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Series: BBC Books - Short Trips
Doctor: The Doctor
Author: Peter Anghelides
Published In: Short Trips and Side Steps
Previous Story: The Android Maker of Calderon IV
Following Story: Please Shut the Gate



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A Revenant Werewolf.

Revenants are the undead versions of creatures slain in the God Wars, and are among the most dangerous type of monsters in RuneScape. The word revenant comes from a French and Latin word meaning "returned." Revenants can be found floating freely around various parts of the Wilderness attacking any player unlucky enough to encounter one, though they do not appear on PvP worlds. They count as undead, so items such as the Salve Amulet will work. The spell Crumble Undead only works on lower-levelled revenants, as certain high-levelled ones have high magic defence.

A player being attacked by 4 Revenants.


Introduction & Combat Capabilities

Generally, Revenants are more dangerous than other monsters of the same combat level.

Offensively, Revenants attack from all three sides of the combat triangle: A normal yet powerful melee attack, a ranged attack that can freeze on the spot (they may also retreat a short distance to prevent players from attacking), and a magic attack that can prevent teleportation (this can wear off after five minutes, going into a safezone, or wearing a Forinthry brace). Their ranged attacks have extremely long ranges, and they have extraordinary strength for monsters their level. Most revenants, aside from the lowest levelled ones can hit over 20 with each attack, regardless of their combat level.

When attacking, Revenants usually identify and go after a player's weakness. For example, if one wears melee armour, which gives fairly good defence in melee and ranged, they will mostly use magic attacks, as warrior armour has very little or negative magic defence. This strategy is not always used by revenants. In addition, revenants can detect prayer. If a player uses protection prayers against revenants, they will stop using the attack the player is protecting against, and will choose from their other 2 attack styles. It should be noted, however that their teleblock (magic) and freezing (ranged) side effects can't be blocked by prayer, so they may use one of those attacks against the player, even if they're praying from it.

Defensively, Revenants can heal themselves rapidly a limited number of times when their health falls low (believed to be over ten times, they will even make the eating noise as if they're eating food), and cure themselves from poison. While they are healing themselves, they stop attacking the player. However, this also means that the player is no longer considered to be under attack, allowing other monsters (or even other Revenants) to attack the player.

Revenants will either heal themselves up to a point when they will attempt to retreat while using magic and ranged attacks, or continue to fight the player to the death. If a player uses any of the Obelisks scattered around the Wilderness, Revenants may also follow a player through the portal. They have also been known to follow players through closed doors, in some circumstances.

Revenants can attack players, even if they are fighting another monster, for example Green Dragons. If in the middle of a fight, players are not protected from them, with the exception of Edgeville dungeon. If players see any type of Revenants, stop and leave before they attack you.


During the Second Age, the Wilderness was the heart of the kingdom of the almighty, Empty Lord, Zaros. At the time, the land was prosperous and wooded, protected from his enemies by enormous military strength. However, when he was overthrown by Zamorak, the God Wars began.

The God Wars that raged across Gielinor for 4,000 years were the world's darkest hours. The races of countless civilizations were forced to extinction, and entire regions were left uninhabitable by battle. No area suffered so greatly as the Wilderness.

With Zaros removed from power, the world's other races and religious factions launched massive assaults not only on each other, but on the leaderless legions of Zaros. By the end of the God Wars, the Wilderness had suffered from so much conflict that it was permanently scarred, its former beauty forgotten.

Many of those that died in the Wars are trapped eternally in the Wilderness, their souls twisted by the evil magic and corruption that surrounds it. Today, over 2,000 years later, these creatures, known now as the Revenants, continue to hunt for those that enter their kingdom, doing whatever they can in their power to stop them.The Revenant has been known to follow the path that it took during battle were it will take any player as an enemy and attack them.

Difference between Revenants and Player Killers

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The neutrality of this article is disputed.
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Revenants were meant to replace player killers in the Wilderness back whenever the entire Wilderness was PvP, although there is a question of fairness to players.

  • In the past, a level 7 player killer could not deal 9 damage. However, a level 7 revenant imp is capable of doing so.
  • A revenant can attack a player anywhere north of the wilderness ditch, including the small area outside the wilderness, just above the ditch.
  • People may think that a Revenant must be using a lot of extremely powerful armour and weapons from all three sides of the combat triangle in order to achieve that kind of damage with stats in their combat levels. However, if they are killed, revenants don't drop any of the equipment they should have been "using" when fighting a player. Instead, they most commonly drop a few coins (less than 200) or nothing at all. If a 126+ was using armour equivalent to the max hit of a revenant knight, he would be using Granite.
  • Players have also spoken out over the fact that player killers could be out-smarted, tricked or placated as opposed to the ruthless nature of the ghosts, making them much more difficult to defeat or escape from. Yet again, you can always just run.
  • The Revenants patrol every area of the Wilderness and go places where player killers would rarely go. However, the mass majority of complaints are from people complaining about places that tended to attract the most pkers when it was out. (eg. Green dragons)
  • Revenants do not attack each other, and neither do other creatures in the Wilderness, such as the Chaos Elemental for example.
  • Revenants may walk through closed doors. This is necessary due to their lack of AI.
  • Revenants have a very long range with their magic and ranged attacks, spanning over several screens. It also takes about 20 seconds to achieve this effect, giving you extra time to recharge your Prayer points.
  • Players without equipment (or un-skulled players with 3-4 items) are often ignored by player killers. This is not the case with Revenants - they'll attack any trespasser if given the opportunity.
  • Most players couldn't deal fairly high damage in all sides of the combat triangle (melee, ranged, and magic). However, many of the mid/high-level Revenants can deal over 20 damage with all three sides (a Revenant Dragon can hit up to 30 to 41 damage, depending on the attack style). Skilled player killers of similar level, however, are an exception to this rule.

However, there are a few things that cancel the supposed unfairness out:

  • Unlike player killers, Revenants cannot run as fast as the victimized player; except that Revenants can use freezing ranged attacks, negating the run speed advantage. This should not be a problem as it is still relatively easy to escape from Revenants.
  • Secondly, if they turn aggressive towards you, they will follow you around like any NPC, meaning you can trap it behind a wall then run away, whilst player killers could simply run around it.
  • Revenants can't summon familiars, as opposed to Player Killers. Nevertheless, seldom do any player killers actually use Summoning.
  • Revenants have no real plan when attacking, whilst player killers can also use plans and counter attacks such as prayers or Special attacks. Keep in mind this doesn't necessarily negate their power; their high hits make up for this loss.
  • Revenants are AI-based and are not as "smart" as a player.
  • Protection prayers offer full protection against the style of attack the Revenant is using, though their ability to detect prayer limits prayer's value, and they attack at the speed of a longsword, which can make prayer switching difficult.
  • Revenants are unable to hit any higher than 42. Players can achieve high hits of 70s, 80s, and in some cases, up to 110, but even then, such large hits are extremely rare and require that various circumstances be met.
  • Revenants are unable to use special attacks to achieve maximum effectiveness.
  • Revenants are unable to drain stats, player killers may use certain magic spells or a Bandos godsword for this effect.
  • A Revenant Knight is considerably weaker than a level 126 player in a members-only world (but as strong or stronger than a level 126 player on a free world).

Many players (mainly experienced, members, and most player killers) have claimed that revenants are much easier and less dangerous than player killers.

On the other hand, the presence of Revenants can be a serious disruption to an inexperienced players' plans for wilderness trips, as even a single Revenant may prevent a low level player from entering a particular area.

Players should also note that Revenants have a very long range in both magic and ranged attacks. As Revenants have established patrol routes, one can learn the path of these routes, then learn to spot Revenants on the minimap before they attack. A player can then go to another world and continue with their Wilderness activities.

Another note is that some Revenants can poison. However they seem to only poison in level 50+ Wilderness, and only with their melee and ranged attacks. An exception to this is the Revenant dragon, which can poison players at any wilderness level. This, however, is not unlike a player killer. Also Revenant Orks have been known to be able to poison players at the chaos obelisk in level seven wilderness.

Also, Revenants have a few sets of strategies such as freezing you then stepping away using ranged or mage attacks. A strategy, which if done in a PvP situation, would drastically lower your chances of victory.

Since all Revenants are considered ghosts, they can be slain for a Slayer assignment.

A player between a revenant werewolf and a revenant goblin. Both are unable to attack here as it is in low level wilderness.

List of Revenants

The different types of Revenants are listed below:

Revenants can also sometimes travel in packs of 2 or more. You do not need a slayer level to kill them.

Tips, Hints, and Notes


Defence Classifications




Very High

Given XP

When fighting Revenants, the amount of XP given is equal to the amount of damage dealt on the Revenant. For example, if you hit a 50, you will only get 50 XP from the revenant.

Spotting and avoiding

  • It is highly recommended to turn auto retaliate off if not hunting for revenants. This can seriously save you as your character would automatically run back towards the revenant every time it attacks you, thus wasting your time and giving you a higher chance of getting killed.
  • There is a ladder at 39 wild near the altar that is a 100% safe spot. You need 70 Smithing or 59 Construction to fix and use it though.
  • Revenants spawn almost everywhere, and all kinds will spawn in a building in the eastern Western Ruins (level 23).
  • Revenants sometimes move around in packs. The group size ranges from a single revenant, to as many as 5 at a single time.
  • A particularly useful way to spot unwanted revenants if one is training combat in the wilderness is to check the message box. If the player is currently fighting any non-revenant NPC and it is NOT multiway combat, the player will always receive the message: "I'm already under attack." and will stop attacking the monster. This message happens usually several seconds before the revenant actually hits, giving the player several seconds to turn on protection prayers or start running away.
  • Revenants are slower than players. As a result, they can be outrun. This is a risky method as many revenants can kill a player before they are out of range.
  • You can tell when a revenant is attacking by listening for it's magical attack sound, as this is often the first attack they use. When there is no sound, it might be using its ranged or melee attack, or it may be stuck behind an obstacle.
  • Using the salt water spa in Oo'glog which gives you infinite run energy for a certain period of time, it is possible to outrun any revenant you encounter - even running from the members' Wilderness area all the way to Edgeville if you do happen to get teleblocked. Additionally, the sulphur spa and thermal spa will give you above-maximum prayer and hit points, respectively, which will further aid your survival. Because of the limited duration of the salt water spa, it is only of use with brief trips into the Wilderness such as Treasure Trails or King Black Dragon hunting trips.
  • With an Explorer's Ring, players can regain 50% of their run energy up to 3 times per day. This can be very useful if a revenant has teleblocked him/her. Since the update, you can now use all the ring's features while wearing it without multiple menus showing. In addition, it also gives you a +1 Prayer bonus. If you are in lower than level 20 wilderness and you are not teleblocked, you can right click and safely cabbage-port. Thus, it is a perfect method to escape from Revenants, for not only is it free and holding unlimited teleport charges, it also brings you to an area with natural food to heal and near Draynor and Falador, it is very easy to receive for most Members and some Non-Members. Even if it is lost, it can still be gotten back easily, unlike, other teleportation devices such as a Ring of Dueling.
  • Revenants can also follow you a long way, so beware. Even if you think they have gone, they might still be locked onto you and can surprise unsuspecting players with their ultra long-ranged attacks.
  • Revenants can pass through closed doorways and climb ladders if they are on their patrol route, so be careful! However, once they set their sights on a player, they will no longer be able to pass doors or any other obstacles, making it easier for players to escape.
  • At small-roomed areas, such as the Dark Warriors' Fortress, you are less likely to be attacked, but it will be harder to escape if you are caught anyway. Climbing a ladder is often effective in shaking off a revenant. By common belief, Revenants are thought to climb stairs, but actually they just spawn on that floor to attack you.
  • This particular location does have a patrol route for Revenants, entering through the main door, passing through closed doors and going round to the rune spawn locations, then following the same path back out. However, Revenants have been known to appear at a range and immediately attack with a ranged freezing attack.
  • Wearing a Forinthry bracelet allows a player to still teleport, even under a revenant's teleblock, for up to 5 times per bracelet. This can be very helpful in situations that require teleport, such as the Ardougne teleport lever near the Mage Arena, in Level 50+ wilderness.
  • The Combat bracelet also reportedly allows teleportation while under teleblock, in Wilderness under Level 30. It is not clear from the description whether this applies to its own teleports only, or to teleportation in general.
  • If you want to avoid being frozen or teleblocked, wear a Forinthry bracelet and use the Protect from ranged prayer. This is not foolproof, but the mage attacks cannot teleblock you and the creatures are far less likely to use their freezing ranged attack.
  • Revenants may disappear every now and then, even in combat. Some players believe that this is because they are teleporting just like a player killer would do when in trouble, but this is not true; they only disappear for 3 reasons: (1) They have reached the end of their patrol route, in which case they will reappear somewhere else in the Wilderness to search for any trespassers; (2) The Revenant has wandered too far away from its patrol route, in which case it will disappear and reappear back where it's supposed to be; (3) Their time limit of 2 - 3 minutes on the map is up, and so they teleport.
  • Revenants in higher level wilderness seem to teleport less often than if they were in lower level wilderness. Some players believe that this is to match the fact that most teleports cannot be used over level 20 wilderness.
  • The Howl special effect of a Spirit wolf familiar (which scares the monster making it retreat) also seems to work on Revenants, which can be helpful on short Wilderness trips such as treasure trails. The Revenants may still use their ranged and magic attacks from a distance, though.
  • Although Revenants can detect protection prayers, there are reports that with keen eyes and good reflexes you can switch prayers to the attack before it hits you. The farther the distance from the Revenant the better this would work. Jagex's combat system calculates damage at the beginning of an attack, however, and other players have tried this method without success. If you wish to experiment, their magic attack is bigger and ball shaped, and their ranged attack is smaller and dart shaped. Also, if you have protect from magic on, you can determine the next attack will be ranged and vice versa.
  • There are no revenants in PvP worlds.
  • Point your mouse over a piece of your food and click when hit by the attack of a Revenant. That way you'll spend less time clicking after the Revenant has attacked.
  • This theory has been proven to be false. It seems that while a player is in the Earth Warrior section of the Wilderness revenants do not attack the player (they patrol around the area).
  • If a player is casting the god spells at the Mage Arena, it may be wise to bring a couple bind/snare/entangle runes to hold the revenant at bay while the player escapes. However, this may only work on certain low-levelled revenants.

Revenant Hunting

The Revenants do not have very good drops, but they are NOT more dangerous than a player killer. It is advised you know what you are doing before attempting.

The Chaos Temple in level 38 Wilderness.
  • The best way to go after Revenants is in a group, in a multi-combat zone. They can sometimes be lured into this situation, for instance from the eastern Green dragon Wilderness hunting grounds, east to the beginning of the multi-combat area near Clan Wars.
  • The Chaos temple in level 38 Wilderness, is located on the most western side of the map. This place is a popular gathering place for Revenant hunts. Unfortunately, some players are apt to use door spamming if you're attacked outside. See the location's entry for details.
  • The best way to defend against a Revenants' attack is to wear high levelled melee armour, such as Barrows armour, and use the Protect from Magic prayer. This provides the player with extremely high melee and ranged defence bonuses, and makes the Revenant much less likely to use their magic attack. Note that the teleblock feature of their magic attack can still work, if magic is used on you anyway. A Forinthry bracelet can provide full immunity against teleblocks.
  • If a player is unable to use Protect from Magic, then dragon hide armour can be worn, which provides fairly high melee, magic, and ranged defence bonuses.
  • Switching between Protect from Magic and Protect from Ranged every hit is an effective way to minimize damage dealt on you by a Revenant. Revenants attack at the same speed as a mace or longsword, so the timing is somewhat difficult.
  • Having a high magic level (ie above 80) gives you a significant advantage against a revenant's powerful magic attacks; leveling up in magic increases your defence against magic. If one's magic level is high enough to some extent, one could be wearing full rune with no prayer, and still find revenant magic splashing (missing) one's character. Therefore, if you have high magic, you may try close combat, while wearing full melee armour, and putting you mind mainly on protect from ranged (or melee) without worrying about protect from magic; but then again, because a revenant would sense you are wearing melee armour, it would naturally concentrate on maging you, therefore you may not even need to use the protection prayers at all.
  • As Revenants are considered ghosts, which are undead, the Crumble Undead spell can be cast against them, though they will always be able to retaliate using ranged or magic attacks even if the player can trap them at a distance. Be warned though, some Revenants have VERY HIGH magic defence. They are also vulnerable to the effects of the Salve Amulet which can give a player an advantage while battling them.
  • Werewolves and Orks are the most common to see travelling in packs. It is advised to bring a large group to take all of them out.
  • Running or teleporting away is probably safest in this situation when you have no idea what you are doing.
  • The unofficial Revenant hunting worlds are 141 (Free-to-play), and 100 (Members). Ask around for clan chats - they help a lot. Usually you will find people in the Chaos altar (level 38 wilderness).
Here, a person is hiding in the Cross part
  • A good place to hunt is the in the altar north of the Forgotten Cemetery at the level 38 Wilderness.
  • The fishing spots on the far eastern side of the Wilderness are the only fishing locations in the Wilderness. Be warned though, Revenants are known to spawn in or near the ruined castle just east of the Demonic Ruins and they will travel south to the fishing spots first, then the Green dragons, then back to the fishing place, then up north to the Demonic ruins, and finally they will teleport just west of the Corporeal Beast cave.
  • People will also be found at the Demonic Ruins. The cross part of the ruins will protect you from Revenants, But be warned! because Revenants have been known to teleport into the cross.


  • Hunt with a team as revenant clans are common in that area (a pair of orks or 3 werewolves). Soloing is another option for players with more experience.
  • Use melee armour such as rune or granite or barrows there because there is a prayer altar close and you can use magic protection prayer. You can also use Temple Knights' armour for a decent prayer boost.
  • When an ork attacks from the lava maze spawn, step away from the closed doors so it continues its patrol inside the altar into the multicombat zone where it can be killed with a team.   Alternatively, if you have decent combat stats, kill it on the spot,
  • When revenants attack from the Western Ruins do the same as when a group attacks just with the change not to drag others away but just attack the one there.
  • There are safespots, and they hide you from about 90% of monsters when you get attacked by 3 werewolves. From ruins the werewolves can attack the player hiding in the safespot so at that time its good to come inside the altar and close the doors when you get the monsters out of their patrol way.
  • For soloing; if going for vampires, make sure to have at least 65+ combat (even then it can do some serious damage) and when soloing werewolves, have 80+ combat. For Orks, start at 90+, and knights, 90+. For Dragon soloing, have combat at or near 110 (it's strongly recommended to have 110+ combat and a defence level of 70+).
  • Use armour with good range and melee defence and use protect from magic.
  • If players are at a low level and not being too risky, they can wear Monk's robes, an Anti-dragon shield, Wizard hat, any amulet or necklace that gives prayer or defence bonuses, boots and gloves, and their best weapon. If soloing a rev, they would most likely use melee and can be lured. Revenants always hit lowest with their melee. Always have Protect from Magic as quick defence.
  • Do NOT bring any items worth millions of gold. Unless, of course, you have decent combat stats and/or said items will be kept upon death.  
  • Somehow revenants can also detect the armour your wearing and use its weakness. So if you are wearing full rune and not using any prayer the revenant would mage you.


A Revenant Ork using its magic attack.
  • The Revenant magical attack resembles the shape of a human skull, and seems to be a ghostly version of Iban Blast.
  • The Revenants' ranged attack somewhat resembles Ice rush due to its ability to freeze players for 5 seconds and its appearance is also similar.
  • A revenant demon, and a revenant imp's melee attack makes a vertical spin in the air (similar to a somersault) and whips you with its tail.
  • According to the Head mystic of Stealing Creation, the Revenants are the Holy Ones where the mystics are talking about. It is said they sent the Head Mystic a message in his dreams and told him to build the camp.
  • The Mystic (dwarf) mentions he is 'building' bodies for the Revenants.
  • The Revenants supposedly died in the God Wars, which suggests that the God Wars that took place outside of the dungeon were built up of greater armies including "white" dragons and dark beasts.
  • Often, P2P players go 'Rev Hunting'.
  • Many are in the Black Knights Fortress.
    Revenants often travel in packs of 2 or more


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This article is about the comic. You may be looking for the Lok Revenants.

W. Haden Blackman


Dub with Niko Henrichon


Pierre-André Déry


Steve Dutro



Publication information

Dark Horse Comics



General information

New Jedi Order era


25 ABY

Part of

Star Wars Tales

Published in

Star Wars Tales 18

Revenants was a comic written by W. Haden Blackman. It appeared in Star Wars Tales 18 and was collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 5. It is set in 25 ABY.


Several months after Chewbacca's death, Han Solo has been convinced by his wife and Lando Calrissian to stop moping and go on a reconnaissance mission on the other side of the galaxy from Vector Prime.

Near Raxus Prime, Han's shuttle encounters the Slave I and is shot down onto the junkyard moon. Keeping a log on his datapad for Leia, Han spends the next few weeks trekking across the moon, making makeshift weapons and survival gear to avoid Boba Fett, who is hunting him.

Han finally comes to the realization that there is more than one Fett following him. When that happens, he comes face to face with the real Fett. Fett reveals to Han that the entire event has been a training exercise to cull the weak recruits from the new batch of Mandalorian Protectors prior to them taking up service for the Yuuzhan Vong—since, as mercenaries, the Mandalorians go for the highest bidder, and the Yuuzhan Vong are currently the richest ones in the galaxy. The Mandalorians then take off, leaving Han behind.

Note on canonicity

Wookieepedia has a collection of images related to Revenants.

This story is referenced in The Official Star Wars Fact File 117 and The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology. However, the role of Han in it is questionable, since as of The Unifying Force he and Fett had not met in a long time. However, Karen Traviss' e-book Boba Fett: A Practical Man confirms that Fett was purposely trying to mislead the galaxy into believing the Mandalorians were working for the Yuuzhan Vong. This was a ruse to deceive Nom Anor and the Vong, so that Fett could learn about them and then strike at them from close range. It appears Han was at the wrong place at the wrong time, which allowed Fett to use him as a patsy who would spread the word of the Mandalorian's "defection" to the Vong.


This article uses material from the "Revenants" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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