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Rhondi Tremaine
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The Maw


43.5 ABY, Sinkhole Station

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Legacy era

"What is a body, but the Force given form?"
―Rhondi Tremaine, to Ben Skywalker, on the Force sustaining one's body

Rhondi Tremaine was a Human female who was born on a colony in the Maw, and was a member of the Maw Irregular Fleet. With her brother Rolund Tremaine, they were used to gather information as spies. In 41 ABY, when Centerpoint Station was destroyed, both siblings felt a call through the Force to journey to Sinkhole Station, a scaled down version of Centerpoint. At Sinkhole, the two siblings joined the Mind Walkers, Force-sensitives that completely immersed themselves in the Force by separating their force auras from their physical bodies. In 43.5 ABY, exiled Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son Ben boarded the station during their search to discover why Jacen Solo fell to the dark side.

When Luke was mind walking, Ben started to feel paranoia, and believed that the Mind Walkers were trying to kill them. To insure his and his father's safety, Ben made Rhondi take him beyond shadows to see Luke. To make sure that he wouldn't be killed there he sealed Rolund in the next room, placing a detonator on the other door. While the Skywalkers were beyond shadows, a group of Sith from Kesh arrived at the station to kill the Skywalkers. After Rhondi and the Skywalkers had returned from beyond shadows, one of the Sith set off the detonator that Ben had placed in the room in which he'd trapped Rolund. When Rhondi ran to the sealed door she was killed when her head was impaled by a lightsaber from one of the Sith who was slicing open the door.




Early life

"You see, it is nothing to die beyond shadows. But to live trapped in a body, that is…anguish."
―Rhondi Tremaine's views on "Beyond Shadows"

The Human female Rhondi Tremaine was born in the Maw sometime between. She lived on the colony that belonged to a secret fleet that had been established by Admiral Natasi Daala. While still young, Rhondi and her brother, Rolund Tremaine, were deemed unfit to serve in the military due to their Force-sensitivity. Instead, as the two grew older, they were used as spies for the colony. Rhondi had assignments varying from retrieving information to stealing ships for the Irregular Fleet. This espionage group was so skilled that Daala was able to keep the colony flourishing.

The Tremaines served this group for a decade until the Second Galactic Civil War. When Centerpoint Station was destroyed, Rhondi and all the other Force-sensitives in the secret fleet had terrible longings to return to their homes. When their requests to leave were denied, they soon became extremely paranoid. This paranoia quickly grew to the point that Rhondi and the others believed the whole war was being fought just to expose them. Those affected quickly began deserting all at once, and stole ships to get to the heart of the Maw. There, they found Sinkhole Station, a smaller replica of Centerpoint and the home of the Force-sensitive Mind Walkers. Rhondi and her brother joined the Mind Walkers and discovered that these beings could separate their Force presences from their physical bodies in order to go to a place called the beyond shadows. They did this by meditating then imagining the number one. Then two and when they reached seven they would be completely severed.

Aiding the Skywalkers

"Then you'll be returning beyond shadows with us? I'm sure you'll find it very...enlightening."
―Rhondi Tremaine to Luke Skywalker on "Beyond Shadows"

After being with the Mind Walkers for two years, Rhondi met Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son Ben when they visited Sinkhole Station on their journey to discover why Jacen Solo had fallen to the dark side of the Force. The Skywalkers first talked to the siblings while Rhondi was with fellow Mind Walkers Seek Ryontarr and Feryl, who agreed to take Luke beyond shadows. While Luke was there, Rhondi and Rolund often visited Ben in the Jade Shadow. The trio talked, while the siblings often secretly stole food from the Shadow's stock in hopes of starving Ben, to make him to go beyond shadows.

On one of their visits, Ben told them that Luke's hydration tube kept falling out of his mouth, so he planned to put his father on an IV. Rhondi and Rolund, however, knew it wasn't falling out; rather, one of the Mind Walkers was removing it. When Ben realized this he asked the siblings why the Mind Walkers would do this, and Rhondi explained that Luke didn't need any food while beyond shadows, as the Force would sustain him. She also admitted that they were only taking the food form the Jade Shadow's stores to help Ben realize that it wasn't necessary; he only needed the Force to survive. Ben began to believe that the Mind Walkers were trying to kill him, and he sealed Rolund into a room along the outside of the station before shackling Rhondi to the floor with a pair of stun cuffs, so that if he died while beyond shadows she would be unable to free her brother. Rhondi pleaded for her brother's life, but, realizing the only way for Rolund to survive would be to take Skywalker beyond shadows and ensure that he got back alive, eventually agreed with Skywalker's deal.

Together, they went beyond shadows, where they found Luke with Ryontarr and Feryl near the Lake of Apparitions, a lake where one could see and communicate with spirits of deceased beings. Seek disapproved of Tremaine's bargain with Skywalker, as a mysterious woman i the Mists of Forgetfulness across the lake wanted Luke to come to her, and they didn't want Ben to stop him and convince Luke to go back to his body. Luke decided to talk to the woman, and Tremaine guided the Skywalkers toward the figure, warning them to stay immediately behind her lest they slip and fall into the Depths of Eternity. Along the way, the Skywalkers talked to the spirit of Anakin Solo, Luke's nephew and Ben's cousin, Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke's wife, and Darth Caedus himself. Mara warned them to go back, but Caedus told them they had all the time in the world to reach the lady. Upon hearing Caedus, the Skywalkers felt that they were in danger and commenced to return from beyond shadows.

When the two Jedi and Tremaine returned to their physical bodies, they discussed whether or not the lake and the people with whom they had talked had been real. When Ben said that the presence he felt there was what he thought was driving the Jedi insane, Tremaine replied that they were not crazy, but being called home. When Tremaine asked for her hands to be released, Ben showed her that he hadn't locked the cuffs, in case he died beyond shadows.

Unbeknownst to those on Sinkhole Station, a Sith strike team from the Lost Tribe of Sith had arrived on the station with the intent of killing the Skywalkers. While recovering from her journey beyond shadows, the Sith invaded the station, causing the detonator in the room where Ben had left Rolund to explode. Tremaine rushed to the control room door and began pounding on it to get through, and before the Skywalkers could warn her to get away, a lightsaber from one of the Sith pierced through the door and into Tremaine's head, killing her instantly.

Personality and traits

"If you want grandchildren someday, you need to have a conversation with your son about how to talk to the ladies."
―Rhondi Tremaine, to Luke Skywalker

Rhondi Tremaine had a strong connection to her brother Rolund, with whom she maintained a strong Force bond. They served side by side under Admiral Daala's command for many years and remained together after joining the Mind Walkers at Sinkhole Station. When Ben threatened her brother's life by trapping him in a sealed room, Tremaine protested loudly and begged Ben to stop. She was forced to take Ben beyond shadows and ensure his survival to save Rolund's life, suggesting that she did not wholly accept the core philosophy of the Mind Walkers—that nothing mattered except for the Force; not even life and death.

Behind the scenes

Rhondi Tremaine was created by author Troy Denning for Abyss, the third novel in the nine-part Fate of the Jedi series.


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