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Electromag in Final Fantasy VII.

Reverse Polarity, also known as R. Polarity, Magnet, or Electromag, is a recurring enemy ability. Its main use is to change the party's battle formation by moving either one or all characters to the back row, depending on the game. It deals no damage, and is otherwise a minor nuisance to contend with.




Final Fantasy V

Magnet is an enemy ability used by Druid, Liquid Flame, and Magnetite. It forces characters in the back row to move to the front row, making it dangerous for mage-type classes. Reverse Polarity merely changes the party's rows from front to back and vice-versa, and is used by several enemies in the game.

Final Fantasy VI

Reverse Polarity, originally called R. Polarity, is used by Test Rider, and merely switches the row of the party.

Final Fantasy VII

Called Electromag, it is an enemy ability used by Hell Rider VR2, and just switches the party's current row.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Reverse Polarity returns as a Brave attack for Exdeath. It allows him to teleport to a location after releasing the File:Circle-button.png button, and can deal damage and minor knockback if Exdeath teleports to the spot his opponent is currently at.


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