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Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 1978

Founded by: Richard Foos & Harold Bronson

Link: Offiical Site



Active Roster

Inactive Roster

Key Releases

  • Wild Man Fischer - Go To Rhino Records
  • Barnes & Barnes - Voobaha
  • Talking Heads - The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads (expanded)
  • Various - The R&B Box, Vol. 6
  • Various - The R&B Box, Vol. 4
  • Various - The R&B Box, Vol. 5
  • Various - Golden Throats 2
  • Various - Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time
  • Various - Dr. Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection
  • Various - Selections From One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost And Found


Rhino Records started out as a record store on Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles, although in 1978, they became a label by releasing the 45 for "Go To Rhino Records" by Wild Man Fischer, who also had their first LP. They started out as a novelty and comedy label, putting out new comedy records by groups like Barnes & Barnes (who would later branch out into Experimental and New Wave music) and archival records by acts like Napoleon XIV. Later, they became more of an archival label, releasing remastered and expanded versions of albums, both well-known classics and lost masterpieces. They are part of the Warner Music Group now, though they started out as an indie, distributed by Capitol, then Warner Brothers. Their Rhino Handmade internet-only label releases limited edition releases of albums and box sets that probably wouldn't have enough interest to warrant a full run. To bring things full circle, the first Rhino Handmade release was Wild Man Fischer's The Fischer King, featuring, of course, "Go To Rhino Records".

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DC Comics

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[[Image:|200px|center|Rhino (New Earth)]]
Real Name
Frederick Rhino
Current Alias








Marital Status



Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight # 119



Rhino was a loyal though dim-witted leg-breaker who found employment working for the Ventriloquist. Like many of the Ventriloquist's gang members, Rhino deferred to the Ventriloquist's dummy Scarface for instructions. Rhino genuinely believes Scarface to be the boss, but more often is shown as humoring Wesker (and sometimes forgetting and addressing the Ventriloquist directly, to Scarface's outrage). Rhino, as his name implies, is a massive, musclebound thug. Rhino had first served as the bouncer at the Ventriloquist Club on Gotham's Electric Street. Rhino was tall and wide enough, in fact, to block the entrance of two obese mobsters one late fall evening. Only one made it out of the Ventriloquist's chambers alive. The other made the mistake of referring to Scarface, the Ventriloquist's dummy, as "a stupid blocka wood". Rhino disposed of the body.

The Ventriloquist's drug operation had already attracted the attention of The Batman and, for all of his bulk and muscle, Rhino was no match for Batman. A sharp uppercut by Batman to the bodyguard's jaw knocked him out. He, Arnold Wesker (the Ventriloquist), and Scarface found themselves in new quarters at Blackgate.

It was in Blackgate that the unlikely alliance had first taken root. During his first prison sentence (twelve months for assault), Rhino had taken notice of the mousy Wesker, the subject of harrassment from fellow prisoner Skull Bolero and his stooges. Impressed at how Wesker (via Scarface) was standing up to the thugs, Rhino took the Ventriloquist's side when the inevitable fracas broke out.

Afterwards, Scarface snarled at Rhino for not killing Bolero but vowed that he would teach him something, and made Rhino his personal bodyguard.

Working on the Ventriloquist's behalf, Rhino made it appear that Bolero was working as an informant for Batman while Wesker mimicked the Dark Knight's voice. Skull didn't survive the night.

Rhino and Wesker were eventually released from prison when a criminal lawyer got their convictions overturned on a technicality. In the interim, the Ventriloquist Club had been condemned and their one-time ally Brute had turned over the structure to the Street Demonz -- a gang that had no use for Wesker. Emphasizing their point, the young gunmen blasted Scarface into splinters. Horrified that "the boss" had been "killed", Rhino gently picked up Scarface to give him a decent burial.

As a drunken Wesker professed relief that Scarface was dead, Rhino placed the dummy in a makeshift coffin -- and was delighted when he heard a muffled voice coming from the box. Ecstatic that Scarface was still "alive", Rhino hurriedly rounded up medical supplies ( greasegun , pack of screws , pliers, can of white paint and a cuban cigar) and the dummy was restored.

Rhino and the Ventriloquist wasted no time in reforming their gang and taking revenge on the Demonz. Brute was singled out, his feet encased in cement before Rhino threw him to his death in the Gotham River.

The Ventriloquist Club was reopened soon after and Wesker attempted his most audacious scheme yet. He and Rhino broke the Joker out of Arkham Asylum, intent on forcing the Clown Prince of Crime to reveal where he'd stashed twenty-five million in loot after a robbery. The Joker's mockery of Scarface's syntax won him a nasty punch from Rhino. A wild card was thrown into the operation when the Joker was also targetted by an Eclipso-creature. As the police tried to sort out details in the aftermath, Wesker insisted that he was innocent and that the Joker had taken Him hostage.

The Ventriloquist and Rhino were finally taken into custody when they attempted to murder U.S. Senator Lowry for refusing their extortion demands. This time, the trio was split up. Wesker went to Arkham Asylum, Rhino to Blackgate, and Scarface to an evidence box at the GCPD. Freed from Arkham thanks to an assault by Bane, Wesker used Amygdala as a provisional bodyguard before seeking out Scarface's whereabouts, rescuing him, and finding a hideout.

By the time he'd reunited with Rhino, Scarface discovered that his territory had once again been seized by others and revenge was, as before, the first order of business. Wesker ended up in custody thanks to Batman and Robin, but Rhino escaped with Scarface to a secret vault set up for emergencies. Opening the door, the bodyguard found only a book -- "How To Throw Your Voice."

Rhino still hadn't mastered the secret of ventriloquism a year later and seemed destined for an early death when vengeful mobsters from the Ventriloquist's last assault arrived on the scene. The bodyguard was prepared to go complacently to his death until Scarface, discarded behind him, gasped "R-Rh... Rhino. Kill da gums!" His confidence bolstered, Rhino made quick work of the three thugs, tossing their bodies into the river and rushing to the boss' side.

Rhino had freed Wesker and, reunited with the Ventriloquist, Scarface vowed to kill an albatross, the bird that Wesker blamed for all the grief in his life. Rhino managed to capture the bird but the sudden appearance of Batman threw all present into a turmoil. As Wesker dived off the pier in pursuit of a "drowning" Scarface, he insisted that his bodyguard kill Batman.

Rhino aimed his rifle at the Dark Knight -- only to have the freed albatross foul his sights. His vision cleared, he had only enough time to see Batman's boot rocketing towards his jaw. He was swiftly returned to Blackgate .

In the wake of the Gotham earthquake, Rhino escaped from Blackgate and laid low in the weeks that followed, missing out on the Ventriloquist's attempt at extorting money from the city as the Quakemaster . Wesker was confined to Arkham, but soon escaped with the other prisoners in the newly declared "No Man's Land" .

Eventually, Rhino and Wesker were reunited and Scarface carved out his own territory in Gotham City. Batman freed the area from their control only to find the residents in a state of panic that their rations would be cut off. "It ain't about good guys and bad guys anymore, Batman," the big man observed. "It's just about survival ..."

The Dark Knight acknowledged that he had a point and requested that "whatever you were told to do this morning? Keep doing it. I'll be back, Rhino." While the "No Man's Land" was in effect, Scarface's men would work for Batman, providing food and protecting the citizens .

Rhino surfaced only once more, when he served as bait in a scheme of the Penguin and Two-Face to temporarily remove the threat of Batman. Spying Rhino trying to kill a woman accused of stealing food, Batman attempted to seize the thug but was swiftly defeated himself -- by the supposed victim, actually a Russian metahuman known as Echo. Rhino's subsequent activities are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Strength level

Above Average Strength and Size.


Those akin to an average human being.

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy II Enemy
Wild Horn
Japanese タスクライノ
Romaji Tasukuraino
NES Name Tusk Rhino
NES DSOP Name Rhino
PS Name Wild Horn
GBA Name Wild Horn
PSP Name Wild Horn

The Wild Horn, also known as the Tusk Rhino, is an enemy from Final Fantasy II.

Related Enemies

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A Rhino in GTA III.

The Rhino is the name of an armored fighting vehicle since Grand Theft Auto III, commonly referred to by players simply as a tank. The Rhino has since appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.



Like its predecessor in Grand Theft Auto 2, the Rhino appears when the player attains a six star wanted rating. In all games, the Rhino can be avoided without much difficulty because of its slow speed and bad handling, but it's extremely deadly if the player attempts engaging one and the soldier driving always carries strong weapons. Also, when successfully stolen, authorities can bust the player due to the Rhino's slow speed. When it hits a vehicle, the vehicle most of the time explodes straight away; if not, it starts to burn instead, in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars however, this does not happen. Although the Rhino has a cannon it is never used by law enforcement, this however is changed in GTA Chinatown Wars as the Army will fire the cannon which causes massive damage to, and usually kills, the player. The Rhino is practically invincible to small arms fire and crashes; and only Satchel Charges, Dozens of other explosives and rockets and the Police Maverick's mounted gun can cause damage to it.


In GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories, the Rhino resembles either a modified M3 tank or a Non-Line-Of-Site Mortar (NLOS-M), but it is very unrealistic. It is tall, with doors on both sides that can be easily damaged with even the slightest hit, and a truck-style 3-axle drivetrain with easily seen wheels. The turret was rotated by pressing buttons, which made precise shooting almost impossible. In its original appearance in GTA III, the Rhino assumes a stark appearance with little details on its armored body. The GTA Vice City rendition, however, added various equipment on the vehicle, as well as enlarging the turret's barrel. While the GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories would follow design ques of the GTA III and GTA Vice City renditions, the turret barrel of GTA Liberty Stories rendition is of the same size and length as that in GTA Vice City, while the GTA Vice City Stories' is even longer.

In GTA San Andreas, the Rhino looks like an M1 Abrams and it is much more realistic. It is colored beige (desert camouflage), has a normal tank entrance in front and a new drivetrain with smaller wheels, which look almost like tracks. It also has a new steering system, that finally allows the player to make very tight turns. The turret is operated with the mouse or right thumbstick (PS2), which allows the player to shoot directly at the target. Interestingly enough, neither the GTA San Andreas nor non-GTA San Andreas versions have caterpillar tracks as their their real life counterparts. The reason for this is probably due to the limits of the game's engine.

The Rhino does not appear in Grand Theft Auto IV. This is assumed to be because of Rockstar's goal of making GTA IV more realistic than previous games. However, GTA Chinatown Wars reintroduces the Rhino with an appearance similar to the original Rhino but depicts threads.

Performance and durability

First Rhino Second Rhino
Color Green camouflage Desert camouflage
Handling Handling of this tank is terrible. Even at low speeds its turns are horribly wide. Unlike the normal tank it has very poor acceleration, when maximum speed is normal for this kind of tank. It has a working handbrake, but because of its wide turning radius and dual rear axles it is difficult to tighten turns with it. Tank is quite bouncy, so its wheels easily lose contact with ground. Its small ground clearance, bouncy suspension and low torque makes this tank very poor when driving off-road, or even through small barriers. This tank has 2 steering modes: normal allows it to make turns a little better than trucks, and extra, activated with handbrake button, allows to make extra tight turns. It has little better off-road abilities, but it is still far from perfect. It has better acceleration and grip, but it still cannot go through high obstacles. It handles better on road. The turret now points to where the player's camera is pointed, making it difficult to aim in some circumstances. It has no lights or sirens.
  • The player is able to reach high speeds by rotating the turret towards the rear of the tank and start shooting.
  • Touching any normal vehicle, regardless of the amount of force actually used, instantly destroys it.
  • Because of its slow speed and presence of doors, the player can be easily busted by a police officer. It is even more dangerous when the doors are missing.
  • Hitting other tanks damages the player's tank.
  • The tank is rocketproof, but not flameproof.
  • The player can still use turret trick to accelerate, however, because of the camera in San Andreas, the player cannot see anything in front of him while the cannon is aimed rearward.
  • Damage caused to other vehicles is determined by the amount of force actually used: slight touches only push other vehicles, harder hits causes a vehicle smoke or set in on fire, and the hardest hits instantly destroys a vehicle.
  • Because of the more realistic access hatch, it is more difficult for the player to get busted.
  • Hitting other tanks damages the player's tank.
  • The tank is rocketproof, but not flameproof.

In GTA III and GTA Vice City, the Rhino is bullet-proof and explosion-proof and as such it is immune to all weapons minus the flamethrower and molotovs. In GTA San Andreas, the Rhino is still a tough vehicle, however, after sustained fire from other tanks, it will eventually explode. While driving the Rhino, one should be careful not to drive through the flames left behind by vehicles that have exploded, as these will set the Rhino on fire doing massive damage and usually destroying it. In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the Rhino is immune to bullets but can still be destroyed by fire and about 10-15 hits from another Rhino's cannon or explosives.

Due to the introduction of thread for GTA Chinatown War's Rhino, the tank gains another a minor advantage in that it can turn while in a stationary position. The durability of the game's Rhino, however, is turned down a notch, being more vulnerable to explosive damage than previous renditions; a pristine Rhino will begin burning as a whole after receiving seven direct hits from a Rocket Launcher or another Rhino's turret.


In the tank, the player can perform vigilante missions, which means catching and killing suspects. The Rhino isn't necessarily the best vehicle to do this mission because the player risks increasing his own wanted level at an accelerated rate due to the tank's penchant for collateral damage. On the other hand, if the player cannot complete the missions with the other, comparatively flimsy police vehicles, the Rhino might be better. If the player can intercept the enemy vehicles, rather than chasing them, the player may be able to strike the targets with the tank instead of firing on them. This method cuts down on the wanted level the player receives, which may help him avoid having to fight the military.

In GTA Vice City, there is a mission in which the player has to steal a tank, Sir, Yes Sir!. Its doors are closed, so the player needs to wait until the driver hops out to buy some doughnuts, or kill the solider on top of the tank. This tank has a self-destruct mechanism which the player must disable before it destroys the tank. In GTA Liberty City Stories, during the mission "Shogun Showdown", the Yakuza are storing weapons in a warehouse and along with that Toni Cipriani finds a Rhino which he later destroys by detonating it with a bomb. In Chinatown Wars, Xin Shan has the player use a Rhino parked at Francis International Airport to create havoc, diverting the police from his own machinations.



GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

  • Available inside Area 69, but when the base is entered 5 stars wanted level is automatically gained.
  • Will spawn underneath the bridge going above Ganton after 100% is achieved.
  • Can be spawned by typing the code "aiwprton" during gameplay.

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Inside the Fort Baxter military base, it is there from the beginning of the game but unlocked only when the mission Over The Top is done.

GTA Chinatown Wars

  • Available for purchase from the Auto Merchant when the main story is complete.
  • Can be found in a fenced-off warehouse area at the southern end of Francis International Airport; activates Fast Tracks. Players will warp outside a parked Rhino at the starting point regardless of whether or not the player completes or fails the mission (Note: To be used normally, the Rhino must be entered, before the player quits the side mission and reenter the Rhino quickly).


  • Sometimes a glitch occur in GTA San Andreas, where the player is flying and has full six stars, an NPC-controlled Rhino may randomly jump up in the sky and be spinning around very fast.
  • Putting the Rhino at the brink of the draw distance in GTA San Andreas would make it go on a polygonal shape that strikingly resembles the regular Rhino.

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Rhino may refer to:

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This article is about the McDonald's exclusive toy/character. For the company that released many Transformers DVDs, see Kid Rhino.
Rhino is a Maximal in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
I may have to crap my own legs to transform, but at least I'm not Rally's Rhinox.

Rhino turns into a rhino. No, he's not Rhinox.

A Maximal ground soldier, his main attack is a body-ramming slam. Prairie fighting is his specialty, but he's not good in confined spaces.


  • Rhino (McDonald's Happy Meal toy, 1996)
Part of the first McDonald's Beast Wars promotion, Rhino transforms into a rhinoceros. His head bears a striking resemblance to the "mutant head" of the original Rhinox toy.


  • Rhino's brief character write-up came from a Japanese Beast Wars guidebook called the Beast Wars Perfect Book.

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