperactive, she created her own new unique instrument which produced a magical and soothing sound. ("Stardust").

Taking her place in the universe

After stabilizing the space-time continuum and recreating the Guardian of Forever, Ria evolved into a Guardian herself and traversed their plane of existance where she would learn more about the universe and beyond... ("Moebius").

According to Daniels, her time in the Guardian's realm would effect the entire future of the multiverse. ("Destiny Of Freedom")

As a Guardian

After becoming a Guardian Ria became aware that across the whole of the universe and time there were people constantly trying to manipulate history for their own purposes and so she decided to travel the universe and help in preventing the changes. (The Time Travelling Adventures of Ria McCarthy)

Personal Interests


She is one of the few members of the crew of Pioneer who enjoys early 21st century European dance-pop music. Ria herself is an excellent musician displaying a talent for a variety of intruments including piano, the Bolian synthesizer, bass guitar and Vulcan lute as well as being able to sing remarkably well. She is the vocalist and bassist of the band Pioneer: Overdrive! who played at the launch of the ship much to the crowd's enjoyment. On some nights she performs at the Paradox Nightclub. She also has a regular time slot on the ship's open comm system (essentially a shipwide radio station) from 22:00 - 01:00 called Nightshift With Ria where she talks about ship's news, and plays music mainly from the late 20th to early 21st century.


While she is the ship's helmswoman, she also enjoys geology and oceanography, and is always eager to take rock samples from alien worlds.

Ria is also fond of mojitos. (In Thy Image)

Alternate timelines

Ria in an alternate 2393 commands the science vessel SS Pioneer. ("Causality")

Mirror universe

See Ria McCarthy (mirror)

Future Self

When a chronometric particle wave erupted from Gateway it caused a slight change in the local space time continuum, a pocket of non-linear time which was focused within Ensign McCarthy's quarters. Here she saw a possible future version of herself with the rank of Captain. ("The World At The Edge Of Time").

Parallel Ria's

Using a Guardian Timeship, Ria accidentally travelled into the mirror universe where she inadvertantly caused a destabilization in the space-time continuum. This caused many thousands of herself from different universes to interact. It wasn't until they all used their collective Guardian "energy" that the universes were seperated once more. ("Moebius").


In yet another alternate timeline caused by Future Guy in 2393 Ria was not part of the Guardian Realm and instead commanded the Earth science vessel SS Pioneer (UESR-78399). This Ria ceased to exist when the changes to the timeline were corrected by this Pioneer and the Pioneer (NX-10). ("Causality")

Battle of Beta Frontier

In one possible future Ria was killed aboard the USS Pioneer during the Battle of Beta Frontier. According to Daniels her death would have repercussions throughout the entire multiverse.

Service Jacket

Awards and Commendations

Memorable Quotes

"Who the… are you… are you me?
I am you and you are me. We are both you.
— Ria and her future self are at first confused about what's happening.
"I’ll just stick with my mojito thanks."
— Ria enjoys a refreshing drink.


Using photomanipulation, Ensign McCarthy is portrayed by Zooey Deschanel throughout all regular episodes however a CGI Ria was created on The Movies for the special episode "The Invasion Through Time". Her character was originally meant for a supporting role; however since the series began, she has been given a larger part. She is 21 as of 2387.

A light-hearted series of short stories (which are likely to remain unavailable on the internet) called "The Time Travelling Adventures Of Ria McCarthy" continue her saga as she learns about the universe (however these may not be considered part of the overall continuity).

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