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Fallout/Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel character
race: Human
affiliation: Brotherhood of Steel
role: Head Paladin
High Elder
location: Lost Hills
appearances: Fallout
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
SPECIAL: 10 10 8 9 8 10 8
dialogue file: RHOMBUS.MSG
actor: Clancy Brown (Fallout)
John Vernon (Fallout: BOS)
Old Rhombus

Rhombus is the Head Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2161. He assumes this position when the previous Head Paladin, John Maxson, becomes the new High Elder after his father is killed by the Vipers. The Paladins, now led by Rhombus, begin a full scale campaign against the Vipers, tracking them down and wiping out almost all of their members within the span of a month.

He is not one for conversations and if angered, Rhombus kicks the Vault Dweller out of the Brotherhood of Steel. He promises to train the Vault Dweller once the super mutant threat is removed.

After the death of John Maxson, Rhombus becomes the new Brotherhood High Elder. Given that all three previous High Elders and one of the future ones (Jeremy Maxson) were from the Maxson family, Rhombus might also have some ties to this "dynasty", although there is no evidence either way.


Tell Me About

You can ask Rhombus about the following words: Vree, Rhombus, Talus, Elder, Scribes, Knights, Hub, Disks, Army, Boneyard, Paladins, Master, War, Exodus, Strange Army, Merchants, Missing Caravans, Children of the Cathedral, Initiates, Chip.

Alternate history

In one of the endings for the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 1, it is said that in the 2180s the Brotherhood, now called the Steel Plague, devastates the newly formed NCR and starts a Dark Age that could last a thousand years. This ending is, however, not part of the canon Fallout background. This ending is available only if Rhombus is killed, which means that his survival is crucial for the Fallout world as we see it in Fallout 2. If he survives, a picture of elderly Rhombus is shown for the "good" BoS ending, which means that he most likely became the High Elder after the death of John Maxson, and (presumably) the first High Elder outside the Maxson family.

The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
FOBOS version of Rhombus

In Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Rhombus, despite some criticism from the elder counsil, starts a crusade against still existent threat of Super Mutant army, now led by Attis. They traveled to the city of Carbon, where Jane, the Raider Matron, gives them some valuable information about their enemies. Then they marched to the city of Los, where the Mutant army was located.

Here, Rhombus ends up being alone, captured, with all his comrades being killed in a bloody battle with Super Mutants and a local ghoul cult known as the Church of the Lost. Rhombus is tortured by the cult leader, Blake, but later liberated by the Initiate, the PC. Rhombus assisted the Initiate in getting access to the Secret Vault, the place where the Mutant army now resides, however, he is blown up by a ghoul suicide bomber.

Unable to continue fighting, he sends the Initiate to battle the threat alone. Rhombus is left sitting near a truck, wounded. However, if the player returns to the place later, Rhombus is nowhere to be seen. His fate is unknown, but he probably escaped Los and returned to Lost Hills bunker. Another possibility is that Los became his grave.


He is also a playable character after you've completed Chapter Two. He is very similar to Cyrus, though he has some extra advantages.


Rhombus appears in the first Fallout game as a Talking Head voiced by Clarence Brown. He also is an NPC/PC in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. He appears during the second chapter, in the Church of the Lost torture chamber, where he and the Initiate mutually benefit one another. He becomes available to be controlled as a playable character in the third chapter. The latter Rhombus is voiced by John Vernon.

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Lost Hills Security Bunker

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