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Revenant werewolves are a type of revenant and are the undead version of werewolves. They are more dangerous than their combat level suggests, more than a player with the same combat level. Its ranged attacks can freeze you from movement, and its magic can block you from teleporting. Revenant werewolves can hit up to 22 with melee, ranged, and magic. They can also restore hitpoints (the 'crunching' noise when they heal themselves, provided that you have the sound on) rapidly and cure themselves of poison a limited number of times.

They are commonly found near the Mage Arena(Level 56), the Demonic Ruins(Level 44), the eastern edge east of Clan Wars(Level 41), the Mage of Zamorak, west of the Dark Warriors' Fortress, the Lava Maze(Level 40-46), near the Rogue's Castle(Level 52-56), the Green dragons; east of Clan wars, north of the Forgotten Cemetery, and near the Chaos temple.

They have been known to hunt in packs of twos, and usually threes (especially around the Mage Arena, Hobgoblin Mines, NE of Lava Maze (on busy worlds), Rogue's castle, and North of the Forgotten Cemetery), and will most likely attack middle levelled players, but will also attack higher and lower-levelled players when they are in deep enough Wilderness. They have rather high defence. Players consider this, the Revenant Knight, and the Revenant ork to be the toughest revenants for their levels. If your combat level exceeds 123, you must be a member to fight it; if it exceeds 131, you'll never be able to fight it.

Revenant werewolves can also poison, starting at 6 damage, however they only poison in level 50+ Wilderness, and only with their melee and ranged attacks.


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